Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hiding the Welcome Mat

Minerva Reports From Italy

Minerva has something to say about leukophobia and its effects on Italy.

A few years ago when the economic crisis in Argentina was at its worst, many Argentineans of Italian descent wanted to come back to Italy. They were either the children or descendants of Italian parents who had settled there. As such they didn’t have Italian passports, but they invoked the right of return, the fast lane if you wish, to settle in what they had always regarded as their original motherland.

By all accounts they made ideal immigrants. Brilliant, educated, they were skilled workers or professionals. They could already speak Italian because they had learned it at home from their parents or grandparents. What’s more, they didn’t just “know” Italian culture, they belonged to it. Italians — in one variant or another — constitute a sizable portion of the Argentinean population.

Since one of Italy’s problems is an ageing, dwindling population, you’d think our politicians would have jumped at the occasion to bring in loads of energetic, enthusiastic people whose dearest wish was to be reunited to the country they loved. These “immigrants” would have adjusted easily; there would not have been the usual problems encountered in moving to a foreign country: the Argentinean-Italians would have been eager to assimilate. In fact it wasn’t even a question of integration or assimilation. These South Americans of Italian extraction just wanted to come home.

So what happened to the fast lane?
- - - - - - - - - -
It was the same old story — the fast lane disappeared in the thickets of EU plans. The right, which was in power at the time, briefly considered the idea of the right of return. The left, though, which actually holds the reins of power, refused utterly, afraid the newcomers would naturally gravitate to the right when it came time to vote. The whole thing was quietly dropped and fell into the memory hole.

As Ida Magli repeatedly says, the EU was constituted to bring the Orient into Europe. The goal of our elites is to have fewer Italians around, not more of us. We are to be replaced gradually — or not so gradually — preferably with immigrants from Asia and Africa. The last thing these “leaders” wanted was a big bunch of starry-eyed Italians full of patriotic zeal.

Affected as they are with leukophobia*, fear of white, the elites also frown upon too many immigrants from Eastern Europe (unless they’re Rom — that is, gypsies). Letting in those who are not only unforgivably white, but also come from cultures akin to ours, is not part of the elites’ plans for Italy.

Despite all the hype we get from the media, unquestionably we have more in common with, say, Bulgarians than with we do with Arabs. Permitting those with Italian or European ancestry to obtain citizenship would have spoiled The Plan. Thus it was goodbye to the right of return. It didn’t matter that the newcomers, or rather the returnees, would have been an asset for Italy, or that we native born Italians could have helped our compatriots. What we wanted, and what they so badly desired, was not to be.

Italians are not wanted here in Italy. Whites need not apply.

*You’ll notice I use the term leukophobia to indicate the loathing of white people, a condition that is widespread among our splendiferous elites. As a phobia — fear of the colour white — the word is already in use clinically. However, I don’t see why its meaning shouldn’t be extended to include the spreading pathology of anti-white racism.



History Snark said...

Nice use of the term. I support it, and I'm proud to say I'm a leukophile!

As to the right of return, I am a first-generation Italian American. Would I be interested in a "return"? Perhaps. While I really have no Italian skills, my mother not being a Paisana, I would still consider trying. But I guess it's not to be.

I keep thinking of what I read by La Fallaci and others, of how the Muslims are moving in, and taking over large parts of Italian cities- even Rome. All with the assistance of the left.

Couple that with the rock-bottom birthrates among the natives, and I fear that the birthplace of much of Western Culture will become an outpost of Islam before I die.

How very sad, to think of the art that will likely be destroyed by those animals.

Unknown said...

These leftshits are all the same.
33 years ago a military coup restored democracy in Potugal and gave former portuguese colonies their independence. But soon after leftshits make an attemp to take power in Portugal and tried to make some Albania. And were ready to let to dye, in an onslaught perpetred be liberation movements, the portugueses of the colonies for the very same reason: they would support the right in the fight against these Albania-makers. It take an Angola governor that make the threat of seizing power there, in a neo colonialis solution, if there were not air bridge to take portugueses off.

2 gun-totin-wacko

There are many ways of dying.

Anonymous said...

Another sad case of a government "electing a new people". :-(

Fjordman has, of course, written about this process as it's happening in Europe:

But, Peter Brimelow & Edwin Rubenstien wrote about it in the context of the U.S. in "The National Review" back in 1997:

This seems to be something that Western politicians are undertaking all across Europe and North America just because now they can (ease of modern-day travel probably has a lot to do with this seemingly new phenomenon). The People should beware....

History Snark said...


The second article is a good one. Many thanks. Casts the stupidity of the republicans on the recent immigration fiasco into perspective. For the dhimmicrats, it's electing a new people. For the republicans, it's suicide.

AWOL Civilization said...

The Italians in Argentina went about things in the wrong way. They should have rented a decrepit old fishing boat, dressed themselves in rags, hoisted upon the mast a couple of third-world flags, put a couple of dead bodies on the deck, and set sail under cover of darkness from Malta. They would pay Madonna a few million to fly to Rome and publicize their plight in a huge preplanned media event. There would be the story that they are all survivors of drug-company experiments. This is how you must now immigrate to a Western country if you do not belong to one of the official victim groups.

openplaza said...

And I also would like to ad something about the Italy-article.
Can you please tell me what the EU has to do with that? Everybody knew in election times, that Prodi would open the borders. Everybody knew, that he wanted better relations to the North African states, and that he made this one of his priorities. Everybody knew, that he intended to legalize hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, the same way Spain’s Zapatero did (and thousands of illegal aliens used the opportunity and registered. I know, that even illegals from far as Poland went to Spain, to get a citizenship. And even after Spain reported massive problems, with new demands, Prodi wanted to go on with this idea)
And everybody who voted for Prodi, knew very well that in his alliance there were/are two communist parties. So if you ask me, it was the decision of the Italian people. In Italy you have usually the choice between two more or less extremes, the right is further on the right then in most European countries (just remember, how the guy from the Lega Nord party walked around with a Mo-Toon T-Shirt), and on the Left you’ve got quasi-communists.
And while the foreign minister of Italy, Massimo D’Alema – post-communist now DS, holds talks with all kind of terrorists in the name of dialog, at least Manual Barroso defends freedom of speak in Europe.
So if you ask me, the Italians better shouldn’t vote again for the "Ulivio Alliance" at the next opportunity, if they don’t like what is going on.

openplaza said...


You should get your facts straight. After 47 years under the rule of Salazar the Portuguese people had enough. The Portuguese army was fighting on all fronts and many lives were lost. The state was investing around 50% of its budget for these wars. So many returning young officers organized themselves in the revolutionary movement MFA (Movimento das Forças Armadas). The MFA was strong left leaning. And many supported communist ideas. But they took over power and there were free elections. Known as the “Revolução dos Cravos”. One of a few occasions, where there was a coup against a military dictatorship in order to restore democracy. But then the people didn’t vote for the communists, but for the Socialists.
What do you expect from them after many years of a rightwing dictatorship? A Guy who in the second word war had great sympathies for Hitler, the same way like Peron or Franco had?
And currently Portugal is ruled by a centre right party. The party of Manual Barroso, the current President of the European Commission

Unknown said...

I dont catch your issue.
I am portuguese and know pretty well what I am speaking.
This is not well known outside Portugal. In 1975 Portugal was near to a civil war when extreme left tried to size by force what they lost in the polls. Because in this fight portuguese people coming back from colonies (retornados - returned ones) would side with the right they were poised to death by the left in power. Socialists won elections for the an assembly that would draft a new constituition but governements were appointed by president. That president became later president of a comunist led international organization fot peace, World Peace Movement or somethong like that. And for two years Portugal is governed by Socialist Party, the party of José Manuel Durão Barroso, who was in his youth a maoist, lost antecipate elections.

Anonymous said...

2 or 3 years ago there was a story in the Danish press about how Christians was sometimes preferred in the selection of refuges over muslims. The press generally made it out as if our right wing government was once again being discriminatory and racist.

There is clearly a more or less secret agenda at work here. And its not about helping people. Its about changing Europe into a continent, more easily controlled by a centralized power.

Its very easy to dismiss the idea that taking in arab people is about helping anyone. As we can see from the Italian story here and many other examples, this is about replacing the original population.

But why ?

Why would anyone want to replace the original populations ?

The only logical answer is; to create chaos and out of that chaos to create a new fascist regime in Europe. But not only in Europe. The same forces are at work in America.

The average European and American is not going to stand for Fascism, it cannot be introduced with the populations we have now. So by introducing more and more and hostile aliens, 2 things are created. The hostile aliens are used to fascism and are not going to make a big problem out of it and the original population are made fearful and thereby more easily to handle.

The European Union is clearly heading for a fascist state and so is the American Union to be.

And most us already know in our hearts, where this is all heading. What we don't know is who wants it to happen. We keep thinking that the "left" are acting out of stupidity or just general dislike of all things western or the "leukophobia" or whatever. We mostly cant make any sense out of what the motives could be for what is going on, and so we generally think that its a sort of accident of different thoughts crashing together in an unlucky way.

We rarely consider the option that;
- these things are happening exactly as someone has planed them.
- the future of strife and civil unrest Europe is heading for has a purpose and a preplanned solution, the new European fascist state.
- The same forces are at work in America and the exact same thing is planed to happen there.

If we want to make difference and not just whine about whats going on, we should at try to figure out who and what we are up against.

Zarxos said...


A new European Fascist state? Perhaps, but I don't think it will be in the form you envision.

Personally, I feel that the more these European countries surrender their own sovereignty, accept millions of Muslim refugees, and partake in the West's ongoing cultural suicide, the far-right parties will become more and more appealing to the electorate.

In other words, traditional Fascism from the right could see a major rebound.

I don't believe that the average Italian wants his or her country as it is today to be destroyed and replaced by a Third world mess in which Whites are third-class citizens. Eventually the people will tire of what is happening, and rise up.

All they need is a persuasive, captivating leader.

Unknown said...

They dont need nothing of that.
In pools you have 3 options
1) vote for the big left.
2) dont vote
3) vote against big left. Whitout looking who they are or what they want.

openplaza said...

How about naming some organisations or individuals? Many of you here laughed about the leftist’s obsession with 911 and that it was an inside job.
Now I read over and over again on blogs which I respect, that EU is some kind of big Conspiracy. Or if it’s not the EU, then it’s Eurabia. And if it’s not Eurabia, then it’s some kind of new Fascist-Elite on the rise.
How about some facts? How about some Names?

If you ask me, many actions by the EU are motivated by PC.
Just look around and talk to your friends. Many of them probably support the EU. Are they because of this part of a conspiracy? No, of course not, it’s just that not everything coming from the EU it’s bad, in fact, many Europeans love the EU. Just ask the Irish. Look at Ireland before the EU and look at it today. Ireland was a emigration country, today it’s an immigration country.

Now I am also not pleased with mass-importing people from Africa and the Middle East. I am in my mid twenties and I come in touch with them on many occasions, like when we are out to dance or even when we just hang out at the lake/public swimming pool. And yes, many are offensive in their actions and what they shout at you. Some of them have no respect at all. Social spending grows and grows = Taxes grow and grow. In many places we don’t feel secure anymore. Etc. you get the picture.

But blame this on the EU or a group of elitists wanting deliberately to change the Face of Europe? Well for me that’s hard to believe. I want evidence!

I think it has much more to do with the attractiveness of the European sates. Look at Africa or the Middle East. Life there is – if you are not hyper rich – a complete mess. No jobs, no security nothing. And then, most European states have great Social Security, they pay for people who actually have no qualifications at all.
So what would you do if you were African or Arab?

So European people get more and more Pi**ed off with this situation and they want change.
But due to PC, if one immigration law changes, then that applies to all foreigners, no matter if they come from Asia or from Latin America.
So we get even more people from poor uneducated places and less from places like Asia and Latin America.

What can we do about it? I don’t know. But stopping with this terrible PC would be a good start. (But yes, PC is the left’s Child, and it’s very powerful. In general the Left seems to have the moral high ground. People can walk around with Che and Stalin T-Shirts, nobody would ever object. But Stating a Rightwing position can coast you your friends.)

PS: I am happy for every piece that would support some of the conspiracy theories mentioned above. Because I hear them over and over again, but I just cant make myself a picture.

Anonymous said...

Zarxos said *A new European Fascist state? Perhaps, but I don't think it will be in the form you envision.*

I dint envision the form of the future fascist state. I only talked about how it might come to be. You think it will somehow emerge out of rightwingers. Maybe you are right. But the right and left we now know in Europe will outdated by then. Today the left is a lot more totalitarian then the right. When the show comes on you can use any labels you want, and if people are ready to follow they will, no matter what the label.

The Nazis where National leftwingers. They only became rightwingers after they started loosing.


You want evidence for a conspiracy. That's easy.
No population in Europe ever had a majority that wanted huge emigration by Arab Muslims, but it happened anyway. Not just in one or two countries, but in all countries. And in all countries this fact was kept out of democratic debate.

You talk about PC, as if it was a law of nature. It isn't. Someone wants it to exist and therefor it exists. To these people right and left is nothing but a joke to keep people occupied.

They want to break down democracy as we know it and take away any real freedom we have. And they will do this while trying to keep us in the illusion that all the adjustments that are to come, are being put in place to make us free and or safe.

It is completely ignorant to believe that all the things that are happening are just happening more or less by accident. The pattern is constant, and therefor it is logical that someone wants that very pattern to be.

Is it likely that the Argentinian-Italians where rejected from Italy out of fear of white people ?

Seriously ?

The problem that is arising here, is that the official explanations of reality are getting so weird, that any weirdo can come up with a scenario that sounds a lot more realistic.

But that's the world we live in, and the press no longer seems to be a friend of the truth but rather a lie from the enemy. So in very many ways we already live in the Fascist state. PC is just one of the ways it is enforced.

openplaza said...

@Desculpe, talvez eu nao entendi o seu primero commentario.

Back to English. I completely agree with you, when you argue, that the leftist manoeuvred Portugal into an even bigger mess after the fall of Salazar.
I think a very good way of looking at it, is by comparing Ireland and Portugal of the mid 70is to each other (Ireland joined 73, Pt joined 86) until today. While Ireland put free market and liberal-conservative (liberal in the classical sense, not the left=liberal sense) ideas in place, and used the EU money wisely, the Portuguese underwent years of socialist rule ending up as the poor man of Europe. And Ireland? Today one of the wealthiest countries of the world. Purchasing-power there is nowadays even higher then the one of Switzerland!

But it seems to change. If you look at the European Countries of today, there are now just a few leftist governments in place. And their ideology is getting weaker and weaker, and thus less and less attractive.
But then again, the European conservative Parties don’t seem to get the message. When you look at "conservatives" of today, like Cameron or Merkel or others, you can’t be sure, if they really are conservatives. I think, that’s because the left still has the moral high ground today. It is weaker then it was just some years ago, but it is till there. I think that’s were the fight should go.

And about Barroso. Yes he was a Maoist. So what? Irving Kristol, was a Trotzkyist, so was Hitchens and many others. Should we now think of them having an secret agenda? David Horowitz was an active Marxist, does that mean, that his FrontPageMag is secretly supporting now some communist Agenda? I would say no. All of them have distanced themselves long time ago from their communist love affairs. Me myself had a dreamy perception of communism in my late Teens, until i began to read about it. Great for me, that therewas plenty material, also from the writers above, showing the real face of communism.

Dymphna said...


For verification of this slide into Eurabia,read some of the earlier posts of Fjordman, found in the sidebar. he has done much to bring to light Bat Y'eor's information, which *does* name names, dates, and most importantly,motivation. This stuff goes back to de Gaulle at least.

Bat Y'eor's book is available on Amazon.

openplaza said...


I don’t agree that this is a new phenomenon. Think back to the Roman Empire. It was the most prosperous place on earth, and thus hunderts of thousands or primitive tribes attempted to enter the Roman Empire.
And today, you got to certain degree a similar picture in South East Asia, where people from Myanmar try to get to Thailand, where Bangladeshi are heading for India, where all kinds of people are heading for Singapore etc.
A similar picture we get in South America, where people are heading for Brazil and Argentina, or if their further north, to the USA.
Now, I am not saying that there are not plenty of Islamic nutheads who talk big of talking over Europe, and sometimes it looks as if they are right.
But I think it’s up to us people to deal with this. By stating what we want. But it appears that we don’t even have an opinion. We just let it happen. Like an event of nature, like rain, it just happens, and we are afraid because of PC to state our opinions.

I think something what Europe needs is again some self confidence. So that we can stand again for something again. But that’s not the case.
France and England deal with their colonial history, and because of the unjust that it brought to many nations, they are afraid to say: hey enough, we need to assimilate first the people we got over the recent decades. Other nations have similar problems or other reasons to put their heads in the ground.

I hope that this changes one day, so that we can say again what we want and of what we have enough.

Profitsbeard said...

The EU suffers from a bizarre form of suicidal "superiority", and its corresponding (veiled) contempt for the "poor foreigners", thinking that the Europeans are "above" anything as crude as resisting the invasion of their continent by intolerant, backward, brutal outsiders.

They laughed at the rise of the Austrian clown, the carpet-chewer, the pathetic paperhanger, Hitler, too.

Looking down your nose can end up with it being shoved into your frontal lobes.

The Protest March Against the Islamization of Europe in Brussels on 9/11 seems imperative.

Europe has about 5-10 years to wake up, or kiss the continent goodbye, in Arabic.

Anonymous said...


Its not a new phenomenon. Did anyone say it was ?

I am sure that there have always been official and unofficial versions of whats going on.

But today we think we have democracy's. A Democracy however cannot function when people are prevented from knowing what is going on.

More and more laws are these days being put in place to shut people up. We have the new hate-speech laws. We recently got a new law in France against private people Publishing Photos.

The Fascist state is becoming a reality without any explanation or democratic debate. And a great way of keeping people distracted is to keep letting in more aggressive Arab Muslims and or pamper to the ones that are already here. And while the general population are arguing these matters, as if their opinion mattered, more fascist laws are being introduced, in a way that will sometimes have the support of the left and sometimes of the right.

We will have our 3. world war. But not before most people are driven to such desperation that the majority will be screaming for it. And then we will see the new world order, in all its fascist glory.

And people will still be saying that it wasn't a conspiracy but simple a series of random events. Or even better, that the conspirators where the ones that where defeated and who are now gone, preferably with a few of them still existing somewhere in hiding.

Nope, its not a new phenomenon.

History Snark said...


"We recently got a new law in France against private people Publishing Photos."

Can you explain that? I'm curious as to what exactly it is that's forbidden.

Anonymous said...


Ok maybe I was a little to fast there. What I heard about a year ago was that there was a law underway about private people publishing Photographs, and that it was suggested that it should be banned.

The reason, as they said, was to counter a phenomenon called "happy Slapping" where people beat someone up while filming it, mostly on mobile phones, and share the video or pictures with their friends.

I tried to find out more about it, and it seems that it hasn't been passed yet. It is however still underway.

It will be a very broad law, that will also effect people who had nothing to do with the violence, but are simply reporting on it. Therefore it will also serve as an effective tool to keep most people in dark about things like the french intifada in Paris.

You will have to be a "certified journalist" and I am not sure what that means in France, in order to purplish pictures of violent acts. "Uncertified journalists" who publish such photos can, by this new law, be fined for up to what would almost be 100.000 dollars, and go to jail for up to 5 years.

I am not sure if it has already been passed or when and if it will, so I am sorry for claiming that it already had. But if it isn't already in affect it is well underway.

* "The government has also proposed a certification system for Web sites, blog hosters, mobile-phone operators and Internet service providers, identifying them as government-approved sources of information if they adhere to certain rules."

I don't know how these certifications are given out. But if you don't have one, and film or photograph, someone who is beaten up, you can be punished harder then those who committed the violence.

* I lifted the quote from an article on the Danish site Veritas Universalis
If you ignore the Danish there are a few other Quotes in English and a couple of links to English speeching sites.

Again I am sorry for giving out half founded information's. But even if this law is not passed its still an example of the way things are going, I believe.

Dymphna said...

speaking of photos:

New Zealand just passed a law in which pictures taken in Parliament cannot be used for satiric purposes. I think everyone *not* living in Oz ought to do some photoshopping...maybe NZ lolpols.

BTW, the #s of barbarians overunning Rome --where do you think all those tourist ruins originated? -- cannnot compare in scope w/ the Arabization of a whole continent. The mass migrations everywhere are unprecedented.

Much of the original impetus came from France's desire to make sure it had a firm grasp on the oil supply.

As for the suicidal reasons voters elect socialists who do not have their best interests at heart, see Caplan's book in a recent post still on the current page,"Send in the Clowns."

Simon de Montfort said...

this I have a problem with

===Much of the original impetus came from France's desire to make sure it had a firm grasp on the oil supply===

because at about the same time that de Gaulle decided to create the "Arab Connection" ( and de-couple France from NATO and alleged US control ) he also created the 'nuclearisation' of France that resulted in 80 per cents of French energy coming from nuclear power

I think Les Frogs were much more interested in Arab customers for Fench goods than in wanking with Arab oil. de Gaulle, who came to power as a result of the failed military and political struggle in Algeria, wanted to create a Med whch was led by France

openplaza said...

I went quickly to the the Wikipedia entry concerning Eurabia. They quote her there:

This policy was undertaken quite discreetly, outside of official treaties, under the innocent-sounding name of the Euro-Arab Dialogue…

So how come, that these non- treaties could influence the power centres of Europe in such a signifanct way, like is is suggested? I mean think about it? Has anyone of you ever seen one of them? Shouldn’t they be accessible? Somewhere in some archive?

And then look at the power centres of the EU. There is first the European Council. The European Council has no executive or legislative power. It meets primarily to define direction and the policy agenda, formally it "shall provide the Union with the necessary impetus for its development"..(quote Maastricht treaty) It comprises of the heads of state or government of the Union's member states along with the President of the European Commission.

So wouldn’t that be a nice point to start looking at the whole picture? As far as I can see, Sarkozy, Merkel, Brown and Barroso don’t look like Euroabia advocates. Or do they? And what evidence is there to support this view? Sarkozy is hated by the “Youth” and French muslim population for his rough stances and don’t forget that even though he is a Catholic, he has Jewish ancestors. And Merkel? So far I didn’t hear anything from her, that could make me think she is an advocate of Eurabia. In contrary. Lately she took many tough positions on Islam, and she is known to be against a Turkish membership. Barosso was probably the highest EU official backing the Danish Moo-cartoonists in contrast to Gordon Brown, who looks to me the biggest dhimmie of them all, if you would want to call him like this. And Britain is the staunchest supporter of a Turkish EU membership of the EU 3. Does this make any sence? Not to me.

Then there is the European Comission which is the executive branch of the European Union. The President of the European Comission is Jose Manuel Barroso which was appointed by the European Council (remember). Each member state sends then their own appointed Commissioners which then in turn have to be approved by the European Parliament. There is not much what Barroso can do, if he doesn’t like his teammembers.
Now again we have to ask ourselves, how and since when are they actively pursuing a policy which is described by the Eurabia idea? I mean there is a camera every day on them. Barroso cannot even hang out on a friend’s yacht, without facing questions, and Verheugen was caught promoting his Affair, who happened to work in his department. I mean think about it. If this guy is not even able to do something like this, how could be possibly pursue a hidden agenda.

Does this make any sense to anybody? I mean if you want to pull off something like this, then there must be some communication, right? I don’t want to insult anybody here. I just don’t get how that all should work. Why is there no group out there putting the facts together, record what happened, gather documents?

Anonymous said...


Well I agree with you that it doesn't make much sense. And the only real argument for a secret agenda I can come up with, is that there really isn't any other way that things could enfold the way they do.

How can all western nations who are supposed to be free democratic, all the make the exact same mistakes and have the exact same lack of public debate about it, where anyone who speaks against this project is demonised, in the exact same way?
It shouldn't be possible that many different democratic countries, all at the same time decided to eradicate their own populations. At least its highly unlikely.

International pressure groups could explain some of it. But its strange that many of them seem more concerned if an imprisoned muslim doesn't get his halal food in England, then they are about gays being hung from a crane in Iran.

And EU could be an explanation for whats going on in Europe. But it doesn't explain why The US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, are making the exact same mistakes. The US only have about 2 % Muslims so far, but they more then make up for this. The US debate about illegal emigrants, might very well be one of the worlds most serious cases of mass insanity. I mean, how can you grant a drivers license to someone who is illegally in the country and who is still considered Illegal after he gets it. But now he can drive legally?. That's one of the weirdest things I have heard in my life.

Some countries are further along on this path of destruction then others. And here comes another strange thing. The countries that are not so far along, seem to learn nothing from the problems the countries further along in the proses are having. Every mainstream politician and media outlet, seems to be in agreement to ignore all signs of trouble and faithfully continue towards our own demise following the exact footprints of those who went before us.

I know that there are small differences in how things are handled in the different countries. But those differences only seems to be about how fast they are going and how far along they have come. No one takes another path or seeks a different destination.

We have politicians who claim they want to do things differently. But they never do it. They may at best slow the proses down for a little while, but basically they stay on track and in line with the other lemmings.

What used to be seen as different political opinions are now spoken about in terms of education or health. People who are not inline with the mainstream are considered uneducated. If those "uneducated" are in fact highly educated, then they are considered sick instead, so that's not such a big problem. The advantage here is that now people can be trained or cured into the right way of thinking. Isn't that great. That means that we don't really need Democracy anymore, we can have professors and Doctors to appoint our leaders. Actually, they could decide what everyone should be doing, so everyone would get the right job. That way people would also be more content, and not in need of so much training and curing all the time.

I am sure that many would be a lot more content without Democracy. I mean, its great in theory, but the uneducated and the sick keep voting for the wrong things and thereby ruins the whole idea. Take the elections about the European constitution in France and Holland, that was clearly not the right result. And if elections don't give the right result, then they are a waste of time. Its better to leave it to experts who knows what its all about. Also up to elections there are always a lot of different talk and debate that seems to make a lot of people more sick and less educated.

Freedom is slavery
War is peace
Ignorance is strength

Unknown said...

@ openplaza

it seems both have problems with english but we must go on with it (Faro - Algarve)

The comparison with Roman Empire is elucidative.
The roman couldnot prevent their entry and left them settle in.

As long as they where kept in respect by roman legion things went well. When roman weaken they sacked all the empire.
The same is going to happen to us. The very same day they lose their fear of our armed forces and police there will be hell.

For the conspiration to bring imigrants to break european people you should take a look at this place. It is in french but they have some good stuff. "La théorie du complot" and " Frustration et convoitises islamiques ".

You should also take a look at what EU is doing with EuroMed (have you ever heard about?). Go to SIOE website to know. I found funny the way, each time they have a summit they talk about giving more publicity to EuroMed program wich I only knew about through SIOE.

To better understand what Irlande did you may take a look at what new zealand did. I want it to my coutry where they are doing exatly the oposite.

The problem is that in many countries there no conservative parties anymore. They are all from the left.

Camunlynx said...

Grazia Minerva. In the West, we are truly sleeping through this cowardly invasion. I reposted this story on our blog:
Giving you full credit, of course. We need to network and do something about this. We can't let THIS happen to Italy! >>>>>>