Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Shootout at Sunset Grooves

Last Friday H. Numan reported on a fatal shooting incident that had occurred the previous weekend at a dance party in the Hoek van Holland area of Rotterdam (here’s a map of Hoek van Holland). It seems that undercover police officers were exposed, then threatened by the crowd, and were forced to draw their guns.

Steen wrote me later that day and reported that there seemed to be shouts of “Kanker Jews!” audible in at least one of the videos of the incident. I asked our Flemish correspondent VH to look at the available videos and see what he could discover.

After some internet research, VH reported back with three videos, and supplied translated transcripts for two of the videos and some additional material. It turns out that “Kanker Jews” wasn’t the worst of it.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes, two of the videos have been subtitled. The results are below, with all translations by VH.

Video 1: Shooting party sunset grooves at Hoek van Holland

VH included this comment:

“Kanker Joden” (“Cancer Jew”) — may be shouted there, but the background sound of the first video is too unclear to be 100% sure. I have been looking around and found another video and a newspaper article that confirm it. Also an extra video that clearly shows four undercover police officers trying to escape the threat of the hooligans.

Video 2: Riots after shooting party at Hook van Holland Sunset Grooves 2009

VH notes:

I have put “Jodeeeeh” for screaming “Jews” in Dutch, from the word Joden. I did not translate that. Nor did I translate Kanker and Kanker-Joden here, as Kanker being a tough curse in Dutch that can precede anything. A bit like F***ing this, F***ing that.

The third video and the translated material are below the jump.
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Video 3: Schietpartij sunset grooves 2009 begin er van

VH notes:

In the following video you can see the four plainclothes police officers being closed in and trying to escape through the crowd in the direction of the VIP area and then being chased.

The text with the video:

It is 100% sure that there are four police officers here [standing back to back].

Initially there was a shot fired (probably by the officer with the cap) because of which everyone got into a panic. Then the man with the cap (undercover agent) stood all by himself in the middle, with his gun pointed at the sky. He also fired one or more warning shots.

He [initially] did not make it clear he was a cop and therefore everybody got into a panic. It seemed rather that it was a dope who could go around shooting anywhere at any time. Then a man standing next to him pulled his gun and aimed at the people around them, to keep them at bay.

There was still panic, but already a few party-goers were screaming they were cops. Then two others showed up with a badge and then we started filming this. The four went to the VIP area [0:36] to try to get out of the place. There also were warning shots fired [a shot at 1:11, while a part of the crowd massively starts chasing the officers at 1:27, later you maybe can see someone lying on the ground at 1:51, to the left]

Comments with this video:

[bodanie010] states the attackers were not the “real” hooligans, but young “piss boys”, another commenter [mabforreal] writes: “Shut up! It is the whole idea that the whites are finishing each other at these parties.

[myfeetaretoobig]: “Abusimple eh… Taleb wants to forbid all parties for two years. Wat a dirty raunchy hypocryte cheap moron he is. He is also responsible for what happened, the pr**k. To his faith stick literally millions of liters of blood. Keep your bloody paws off our parties, you Abu-a****le. We partypeople can turn your ramadan into a hell. We no party, you no party.” […] “Bombing Rotterdam flat again is a great idea. Aboutaleb, I hope there is someone who will shoot a bullet in your head. You are jointly responsible, you bas***d and we know now that you will very politically correct push it away. I am fed up having to risk my life because I go to a party thanks to pigs like you, who now pretend they do not know this already goes on for many years. They should ram a pig down your rancid throat, for nothing honest will comes out anyway.

[Dernanze]: “Why do I hear nothing about those Antillean [Dutch Caribbean] blokes who were present with firearms? At least 2 firearms, but knowing them there must have been more more… To my knowledge real hooligans do not carry firearms during (football) riots because they risk excessive punishments… Do we hear the media about those Caribbeans? I don’t think so.”

[AngelicaMariaMadonna]: […] in this case there was a special team deployed who know the hooligans. If I understand it correctly, there first were a few guys arrested, because of which the undercovers were recognized and the misery began. […]

[papermatik]: “All this because the laws of the Netherlands defend the troublemakers, that makes them gain power against the police force. That is why nobody respects the police forces.”

And an article about the incident from De Telegraaf:

“They wanted blood”

The beach party not only made victims of audience members, but also of the policemen on duty, as is illustrated by their radical rendering of that tragic evening and night. Many police officers are there mentally even now.

“It was war. An arena with wild lions. They wanted our blood. Dark and nowhere was safe. They will finish us. We will not get out of this alive. Cancer Jews, Cancer Jews, they shouted. Bacardi bottles filled with sand flew through the air. I still smell myself. Fear. Pure fear. Then a victim falls on his side. The battle continues. They just step over him. We try to pull the body away. Risking our lives. A tall guy lifted a planter and threw it towards us. I still see it. Get goose bumps again. That body we managed to pull away by his arm.”

Seven Rotterdam police, five men and two women between 26 and 41 years of age, tell the story of the darkest night of their lives on the beach of Hoek van Holland, strictly anonymously. Their faces rigid. They look at each other, commiserating. “If you had not been there, I simply would not have been here. Then I would not have survived,” one of them says to two others. “But we stuck together. If you had fallen down in the sand they would have lynched us.”


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