Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yet Another Candidate for the EU Parliament

Conservative Swede has taken note of my two previous posts on EU candidates, and has suggested a third one to add to the list, Traian Ungureanu of Romania. As with Kent and Henrik, I have met Traian, and heard him speak at length about the political situation in his country.

Here’s what Conservative Swede has to say:

Both Henrik and Kent have a tough race, and for them to enter it will require their respective parties to get two MEPs into the EU parliament, and for people like you checking them in the ballot as your preference vote (they are number 8 and 6 respectively on their parties’ lists). Do it!

Someone who is much more likely to be elected, however, is Traian Ungureanu in Romania. And he’s as good on Islam and Islamization as Kent and Henrik. He recently started his blog, where he’s got Gates of Vienna and Brussels Journal in his blog roll. Traian is a journalist and is a candidate for the Democratic Liberal Party (EPP), the party of the Romanian president (Traian Basescu). Does that make him sound like an establishment figure to you? Forget about it!
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The political landscape in Romania is something quite different. All parties from the left to the right, are controlled by the oligarchy, i.e. the former Securitate officers, except the party of Basescu. And of course they control the media too (not so different from the West if you think about it). The president Traian Basescu has been like a lonely Churchill against all the other traitorous Chamberlains and Halifaxes. When he opened the Securitate archives. When Romania officially condemned Communism (the only country which did so far, all thanks to president Basescu). And many times Traian Ungureanu has been the only journalist defending the president. Of course the Securitate controlled media has tried to crush president Basescu (yes including an impeachment of course), and Ungureanu is seen as a big threat too, and has therefore ended up as a real loner. It even got to the point where the Romanian media implied that “the Traians” were so tight that it they must be in a homosexual relationship. Based on them having the same first name, and given how childish the media always is… And given that they are the two really truly brave men in Romania.

But yes, president Basescu, and his party, have got a lot of support by the people. Unlike in the West they are not as mesmerized by the establishment’s PC/Securitate ploys (although this is deteriorating at a very fast rate in Romania too, mainly thanks to George Soros).

Visit Conservative Swede’s post for a wealth of additional detail on Romanian political affairs.


Anonymous said...

Here in the UK, the entire establishment -political, the MSM and ecclesiastical establishment, is urging people NOT to vote BNP as a protest vote. However, it escapes the establishment, that a protest vote, if it has to have any meaning or impact as a protest vote, must by definition, be against the wishes of the establishment.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Well, I don't think all that mentioning of the BNP is causing them any serious harm.

Here in Denmark, we're of course much better off, as the Danish People's Party, with it's influence on the government, tackled a LOT of the issues that make the Brits rush off to BNP, whom I don't quite trust that they will be able to handle things in a civilized way. But we'll see.