Friday, May 15, 2009

A School in Watts is Set Free

The students, the teachers, and the principal all won their freedom. Who lost? The teachers’ union.

From Reason TV:

Score for this round?

The good guys 1
The union 0

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dienw said...

Looks like Drew Carey put his career on the line for what he believes.

Bill said...

My God, can you believe the slanderas and lies that poured forth unceasing from Col. Sanders the union pimp?

And THESE are the bastards who are now running America- God help her.

laine said...

I saw this clip elsewhere months ago so there must have been developments since.

The shamelessness of the teachers' unions and the teachers who supported them came across loud and clear. They actually somehow justify in their minds going to "work" and reading a book ignoring an out of control class in a school with an enormous failure rate as though they have no responsibility for that failure.

They fight against and demean people who want to get a better result with students.

These are people not worthy of the title "teacher", people who use schools and students to generate an unearned pay check. They are disgusting.