Sunday, May 17, 2009

“Without Pork and Alcohol, Norwegians are the World's Best Muslims”

A couple of weeks ago, the Baron sent off a request to one of our volunteer translators to have her account in English of a news report from the Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet.

His email got misplaced but the translator found it today and went to work on the article. I just got the finished product a little while ago.

For all I know, the Baron gave up and got another translation, so this story could alredy have been posted. But even if this is a repeat,it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate moment: May 17th is Norwegian Constitution Day.

What better way to celebrate than to ponder the ideas of one Ghufoor Butt.

Ghufoor Butt (no, I’m not making that up) is forming the ILP, which he explains in this interview. What intrigues me about this man is his artlessness. I can’t think of a better word to describe his frank opinions and his fearlessness in uttering them. The man has chutzpah to spare.

He says:

The new party will prohibit homosexual practices and lower gasoline prices. “In about three years will the mayor of Oslo be a Norwegian-Pakistani,” says Ghufoor Butt.

One has to admire such stunningly misplaced confidence.

“If Norwegians had not drunk alcohol, had sex before marriage and eaten pork, they would have been the world’s best Muslims. They are honest, not criminals, and love peace,” said Ghufoor Butt .

Butt is the leader of the newly-established party, the Independent Labor Party (ILP), and the leading candidate for the party in this year’s parliamentary elections.

Right. Norwegians would make great Muslims. After all, they have that long tradition of arranged marriages and honor killings. Not to mention their well-known tribal internecine warfare.

What is this fellow drinking?
- - - - - - - - -
Independent Labor

Dagbladet: You are not afraid that people will mistake you with the Labor Party?

Butt: “No one has objected yet. We are a party for everyone that works, including immigrants. Therefore, we have an international name,” said Butt, who himself moved to Norway in 1974. He does not understand why some Norwegians feel threatened by Islam.

Maybe Fjordman could have a chat with him, get Mr. Butt up to speed on why “some Norwegians” feel threatened by Islam.

“That we do not have sex before marriage or drink alcohol is not a threat to Norway. Muslims love Norway, and many have switched their citizenship to be Norwegian. We are no threat,” says Butt.

No threat at all…except to young Norwegian women and Norwegian culture in general.

Bollywood Star

Today Butt is “world-famous” in the Norwegian-Pakistani community. He has played in twenty Pakistani films, is still a big name in Pakistan and was a well-known Pakistani political journalist. In Norway, he is best known for having a hunger strike against the high airline prices between Norway and Pakistan in 2006.

Today he runs, among other things, a movie store in Grønland [now an immigrant neighborhood in Oslo] that sells Bollywood movies. He also directs and produces films, the last, “Mukhtaran May”, he produced in 2002.

On April 28, Butt travels to Pakistan to launch the new Norwegian party.

“There I shall appear on two Pakistani TV channels, GEO and ARY, to talk about the new party,” says Butt.

Dagbladet: Isn’t it strange to launch a Norwegian party in Pakistan?

Butt: No. Most Norwegian-Pakistanis watch these two TV channels. So if we are to reach them, these are important channels,” says Butt.

Dagbladet: Are you betting only in Norwegian-Pakistani votes?

Butt: No. We have four Norwegian candidates and we would like also that ethnic Norwegians should vote for us..

No alcohol? Muslims’ treatment of women? This guy is sure an optimist. He’s also clueless. Someone give him a clue and a clue bag. Please…or maybe just hit him over the head with a pork chop.

Frp [Progress Party] for immigrants

In many ways, Butt’s new party is similar to the Progress Party. They want lower gasoline prices, the elimination of tolls, and impose lower taxes.

“We are one of the world’s richest countries. So, I do not understand how it is possible to have such expensive gasoline,” says Butt. He believes that the Progress Party has done little to achieve this.

“If they really fought for lower gasoline prices and for the removal of tolls, they would have had these by now. I promise to fight harder,” says Butt.

Fighting “harder” is not the same as fighting smarter and that’s seems to be Mr. Butt’s problem (not counting his name).

Will have open borders

Although Butt shares the Progress Party’s views on low gasoline prices and tolls, he has diametrically opposite views on the integration debate. The party wants to make family reunification easier, and will provide automatic Norwegian visas to anyone who marries a Norwegian citizen. They want to remove the requirement that one must earn over NOK 270,000 ($41,300) a year to bring a new spouse to the country.

“This is unfair to young Norwegian-Pakistani that are starting-up,” says Butt.

In addition, he wants to provide mandatory bilingual education to the six largest immigrant groups in Norway, and that all religious leaders such as imams and priests should receive state pay.

“When you see how little money many mosques have, it is necessary to help them pay for the imam,” says Butt.

Call Saudi Arabia, Mr. Butt. They will send you a few trunk loads of petrodollars. After all, that’s what they’ve done in your native country.

Would prohibit Muhammed drawings

The party is not as tolerant towards others. When it comes to the Muhammed-drawings and gays Butt replied, “cards and cash”
[Translator: I’m not sure what that idiom means -- something like “with both barrels” maybe?].

Dagbladet:What are your views on the Muhammed caricatures?

Butt:”This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. We can not allow the mockery of religions, such as Muhammed-drawings,” says Butt.

Dagbladet:Should those that published the Muhammed-drawings in Norway be punished?

Butt: Yes, they must be punished.

Butt will also prohibit homosexual practice.

“It should not be lawful for gays to marry,” says Butt.

Monday Butt phoned back. He wanted to emphasize that homosexual practice is forbidden under Islam and that it is the religion that is against gay practice, not the party.

“We do not want to change Norwegian law,” says Butt.

What a wonderful example of taqiyya. “We don’t want to change Norwegian law, we just want to obliterate it and substitute sharia. So what’s the problem? Norwegians make great Muslims, right?”

American Osama bin Laden

The 63-year-old is critical of the U.S. war on terror, and put the question of Western media portrayals of Osama bin Laden.

“Who has served in the terror with Osama bin Laden? It is notMuslims. In Islam it is illegal to practice/work with terror,” says Butt. He believes the U.S. is behind most of the terror in the world.

“How is it possible that they have not managed to capture Osama bin Laden. Either he doesn’t exist, or he worked for the U.S. and lives there now,” says Butt.

If it is illegal for Muslims to be terrorists, then all those jihadists must be little twinkle fairies, phantasms made up by the Zionist press. Yeah, that’s it: jihadists are Jews in disguise, trying to make innocent Muslims look bad.

“The Jews were perhaps behind”

The Norwegian-Pakistani [Butt] is also skeptical of the official version of the terrorist attack September 11, 2001.

“Where were the Jews? And how many were killed? These are questions I think, today, that we do not have answers for,” said Butt, who believe the Israeli intelligence service Mossad may have been behind the attack.

“The United States has not answered the big questions. Who was behind the attack? There is also a big question how many Jews died? This we do not know today,” says Butt.

Dagbladet: Are you anti-semitic?

Butt: I have nothing against the Jewish people, but I believe it must be able to ask these questions.

Dagbladet: Many will interpret this as hatred against Jews.

Butt:It is not true. I am against what the Jewish people do to the Palestinians, but I am not against the Jewish people.

“Mossad was behind 9/11”. Of course. Why didn’t we think of that before? Mr. Butt certainly has a knack for clarification.

Soldier as youth

As a youth, Butt participated as a soldier in the war between India and Pakistan in September 1965. Today he wants to pull Norway out of the war in Afghanistan.

“Norway has no business in Afghanistan, and one of the party’s most important issues is to stop the Norwegian military presence in the country. Norway is a land of peace. It should not look at what the U.S. does when it comes to Afghanistan and Iraq,” says Butt.

The politician thinks Norway should support Pakistan in Kashmir-dispute with India.

“Norway should support Kashmir’s independence,” says Butt.

Hmm…that’s a diplomatic decision he won't see anytime soon.

Will have Norwegian Pakistani Prime Minister

Minority politicians stood in 1995 and 2007 with their own list to the council elections in Oslo, with no luck. Butt still believes they [i.e., his new party] will succeed where others have failed.

“I have a lot behind me to achieve this. I think people trust me,” says Butt.

In the fall he hopes for a seat in Parliament. But it does not stop there.

“My hope is that in about fifteen years in Norway, like the United States see a second-generation immigrant in the job of prime minister,” says Butt. Also at the [Oslo] council election in three years, the 63-year-old hope for a “break election”.

“I think the Mayor of Oslo in three years will be a Norwegian-Pakistani,” says the Norwegian-Pakistani.

Well. This dude has a lot of opinions and high hopes. But, you know, he could be right about one thing: Osama bin Laden is in the U.S. I think I know where he is, too: the transgendered ObL is now Nancy Pelosi and s/he’s sitting in the American House of Representatives, big as life. She’s certainly no crazier than Mr. Butt.

Happy May 17th, Norway! May you continue to enjoy the spoutings of Norwegian Ghufoor Butt.

Many thanks to translator, J. Great story, great timing.


Anonymous said...

Let me make the obvious, gallows joke: "Surely he's the butt of a few guffaws?"

Butt (3), Guffaw

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you, Dymphna! Will most certainly imbibe plenty of Al-Kohol today, to go with all the pork hot-dogs.

“...Butt replied, cards and cash”. :) It's really “short and blunt”.

Another translation is available at Islam in Europe.

X said...

I can't really work out what Norway would be without pork and alcohol. It'd be like Scotland without haggis and... alcohol. Or England without meat and tater pies and... beer.

Funny how alcohol is a big feature of advanced civilisation isn't it?

Zenster said...

What is this fellow drinking?.

It's not what this this chap is drinking, it's what he's breathing. Namely, his own exhaust.

In Silicon Valley, we have a term for when a detector system begins to take its sensors too seriously and enters a downward spiraling negative feedback loop. We refer to such a system as, "Sucking on its own butt."

Islam has been sucking on its own butt for centuries. It has been gulping down one Big Lie after another until it now has delusions of adequacy and other megalomaniac visions that normally require a smidgen of actual military expertise along with a lot of advanced weaponry.

This horrendous case of auto-conjoined sphincters manifests in some rather stark ways.

The typical Muslim routinely demonstrates an almost reflexive ability to swallow terrorist camels whole whilst choking upon even the tiniest democratic gnats.

This is accompanied by a pandemic case of congenital cognitive dissonance that occurs throughout the MME (Muslim Middle East). Witness how Muslims so often declare that:

"The 9-11 atrocity was a plot by Bush that simulated attacks upon America in order to initiate a crusade against Muslims ... and Osama bin Laden is a Lion of Islam™ for giving America a black eye!"

or ...

"The Holocaust never happened ... and we Muslims are going to finish Hitler's work!"

Floor wax or dessert topping, which is it Islam?

We see much of the same schizoid mentality here with Mr. Butt. He adopts an attitude of, "Other than the theater, how was your evening, Mrs. Lincoln?"

He praises Norway's progressive civilization while trying to wish away the fact that Norwegians long ago discarded contrived prohibitions against alcohol even as they went on to solve—what for Muslims remains to this day—the impenetrable mystery of trichinosis that once justified abstention from consuming pork.

With the usual Muslim brand of glaring cognitive dissonance Mr. Butt wants things both ways. He wants wishes to be horses so this bugger ... er, beggar can get his usual free ride on the coattails of Western civilization.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

The most scary thing is that a party like this could very well soon be in parliament. I would have guessed that Sweden would be the first country in Europe with a muslim party in parliament but now it looks that Norway is going to beat us to it. The leftists are importing vote-cattle but when the muslims form their own parties, they will abandon the kufr-left for their own party. No matter if the the muslim individuals happen to sympathize with either the left or the right or the middleground, when comes to show, they all have one thing in common. They are muslims and their loyalty lies with islam first and foremost. So PC-parties, you can kiss your collective Butts when the muslim starts their own parties.

We have our own paki-butt on this side of the border so the name should be pronounced with a long u. Funnier with the english version though.

laine said...

Norwegians are certainly making very satisfactory dhimmis so full Muslimhood will be a shorter step for them than some others.

Zenster, they won't need to fire a shot, (lucky for them as they are such poor warriors). They are filling Europe's immigration and Welfare rolls as well as cradles. Their sheer mass in numbers and resource sucking will bring Europe crashing down and faster than anyone expected with the global economic downturn.