Friday, May 15, 2009

Playing Muslim: A Day in the Life of the UK Police

From the Venerable First Earl of Cromer at Lambeth Walk

Islam Awareness Day for the Police

Yesterday in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, more than thirty rank-and-file community police officers and PCSOs gathered at the Castlemere Community Centre along with a number of their senior officers.

They were there to learn about ‘a day in the life of a Muslim’.

The course was designed by a Muslim Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) called Madasar Nasir. He aimed to ‘provide the officers with a better understanding of the service providers, policy makers and professionals working within the Muslim community, who are responsible for developing community cohesion, in the hope that this would enable them to meet the needs of the local community more efficiently.’

After that was out of the way, the officers were taken on a tour of Central Mosque in Tweedale Street.

Finally, they ‘enjoyed a taste of Asian cuisine’.

Inspector Michelle Hughes hailed the event worthwhile and successful. She said:

“Events like these help fulfill our responsibility to comply with both race relations and equal opportunities legislation and shows that we take our responsibilities very seriously.

“My thanks go to the staff at Castlemere Community Centre for their assistance in organising such a fine event and I hope that this is the first of many.”

As the Venerable First Earl of Cromer was heard to say:
- - - - - - - - -
Yes, the first of many. After all, it’s not as if Britain is being plagued by an unprecedented wave of violent crime. The public might as well pay these officers for a bit of unashamed groveling dhimmitude followed by a delicious curry.

Actually, your Venerableness, these police are practicing for life in the Ummah. They hope to keep their jobs in the new regime.

Seriously, I’ll bet this was a top-down order to attend...or else. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when any of them got home that night and was asked, “so, how was your day, dear?”

What I want to know is when do the authorities organize groups of Muslims to live as "A Brit for a Day". That might make for some entertaining reality TV.

While dictators rage and statesmen talk, all Europe dances - to The Lambeth Walk.


EscapeVelocity said...

I dont know how to contact you Dymphna, but you may be interested in this. Sorry for posting this in an inappropriate spot.

Is Ron Howard Afraid of Offending Muslims?

Angels & Demons is yet another example of Hollywood's unwillingness to show bad behavior on the part of even one Muslim.

Dymphna said...

Escape Velocity--

Our contact info is in our profile page -- just click on our names at the top left of the blog page.

Anyway, it's

I've read reviews of the Ron Howard film. Not one I'd want to see...but predictable Hollywood. He's just another kool aid drinker,IMHO.

X said...

Ahh, Rochdale... it'll be the next place for riots, I reckon, lke Oldham a few years back. I've been told - but i Haven't yet found evidence, of course - that there are two housing associations in Rochdale building "affordable housing" - social housing for poor people with a government subsidy. They're both Muslim. Both of them have built huge gated estates, really nice buildings. There was a bi of a scandal a while back over the fact that not one non-muslim had been allowed to live in these houses. Like I said, they're gated off and they have an almost completely isolated economy inside the gates. It's like an industrialised version of Islamberg. I'm trying to find time to go and take a look at the place and take a few photographs but I just don't have it at the moment.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I think it is all about getting the kufr used to the constant intrusion of islam in their daily lives, so much as they're used to it omce they take over officially. No matter if they choose to do so as believers or dhimmis. Also they would probably risk being fired if they refuse to participate in this ridicolous charade.

laine said...

The police in all Western countries are being instructed by their political masters to treat multiculturalism as their number one priority rather than crime. It would be most inconvenient for the multicult crowd should the police actually enforce the laws equally because certain non-white minorities flout these laws routinely, under the guise of "protesting" some trumped up unfairness. The only unfairness is that we have now reached the stage where non European whites have MORE rights, not equal rights.

Only crime against them can be labeled hate crime and punished more severely. They are more precious than whites as proven by the fact that black crime on whites (more common in the US than the reverse) is never called a hate crime. When they clog major streets and tie up the downtown for days on end as in Tamils did in Toronto recently, not one demonstrator was arrested, not even when they surged onto the main city expressway with no warning backing up motorists for hours. The Tamils had young children with them, endangering their lives, but not a single charge was laid. Tamil Tiger flags are waved in large numbers. These are not confiscated by the police even though the Tigers have been designated a terrorist organization in Canada (as in the US).

Incidentally, the main demos have been in front of the American Embassy. On the one hand, the United States is expected to solve the Sri Lankan Tamil fiasco. On the other hand, Americans are condemned anywhere they try to help, a complete Catch 22.

The rot is deep in all western police forces, so they can no longer be counted on to uphold the law when the perpetrator is non-white, but especially if the victim is white.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Not only in Ontario is the police observing while multicultis run rampant. We have seen the same behaviour in Köln, Malmö and other cities, other countries as well. The whole thing is reminiscent of Fahrenheit 451. In the this novel/movie the fire brigade is not for putting out fires but for burning books. In a similar way the purpose of the police has been corrupted to take on a wholly different meaning than originally intended. Their new purpose is now to pat muslim scum on the head and only arrest the local ethnics. Us kufr, now has no rights what so ever in our own countries. The only rights we have is to shut up and comply. What will be the next step? Executing the ethnics on site like in Judge Dredd?

persikas said...


Oldham - Rochdale - - carry on to
Hebden Bridge - Halifax
I lived in that area many moons ago before I ever thought about Muslims - before I had a 'racist thought' in my head - I was always against racism .
But on the bus to Halifax one day , I spied a Muslim family ,the wife trailing behind the bearded , robed Muslim guy and the thought , unbidden , and maybe a little uncomfortable for me ,
"What are they doing here " ?

X said...

I can beat that. Last time I was in Bradford, I kept asking "why am I here?"

The prefix "I'm not a racist, but" gets tiresome when you have to add it to every description of a place you've visited...