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Cologne: The Anti-Islamization Congress and the Da’wa Counter-Demonstration

Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a report about today’s events in Cologne based on German-language sources. What’s notable about this da’wa operation is the deliberate and well-planned coordination of the city’s Muslims with the extreme Left and the “anti-Fascists”.

The Anti-Islamization Congress and the Counter-Demonstration

First, on the Congress itself, from Politically Incorrect:

The Anti-Islamization Congress has begun

Pro-Köln’s Anti-Islamization Congress, running from 8-10 May, has officially begun with an international press conference and rally in Leichlingen, Leverkusen, and Dormagen. While the Bild newspaper was talking about a “Nazi advance” in Cologne using a fake photo of a Nazi march [one that has nothing to do with this Congress nor the Pro-movement], more than forty accredited journalists who attended the press conference in the building of a law firm in the city of Cologne could discover for themselves that “Nazis” are out of the question here.

Politically Incorrect has recorded the statements by Markus Beisicht (Pro-Köln), Harald Vilimsky, Johann Herzog (both FPÖ), Robert Spieler (Nouvelle Droite), Hilde DeLobel (Vlaams Belang) und Adriana Bolchini Gaigher (Milan) on video (and apologize for the poor image and sound quality of the videos).

Cologne Da’wa News

From dawa-news (they call it “Islamically Incorrect”, paraphrasing the blog name “Politically Incorrect”), a sticker-like picture reading: “Why do you want to force us to be like you? Why are you repressing/quashing us?”

Video: Contra Pro-Köln (Racist Anti-Islamization Congress)

Cologne Pierre Vogel

Pierre Vogel a.k.a. Abu Hamza at 04:43 in the video where he shows what the Muslim girls should not do today.

Pierre Vogel (1978) a.k.a. Abu Hamza is a German Islamic preacher and former professional boxer (convert 2001). He is married to a Moroccan woman (chosen for him by his friends) and has two children. His Muslim Da’wa group associates with Leftists (Antifa, Die Linke, etc.). The Da’wa group sent their woman to join the demonstration today (not the men) to hand out leaflets and promote Islam. The Da’wa Muslims side with Antifa and thus LGF. Quite alarming.

Here is the transcript of the video. With a few excisions because Mr. Vogel a.k.a. Hamza repeated the same thing a few times. He also described the picture of Jewish children (in a concentration camp):
- - - - - - - - -
  Warning! Important information
   [blue block: Meeting point and time for May 9 2009 in the comments below! — referring to a video with the date]
[0021] Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim [In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful], dear sisters, on May 9 the Anti-Islamization Congress will be held, and we have been asked to make a clear impression for it.
  Schwistem Islam I have made a video which explains explicitly and in detail. And you must always stay in contact with this website, with the site You can eventually obtain information on the site, or on the site
  More info, but not from us, is on, but that is not what we have in mind for that day, but to get a short overview of the entire action, yes… train schedule, sisters, brothers, please always watch the video entirely, because we cannot answer fifty emails per day, yes,… not emails but calls, telling over again for half an hour the same thing that we already have told in the video, that is why we have made a video.
  When you cannot watch the video in Mozilla Firefox, you can watch it with Internet Explorer, please, it has to become very well-coordinated, that means the following: we will announce our meeting point first thing tomorrow evening. Therefore on Friday evening, you must visit the website; the basic thing is you know it will be in Cologne, whether it will be in this street or the other, that should not be a problem.
[02:04] Insha’allah [if Allah is willing] tomorrow evening the exact meeting point and the exact time will be announced.
[02:10] At the latest you must be there at eight o’clock in the morning, at the latest at eight o’clock in the morning be in Cologne, and there may be traffic problems, therefore at the latest at eight o’clock in Cologne, we already have the information on what is planned; tomorrow you will have the exact address, the exact time.
[02:29] We will form an alliance with Leftists et cetera, who organize a demonstration, with this demonstration that we will stay with, we will distribute all the leaflets et etcetera, and hand out t-shirts, yes, and the flyers look like this, yes…
[02:46] “Wehret den Anfängen” [reads like “resist the early stages”, an Antifa slogan]
[02:53] Germany 1933, here we can see Jewish children, poor children that are looking though barbed wire, and here we see Germany 2009 one should [difficult to understand] never again put people away in prisons like this, yes, then we have a text here…

Cologne Gegen Rechts 1

[03:12] …in which a number of things are clarified, and that has on the side that there must always be warnings against the right. This has been compounded especially for this day. Than you see here a how the right-wing scene it inciting against the Muslims, as part of it honor killing, et cetera, et cetera, and then a few more texts, and then here the swastika is being broken in pieces, that is what the leaflet looks like, then we will go through the city, and Insha’allah we will spread 50,000 flyers.
  A few sisters have made 450 t-shirts, those will also be handed out; posters have also been made, they will be brought along, and if you can carry those posters, you can take them with you, who wants to bring something for this, you can bring it along with you.
[03:49] Firstly it is important to bring a plastic bag to carry the flyers, that eventually… to put the DVDs in. Who does not want to wear a t-shirt, must not put one on, who does not want to carry placards, does not have to carry a placard, yes, so, what is but important about this day is that we are well-behaved, you must know that the police are under great pressure that day, therefore don’t start discussions with police officers, when the police say you cannot go there or there, then you also should not go there or there.
[04:23] The plan is that we will not form a large group, but we will always split up in small groups, because when we form a large group that may lead to problems with the police and security, because it will look like a demonstration queue and we are not a demonstration queue, we want to face the people in a friendly manner…
[04:42] …not like when the brothers are arriving walk around like this…
[04:43] …yes, the people are more scared of that than of other things thus go around being friendly, that is a very important matter. There are many police officers on that day, and also go around being friendly with the police, don’t quarrel and don’t draw them into unimportant matters, thus respond reasonably and hand out the leaflets so as to get into conversations with people. When you can bring a video camera then that is good, yes. Again, and you may write it down.
[05:20] The main point is that we are presenting ourselves there, as one, eh, as Muslims, so it will be in this area [shows map] this will all happen… this area… I will quickly point it out [points at the map] that is the Rhine… [to the camera operator: do you have it?] this is the Rhine, here, that is the Rhine, here is the Heumarkt, here will be a large alliance, at 09:45 there will be a demonstration, and later on they will go here over the bridge [Deutzer Brücke], to the Warmerplatz, there are alliances, yes, I didn’t say that we will be doing this, so don’t get me wrong, please listen well, we had so many calls with questions that we already have clarified, that still are understood wrong.
[06:25] Here is the Warnerplatz and somewhere here the Pro-Köln people will arrange their demonstration, or directly near the Cologne Dom [Cathedral] … where is that exactly … about here, yes … about here, it is not completely on this, finally they will have a demonstration here or here. And we will hand out the flyers in this area, and eventually expand the area further out, in the direction of Ehrenfeld [the Grand Mosque building site].
  On this day you must have a lot of patience and be ready to expect a lot of quarreling. We have decided not to divide up in too large groups, because we know from the Haji, from the pilgrimage, that with large groups it complications always come up, there are people who get lost, there are people pushed away, one cannot control it, that is why.
  At the moment that we have spread out, we are dependent on each other, we will later, eventually, but that will be announced ad the meeting points. It will be a good thing to bring a video camera when possible. Those are the points of the day, and bring all so that we will be there, and we want to score a point as the most peaceful people that took part on this day, and we want to teach the people. Something important that not many know, there will be on this day many ten thousands of demonstrators, because they see that injustice is done to the Muslims.
[08:39] [On the brochure] On this side attention is paid to the hate campaign that is going on these days in Germany, which will be cleared up with the people. Because why is it possible that it gets to such a hate campaign, how can it be that such a right-wing populist party gains supporters, while we as Muslims are not confronting the people, while we are being isolated? We must show the people the true image of Islam, we must go out to the people, because we have nothing to hide, but that these mosques that these Germans want to hide away, that era is past us, and then they will come past us Saturday and then we want to show that, and we have to go out to the people and in this [the brochure] the hate campaign is completely refuted in detail.
  And we hope you will all be there, there will be a response to themes like honor killing, terrorism, et cetera, with which this nonsense is ironed out, and with which eventually at least the few Muslims, or those that call themselves Muslims, that do not have brains and care only about the culture, maybe eh… maybe also eh… will come to their senses. Alhamdu lillah etc…

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The ‘anti’-film is here with the date:

Meeting point May 9 “Muslims against the right-wing” against “Pro-Köln”

Meeting point: HEUMARKT in Cologne from 9 — 9:30

Cologne Gegen Rechts 3

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