Sunday, May 24, 2009

Connecting the Dots in Austria

Below is a report by our Austrian correspondent ESW on the latest news from her home country.

Connecting the Dots in Austria
by ESW

These are interesting, but worrisome times in Austria. Some of the news has already been published here. Yesterday’s dots in the daily Österreich need to be connected, and the result exemplifies exactly the reason why people no longer “follow” the larger political parties’ lead. There are countless blurbs from more or less high-ranking members of SPÖ, ÖVP, and Greens, lamenting the polls, which clearly show a tendency towards the right. The result is more “education” (brainwashing) in schools, more interviews with so-called experts dishing out reason after reason, explanation after explanation why young people do not vote for the more traditional parties SPÖ and ÖVP.

I would strongly suggest to these experts and politicians that they start their quest to find out what is going on by reading the newspapers.

They might ask themselves how this execution fits in with traditional Austrian behavior of how to work out a dispute. In a restaurant named “Star Kebab Home”, located in a city south of Vienna, Fuat K. accused Ali S. of refusing to pay the €500 Ali S. owed his cook. Fuat K. shouted this and other “very bad accusations” (according to the police) in the restaurant, and when his mother was also called bad names, Ali S., a man of honor, was forced to react: Ali was kicked out of the restaurant by two Bulgarian cooks, Fuat followed him and shot him. The two cooks held down the victim, while Fuat shot Ali once more in the neck. The perpetrator is now in custody.

Another front for experts and politicians to look at more closely is Turkey’s proposed accession to the EU (or is it the other way around?). The Austrians — and, as a matter of fact, the EU populace — do not want Turkey to become a member of the EU. None of the political parties, save FPÖ and BZÖ, seem to listen to the populace. Consider the most pro-EU party in Austria, ÖVP. For years it would have been easier to find the Loch Ness monster than to get a clear answer to the question whether ÖVP favors Turkey’s EU entry (SPÖ is no different in this matter).

Ernst Strasser, the controversial top candidate in the upcoming EU elections and former minister of the interior, and Othmar Karas, who was chucked out as top candidate and is now number two on the list of candidates, are now in open disagreement regarding Turkey. Strasser favors an immediate stop to the negotiations: “There is no ‘basis of contract’ in the sense of popular approval, which is why I believe negotiations should be stopped until things have fundamentally changed. This will take five or ten or fifteen years.” Karas counters, “I am not in the habit of changing my mind during election campaigns. Turkey is currently not ready for accession. But I am against closing doors.” This disagreement between the two top candidates is a worst-case scenario for ÖVP.

The next dot is a classic “there’s more to this than meets the eye” story. The story is a sad one, although one that repeats itself every year during the summer months. The popular recreation area “Neue Donau” is the site for swimming, barbecuing, doing sports and relaxing, activities that ultimately lead to accidents such as drowning. The news reports spoke of a nine-year-old who jumped into the 65-degree cold water and immediately sank. Although the fire department was contacted, none of the numerous passersby jumped after the boy to save him. The firemen arrived after ten minutes and had the boy out of the water within a minute. He is now in critical condition in a local hospital. So far, so awful.
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Today’s news reports offer more revealing information: The boy, Rouzan K., the son of Iraqi-Kurdish immigrants (the father arrived in Austria in 2007, the rest of the family consisting of his wife and six children followed in 2008), spent the day barbecuing and playing, taking part in the Danube Festival with the Islamic Federation. “It is unfathomable, but true: Dozens of adults were watching, but no one jumped into the water to save the boy.” The article also shows a photograph of two very young hijabed girls pointing to the place where they boy nearly drowned. What is most interesting, though, is what the article then says: “Even the Muslim (emphasis added, ESW) girls Nalin and Thalita no longer understand the world. ‘Suddenly there was a big commotion and we heard about an accident. But there were so many men standing around and we thought they had the situation under control. Perhaps everyone thought the other would help.’“

Perhaps, just perhaps, there were many men standing around, expecting the womenfolk to do their jobs, realizing too late that these women cannot swim. And even if they were able to swim, imagine the horrors of these women getting out of water the dripping wet. The question remains whether they would have survived themselves in their long dresses and hijabs. If the boy dies, which is likely, it is even likelier that no one will ask the questions that need to be asked. And of course it will be the infidels who are to blame. Watch for the spin in this case.

And now on to today’s last dot. The headline reads “Strache pelted with rotten eggs — Following the brawl during the blue [FPÖ] demonstration against the mosque [in the Brigittenau district], clashes in Graz.”

Notice that the headline insinuates that it was FPÖ and its supporters who rioted during the demonstration in Vienna. This is untrue. It was leftist goons who attacked the demonstrators, and Strache’s personal assistant, along with others, was injured.

In this latest case, while Strache was speaking at a party rally in the southern city of Graz, about one hundred leftists staged a counter-demonstration, surrounded by police who guarded Strache. Suddenly, he was attacked with rotten eggs. This emboldened Strache who shouted into the crowd, “In truth you are the biggest Nazis!” The police were successful in containing the altercations that ensued. However, they were unsuccessful in protecting FPÖ MP Gerhard Kurzmann and members of the FPÖ youth movement from being attacked by a mob of leftists.

Add to this Andreas Mölzer, FPÖ candidate for the European parliament elections, who defended Strache’s use of the cross, “Had Strache used the cross with corpus christi, it would have been blasphemous. But he did not. He was simply not blaspheming, but defending [Christian values].” He added that “Islamism is today’s Fascism.”, criticizing the Church which attacks the only party warning of Islamization.

And now it is up to the reader to connect the dots.

Black is white, white is black, the sky is yellow; those warning of the attack against our way of life are Nazis, who are actually on the very left of the political spectrum. Does anyone understand what is going on here?


George Bruce said...

And so it will go until Westerners defend themselves against the ongoing colonization of their countries. Self defense or extermination - that is the choice.

babs said...

What a very good, yet depressing report.
I look forward to hearing more from you. Hopefully, getting this info out to your fellow countrymen will further your cause.
I found it rather interesting your take on who should save a drowning child. Do you really think that women in burka are charged with this task ahead of Islamic men? On what do you base this opinion? How incredibly curious and counter to western society.

Elisabeth said...

Babs, thanks for your comment and praise. I have written a lot on GoV, so if you are interested in reading my stuff, look it up. I would value your comments. You can contact me via Baron B.

Regarding the drowning child: I have no proof whatsoever that this is what happened, namely that hijabed women were standing around, not saving the drowning boy. I base this solely on the fact that I cannot imagine a hundred people (acc. to news reports) standing around and that NO ONE jumps in to save a child. Where was the mother? Where was the father? Something just does not make sense here. Nevertheless, I am in NO WAY making accusations here.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I wouldn't be at least surprised if in the end, the blame for not saving the drowning boy, will befall on the loathsome austrian kufr. It's another chance for the muslims to spit hatred towards the kufr and that seems to be what all matters to them. It's also disturbing that he was surrounded by so many fellow muslims and none of them did anything to save him. Do they count on the loathsome dhimmis to do all work for them? They also often claim that the family is an entity closely bonded together, much more so than for the loathsome kufr. Seems like that is another load of bullcrap too. On the contrary, if a similar accident happens among the kufr, one of these, related to the victim or not, will in most cases actually jump into the water to bring up the victim. And it could very well be by a man or a woman for that matter. I've read about accounts of fires, when the fire brigade arrives at the scene, the muslims are more worried about covering their fellow muslimas in cloth than actually have them saved from the scene. Considering this it is possible that any muslima that have dived into the water would have soon found herself in a lot of trouble and for good reason. Islam is certainly a death cult. They are more concerned about saving their "honor" than saving other peoples lives, even if it is someone in their own family. They have a mindset so alien to us in the west, that it is not even barely compatible to our civilisation.

Zenster said...

Another front for experts and politicians to look at more closely is Turkey’s proposed accession to the EU (or is it the other way around?).

How is it that Austria (or the vast bulk of Europe, for that matter), cannot read the tea leaves coming out of Germany regarding their own assimilation problems with the Turkish gastarbeiter (guest workers)that they have there?

Further, is the media spin so intense or is it simply a lack of appreciation or understanding that prevents any notice of how Turkey continues to spiral downward into more Islamist policies? Don't the synagogue bombings there make any headlines?

Have the constant anti-Western rants of OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu gone totally unnoticed?

These are dots the size of Manhattan. Yet, no one is able to connect them?

Having visited your charming country, I am always appreciative of more detailed analysis about the situation there. With Europe literally being bathed in a constant stream of Muslim violence, rapes and other crime it is difficult to imagine that most common folk are not up in arms (what few they may have), over this entire situaiton.

Thank you, Elisabeth for this boots-on-the-ground reporting.

As to the child drowning, I doubt that anyone among those 100 people of desert origins actually knew how to swim. That does not change how cowardly it was to idly stand by as a child drowned. Perhaps the family will be saddled with a comatose vegetable child to remind them of their callowness.

An obvious lesson to be taken away from this deplorable incident is just how cheaply Muslims regard human life.

Zenster said...

Robin Shadowes: I've read about accounts of fires, when the fire brigade arrives at the scene, the muslims are more worried about covering their fellow muslimas in cloth than actually have them saved from the scene.

Robin, it wasn't just a matter of "covering" the young women in question, the mutaween (Saudi morals police) actually pushed fleeing unveiled young girls back into the blazing building where FOURTEEN OF THEM THEN BURNED TO DEATH.

The mutaween even impeded arriving firefighters who attempted to rescue the unveiled girls.

---------- NEWS ARTICLE ----------

Saudi police 'stopped' fire rescueFriday, 15 March, 2002

Saudi Arabia's religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.

In a rare criticism of the kingdom's powerful "mutaween" police, the Saudi media has accused them of hindering attempts to save 15 girls who died in the fire on Monday.

About 800 pupils were inside the school in the holy city of Mecca when the tragedy occurred.

According to the al-Eqtisadiah daily, firemen confronted police after they tried to keep the girls inside because they were not wearing the headscarves and abayas (black robes) required by the kingdom's strict interpretation of Islam.

One witness said he saw three policemen "beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya".

The Saudi Gazette quoted witnesses as saying that the police - known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice - had stopped men who tried to help the girls and warned "it is a sinful to approach them".

The father of one of the dead girls said that the school watchman even refused to open the gates to let the girls out.

"Lives could have been saved had they not been stopped by members of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice," the newspaper concluded. [emphasis added]

---------- END ARTICLE ----------

Got that? The mutaween would prefer that these young girls BURN TO DEATH rather than have them appear improperly attired in public.

Of even greater importance is how this hideous incident invoked "a rare criticism of the kingdom's powerful "mutaween" police".

Got that? A "rare criticism". NOT murder charges. NOT manslaughter charges. NOT charges of endangering human life. Just "a rare criticism" for (according to eye witness accounts), LOCKING THE GATES AND BEATING THE VICTIMS BACK in order to prevent these poor inappropriately garbed young children from escaping the burning building.

Anyone investigating this disgusting crime must dig a lot deeper to discover that this "girl's school" was, in actuality, a residential property incapable of safely accommodating 800 students and lacking basic safety infrastructure like fire stairs or alarms.

Rest assured that the mutaween were absolved of any wrongdoing when it was found that a dozen of the victims had perished on a collapsing staircase even as they trampled each other to death in their attempts to flee.

As always, it was the victim’s own fault. How many times have we heard that Islamic excuse before?

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Zenster, I had actually forgot about that saudi "incident". I was thinking of an incident in Rosengård (don't remember exactly when it happened though). Muslims where running around, more concerned about covering their fellow muslimas, thus disrupting the works of the fire brigade. Luckily it didn't end as tragically as in SA. I just wanted to point out that they are often more concerned about following their S****y religion to boot, than saving human lives, even of their own family. But thanks for pointing out the saudi stuff. It makes islam even more despicable.