Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wilders Will Definitely go on Trial

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has translated an article from today’s Spits Nieuws:

Definite: court case against Wilders

Geert WildersPVV leader Geert Wilders will be prosecuted. His legal counsel Mr. Bram Moskowicz appealed to withdraw prosecution.

Bu the high Court rejected his request. The prosecutor general will now prosecute Wilders for sowing hatred and insulting a part of the population.

Several complaints
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Several complaints have been filed against Wilders during the last couple of years, among others for comparing the Koran with Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf.

H. Numan comments:


The very fact he might be prosecuted gave him about +15 virtual seats. I guess the actual kangaroo court will give him another 15.


Fjordman said...

Here is another link:

Prosecution of Wilders to go ahead

babs said...

Eurabia Has a Capital: RotterdamI sent this link in an email this morning to the Baron and D but, since he is overloaded with emails I thought I would post it in the comments. Mr. Wilders is mentioned a number of times.

Aeneas said...

Europe has become an evil and dark place shrouded in a cloud of tyranny. The most basic freedom is freedom of speech and when that is gone democracy is meaningless. The Dutch authorities are presiding over the systematic and deliberate destruction of liberal values. The European establishment is at war with freedom itself, in the forthcoming elections for the European Parliament everyone who wants to live in a just society must vote against establishment parties. A vote for an establishment party is a vote against democracy.

thll said...

And what exactly do the powers-that-be expect to gain from this? Will their support increase or decrease? Do they really believe that this kind of action will see them well in the future? This surely is a measure of their desperation. They are in serious trouble my friends - so much trouble that they are compelled to do that that will eventually undo them.

commoncents said...

Great post! Keep up the excellent work!!

ps. Link Exchange??

Paul said...

"The prosecutor general will now prosecute Wilders for... ...insulting a part of the population."

OK, if they authorities intend to prosecute Geert for insulting anybody does that mean we can execute justice on European lefties for wrecking European societies for the natives?

What goes around comes around.

The nasty lefties in the US Congress ought to think about that.

John Sobieski said...

It's slow motion suicide of a society. They are so scared and have chosen self-islamization. They think that will see them through but the tunnel only gets narrower and dimmer.

PatriotUSA said...

The powers that-be-expect are doing this for numerous reasons. Wilders is a hero(to me and many others) and those powers see him as a dangerous rival and threat. They are also playing to the mussie masses who rabidly support that witch hunt against this noble and brave man. Shameful actions at their worst. I believe this will backfire badly and propel Wilders to even greater popularity and prominence. His time is coming and I do not mean time in prison.

What freedom of speech that now exists in Europe is being eroded away by the stupidity of multiculturalism and diversity run amuck and out of control. Freedom of speech is one of the greatest threats to socialism, communism and will stomped and throttled at every turn. The evilness that is enveloping Europistan may be the mirror image of what we may yet face here in the United States.

Winston the Smithy said...

What really upsets me most about this is the actual integrity of the Judicial system and the Police Force. Everyone is simply following the process, no doubt being orchestrated by the UNHRC who are in the top pocket of the OIC. Everyone is mindlessly obeying, not realising that what we are seeing is a true oppression of freedom and democracy. What happens to the police and law lords when their time comes? Who will defend them?

This is not just happening in Holland but also in the UK as more and more of our freedoms and liberties are being destroyed.
The current witch hunt on the BNP who everyone are calling fascist and totalitarian is the only party that has said it will re-introduce the freedom to smoke.

Our people in the UK are being indoctrinated by left wing media propaganda. It's unbelievable.
Saudi Arabia is buying up Europe with its zillions. Sharia Finance is behind all of this, you can bet your bottom dollar on that. The more Europe crumbles, the more the Saudis come in with their "sign your soul away on the dotted line...and how many billions would you like?"

The worse thing here is that we are losing our liberty and freedoms because of a few individuals controlling our lands, desperate to get their hands on money.

Greed is destroying the West. The very fact that we have allowed the OIC and Saudi Arabia to dictate to us on Human Rights says it all. Europe's sold out to Saudi. People just don't know it yet. Control is being enforced gradually so as not to shock all the sheep.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

What happens in Eurabia is scary indeed. As soon as their in full control the real terror and holocaust will start. To assure that their iron grip will remain firm they will need to exterminate a lot of native europeans so that they never will grow strong enough to revolt against their new masters or even worse, claim it back. Many natives will probably be shipped away to MME to work as slave labor. Obviously this process has already started in US as well although not as far as in Eurabia. Places like Islamburg is telling me it has already started for you as well. If we fail and thus succumb to the horrors of islam it will mean the end of civilsiation as we know it and most surely hell on earth.

cand.jur. said...

Can anyone steer me to the Dutch Supreme Court's published opinion in this matter (assuming there is one). I am curious to know whether it was a unanimous decision and, if not, whether there was a reasoned dissent.