Saturday, May 09, 2009

First-Hand Report from Cologne

A reader who attended today’s Anti-Islamization Congress in Cologne just sent in this report:

Just back from Cologne.

Last September, the authorities (i.e. Mayor of Cologne) had called upon his townsmen to let the “Nazis” know that they were not welcome. This time the authorities had decided to allow the Pro-Köln gathering, but on a square far from the city center, i.e. in front of the Cologne-Deutz train station.

There were so-called anti-fascist counter-demonstrators present but the police (a huge police force was present) kept them away from us. The counter-demonstrators succeeded in blocking some of the access routes, with the result that some of the Pro-Köln people only managed to get to the square by the time that the rally had finished or not at all.

The latter was the case for Henry Nitzsche, a member of the German Parliament (elected for the Christian-Democrats but now independent). About 750 people managed to get to the square. There were delegations from Germany, but also Flanders, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic.
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There were also a lot of Israeli flags and banners for solidarity with Israel. All the while the “anti-Fascists” kept screaming “Nazis” and showing us their middle finger. The police allowed this, but whenever they tried to get through to us the police kept them away.

The meeting began with a prayer led by a female vicar from Bern (CH). She said a blessing from the Old Testament and did it first in Hebrew, then in German, English, French and Italian. She also spoke of the need to stand with Israel. This was followed by short speeches by people from Flanders (Dewinter), Austria, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, France, and from the Pro-Köln leaders.

There was a huge media presence but, as there were no riots, I do not think there will be many press reports.

I have an MSM article about Cologne and also some translated material, which I will post when I get time.


Czechmade said...

Reported today on islamo-channels.

The Teheran Bobs (PressTV) even showed the poster with the German web-site pi-news, the most successful medium in Germany against islamisierung.

An ad for free. Not bad.

chrisse said...

You can see Filip Dewinter's speech here on youtube. It was good.

English subtitles (and a Gates of Vienna plug :) )