Monday, May 25, 2009

Nazi of the Week

Nazis keep popping up all over the place nowadays, so while I was in Copenhagen, KGS and I hatched a scheme to create a “Nazi of the Week” feature on our blogs. He has been less dilatory than I, and has already posted two alarming fascists — check out the sidebar at Tundra Tabloids to see the latest one.

My contribution to this important civic effort is a photo I took of a sign on a baby-changing station in the men’s lavatory on the “halal” side of Rosengård Centrum in Malmö. The image below is proof that Nazis can appear in the most unexpected environments:
- - - - - - - - -
Baby Heil

As you can see, the vicious propaganda of the neo-fascists is at work everywhere, even in the public restrooms of Rosengård.

And no, I didn’t embellish that sign myself. Some wag got there before me and did the job.

Now I have to find another Nazi for next week. No rest for the weary!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Leon Panetta?

Arles said...

Ahh, I see Nazis everywhere. Everywhere!! I just can't get the images out of my head..

Vlams Belang here, and Vlams belang there. Swedish Democrats here, Swedish Democrats there ....

Ohh it hurts so much, I don't know what to do!! Help me please !!

Oh, I know what I can do. I can contact my buddies at AFA and I can actively target some inocent bloggers, and call them Nazis!!


Yes, that's what I can do...

Ohh, my head hurts so bad, someone's after me... Ohhh I just can't take it...

Must chase nazis. Nazis are everywhere!!

Czechmade said...

Concerning AFA we should raise some questions, esp. concerning their qualification and democratic habits:

1) Structure of the organization

2) Decision making and leadership
(names, CVs, references)

3) Financial flows

4) Percentage of economically self-sufficient members

5) Qualification - what is the training of an individual or a group to find out who is nazi?

a) No training?
b) Few hours training?
c) University like regular courses
with degrees? Then the names of the degree holders, professors, other stuff, publication of their analyses and theses.

I remember quite well how good were our bolsheviks in finding "anti-socialists element", "antisoviets" etc. etc., in fact everybody who was not member of their clubs was under perpetual scrutiny. Then the tedious work of finding the "inner" enemy started.

So it is a vital interest of AFA to find maximum nazis. It makes them grow and flourish like a regular corporation. They perish without nazis.

Now who can say to who are those semi-gods accountable?

fnord is around, but his pride to be part of a democratic structure
is zero. A meagre "we" is all we got out of him.

Any mafia group can produce a "we" effect,
"We" was the favored formula of nazis as well. "We" could be one leader´s office with a despotic boss and few employees trembling.

AFA can claim they are threatened by nazis and all those things are
hidden (from them/from general public). But this is a double-edged issue - can be abused within seconds. And our societies are perfect in doing so. All strata. All groups.

fnord might describe his personal experience with the AFA structure as an insider: the tendencies, idea streams, leadership treating other members, purging the AFA from undesirable elements, names of dissidents etc. Rights of everage members, the way members are accepted.

If he is unable to do so, or "not allowed", his organisation is undemocratic and antidemocratic.

Moreover the organization might be easily kidnapped by any other interest group for money or any other issue not declared in AFA public papers.

For ex. FPÖ was a very different party before Haider. And that party was under regular scrutiny from outside (state, media, citizens) and inside (members).

Why not AFA? It is 1 000 times less transparent. There might be an absolute disconnect between those running around and those on the top. A business as usual.

I repeat - their claim to be in danger of being infiltrated by the state or threatened by the nazis makes them into a dung-heap, where anything is possible.

I wonder whether they make any difference between state and nazis.

Then most citizens must be nazis in their eyes. Disgusting.

Also they must be reading, ehhm monitoring islamic organisations/web sites.
They have nazi structures and Hitler as hero.

Can we read some of their analyses?
Or are they racist antifas? "Only whites"?

fnord, don´t be shy. Answer.

Czechmade said...

We had bolshevik states funding leftists in the West - people who had access in all democratic institutions.

We might have Qaddafi, Saddam, King Abdullah, Erdogan etc. doing the same right now.

With money you get always truely dedicated people, not tired after a while like "concerned citizens".

Czechmade said...

One more issue:

Is the label "AFA" adequate?

Overwhelming majority of our societies are against anything nazi.
That means, if you start an organization under this label, all strata of the society except pro-nazis/nazis must be represented.

This is not the case with AFA.

If our AFA applies special filters to filter out only extreme left, they are fooling and misguiding the public. AFA is a BIG LIE, excluding majority of our citizens with their democratic, i.e. naturally antifa mindset.

AFA should change its name, it is an insult to every citizen.

Fredrik Wikefeldt said...

Here´s my candidate: Ricardo Spiritu Balbuena, lider of a nazi group in Tacna, southern Peru.

This is a clip showing him:

It´s interesting to note that he supported the left-wing candidate in the last elections and did so whole-heartedly. For readers of GoV nazism might be left, but most people assiciate them with the right although they´ve got socialism in their very name. Ricardo Spiritu Balbuena's nazism is very openly classic: for the poor, against the jewish bankers.

Homophobic Horse said...

Le Pen became a supporter of Muslim Immigration and Marxism in his last demented days. The most important thing of all to him is whacking the Jews *rolls eyes*.

Anonymous said...

Hey, finally the Abu M troll has a name and adress! Hello Jaroslav.

To your questions: I find it fascinating to see the way the anti-jihad movement is gradually being eaten by the extreme rightwing, and how the rhetoric of the folks who previously tried to woo the mainstream is gradually being subverted by the same extremists. Here in Norway we just had a demo by Stop the Islamization where the leader of the openly neonazi/fascistic group Norgespatriotene held speeches. In Denmard, SIAD uses former Blood and Honour folks as personal guards. And here on Gates of Vienna you are now discussing in full honesty the pros and cons of genocide and extermination camps.

Since AFA isnt a organization but a desentalized network, most of your questions are not answerable. Unlike the extreme right, we do not subscribe to personality cults and such. There is no "top". When I go to demonstrate in Scandinavia, most of the folks I meet there are professional folks with full job, so the image of the anti-fascist resistance as a lumpen-proletariat is way off.

Speaking only for myself as a dedicated anti-fascist who has served in the norwegian armI have spent a lot of time discussing with my fellow muslim citizens about tendencies within their own cultural sphere wich are clearly fascistic. Al Q`uaeda and the takfiri movement clearly fall into this category.I think it sad that it is becoming harder and harder to discuss this with the rational muslims, because of the noise from the far right and their cries of "there is no moderate islam". Since NATO is currently allied with the vast majority of the umma, this stance is counterproductive to any war-effort, and serves to heighten tensions serving the cause of AQ. This is a play right out of the extremist handbook, and is called crisis-escalation. If the "anti-jihad" movement (wich should be called the anti-erhabi movement if it wasnt into generalizing and tension-escalation) wishes to side with the extreme right, then it must expect the level of scrutiny that other extreme right groups get. Its as easy as that.

Anonymous said...

P.S.: I dont see what the point of discussing AFA is on here, anyway. I would much rather hear your comments to my fellow Oslo-citizen Bruce Bawer and his critiscism of the extreme right/anti-jihad convergence. Him, I disagree with on many issues but at least he is rational. And not pro genocide.

Fjordman said...

Fnord: People here are trying to avoid genocide. Our genocide. You and your hard-Leftist friends are aiding and abetting the enemies of our civilization and use totalitarian methods to silence those who disagree with you. As usual, you Lefties are good at projecting your flaws onto others.

Czechmade said...

"Since AFA isnt a organization but a desentalized network, most of your questions are not answerable. Unlike the extreme right, we do not subscribe to personality cults and such. There is no "top"

You exist and do not exist. Western AQ? Unaccountable. Irresponsible. Ideologic. Fantastic! Always right of course.

Those "you meet demonstrating" are members or not? That is what matters.

Every political party has a structure and leadership - you imply all parties are "right wing", running cult of personality.

Speaking of "rational muslims" you join willingly people with cult of personality beating easily Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin.

Muslims cannot avoid celebrating genocides, prophet Mo was a master of genocides in theory and practice and all islamic genocides followed his word correctly. Throughout cc., muslim scholars, historians, clerics etc. condoned those genocides in the name of islam. You clearly crossed the line.

So you are trapped with a very nasty cult of personality and you are an indirect enabler of genocides. Let us assume (laughable as it is) some nazis or Germans etc. "did not know". You are a different case - you know.

You are right that some brownish groups prey on the common situation. The directly responsible and accountable ARE ruling parties as well as oppositions - failing to do their job - speaking clearly and taking action. They commit - just like you - high treason.

There is no commentor here who does not bemoan this situation.

The correct reaction is demonstrating 1) against muslims 2) against mainstream parties

You will get your golden nazis even more marginalized within weeks. But YOU WANT your nazis,
because after all they are much less dangerous than muslims. So you can play a hero and feel good and safe.

Good I mentioned AFA: Anybody can claim to be AFA, as you say. So now in the name of AFA I fire you from AFA as an islamonazi supporter.
All people like you should follow.

Dear ex-AFA, we may discus your return to our AFA after you denounce publically your support of nazi umma. Takfiri? Mo was a takfiri, so what.

"There is no "top"". Just like Rainbow movement: an official mantra. Or skinheads next street.

Motivate the foot soldier, tell him he is a general...and AFA (no cult!) is so holy, that someone wonders we might discuss it.

Oh yes - AFA ueber alles.

Anonymous said...

Not banned after all! Cool.

Sirs, I have worked in real-life jobs with real-life muslims, both in kindergardens and in industry. You folks are getting a near-psychotic fear-rush out of what is happening to Europe etc. The ghost you are visualizing does not exist! And as long as you do not march with nazis and continue to be anti-islam and not anti-muslims I can live with that, and have no conflict with you. But once you start preaching racewar, and direct action, and shit like that, once you start aiding and abetting the skinheads who like to kick in the teeth of children, then I have a beef with you. Thats my freedom of expression.

The fascists exterminated the jews, the romas and the gays, as well as the handicapped and the demented. You , sirs, are currently on the bridge of joining that fine tradition of cruelty to children and inhumanity through fanatiscm. I leave you too it, but remember the military is watching from now on.

Czechmade said...

Poor ex-AFA,

"continue to be "anti-islam and not anti-muslims"

Funny like:
"continue to be "anti-fascism" and not anti-fascist"


"continue to be "anti-communism" and not anti-communist"

Anything racial around? NO.

Sirs, I have worked in real-life jobs with real-life communists.
They did not harm me, since there were enough threats from their

The muslims exterminated the jews, the hindus, buddhists and the africans, as well as the gays and the demented, no sorry - the intelligent.

Once you start aiding and abetting the muslims who like to kick in the teeth of our children in our schools or in our streets, then I have a beef with you.

OK, as a democrat I have no "army"
to threaten you...

Anonymous said...

"OK, as a democrat I have no "army"
to threaten you..."

Its the glory of being outside the EU, as a norwegian. We have an army! With real veterans in Afghanistan. And Lebanon. And Kosovo. Im not serving now, but have, and know quite a few military folks. The muslims serve very well in uniform in Afganistan.

If people start burning Qurans, thats a security risk. There are folks serving down there whose security comes first. And if they start aiding and mingling with the nazis, then its a serious problem.

Czechmade said...

"If people start burning Qurans, thats a security risk."

OK - then we are under threat - they frequently invent stories that someone "damaged" quran. It is a Pakistani national sport. They may plaster our streets with this nazi book full of hate and disdain for us and disrupt anything anytime.

I appreciate you slowly drop "we" effect and become more human. But you did not explain who has the clue to decide who is a nazi.

AFA is not even an accountable organization, so there is no way to ask them for advice.

Let us assume there are some nazis or semi-nazis around and they voice our concerns.
They will be closer to the people
than mute corrupt paralysed democrats. So whose fault it is?

If you get a little space protecting that quran from our free speech, this space will be continously enlarged. We follow Lebanon, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Persia, North Africa, Pakistan.

You had two politicians in Norway - Einar Gerhardsen and Haakon Lie.

One was nice and the other somewhat nasty. How is it possible that the "nasty" one had a better understanding of the danger of the communism than the nice one?

Why was the good one somewhat slow to understand?

Can you see the clear danger promoting/allowing totalitarian ideas among the goodies? Who have a silly alibi for ever?

Fjordman said...

fnord said: "Not banned after all! Cool."

Of course you're not banned. We don't ban people here just because we disagree with them. What do you think this is? LGF? As long as you remain civil and don't post threats, I vote for keeping you here as a pet for the time being. The world is a circus, and every circus needs a good clown. You just volunteered.

Watching Eagle said...


I have a thought. Why would I want to fight good muslim people to prevent you from experiencing the wonderful diversity of "the "way of Survival" (sharia)? When, in maybe 30 years or so, Shariah is established in Norway (and most of the rest of the West), I suppose you will be celebrating because Western Imperialism has been thrown into the dustbin of history; and for the record, the entire progressive agenda will have been placed in there too.

I suppose that this will be a cause to "celebrate diversity", for YOU will be under the Jackboot of Dark-Age style THEOCRACY. What should I think when I see your reasons for existence blown to smithireens as you AND YOUR FELLOW PROGRESSIVES are WHIPPED for crimes like drinking alcohol, fornication, pornography; stoned for adultery, burned, hanged, beheaded, and flung (from skyscrapers), for homosexuality, etc. I confess I am a novice, What should I say in addition to "praises be, secular progressivism is a greater failure than Communism ever was, hurray for the defeat of secularism!"?

You think it won't happen because progressive western culture is "more advanced" than religious 3rd.-world cultures (pathological ethnocentric bias) but at the same time you seem to think that our western progressive culture is the obstacle to progressive utopia, and we must TOLERATE non-western cultures and show respect for diversity, thereby doing everything possible to TEAR DOWN western culture. Objectively, a culture that could survive self- destruction and still rule over all other cultures, could only be possible among a race of Superpeople-- Which you MUST think progressives are (PROGRESSIVES ARE SUPER-IDEOLOGICAL RACISTS), but it is all fantasy, and HISTORY WILL PROVE THAT IS SO. The internal contradictions in your thinking will cause secularism to FAIL, you dig your own grave as imperialists.

You have said that "the muslims I know are nice and friendly", well there are many nice muslims. However, you never can be sure (takiya), and how many will jump on the bandwagon when they see the "hope" of the Caliphate, see the coming "change" of shariah, and then get swept up in the fervor of "yes we can!" You are too bourgeoisie to understand the masses of third world peoples, but as a member of the proletariat, I can.

PROGRESSIVES are busy creating an alienated, repressed proletariat amomg Native Europeans as their policies, create a society that is ever more decadent, bankrupt(financially), and dysfunctional, while muslims are busy building a global proletarian theocractic revolution to overthrow the Western Secular Imperialist Uber-Bourgeoisie; their motto is, "all peoples of the ummah, unite!

The drive for Shariah will get stronger in the coming years. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT CENTURY YOU ARE LIVING IN. This is NOT the 20th. Century (when the West dominated the world)this is the 21st Century, where other peoples of the world catch up (and pass, thanks to progressives) the West. Bruce Bawer is no right-winger, but at least he gets this correctly.

But anyway, instruct me, as a mere wage earner, how I am to celebrate the LIQUIDATION OF THE WESTERN SECULAR PROGRESSIVE CLASS BY THE non-western THEOCRATS IN THE COMING DECADES.