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Kosovo and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Fjordman just sent us the following compilation on Kosovo.

No going back for Kosovo, says US

US Vice-President Joe Biden has told Kosovo’s parliament its independence is “absolutely irreversible” and the only viable option for regional stability. “The success of an independent Kosovo is a priority for our administration,” Mr Biden said in a speech that received several standing ovations from MPs. Earlier, he received an enthusiastic welcome from crowds of ethnic Albanians in the capital, Pristina. However, the Serb minority said it was planning to hold anti-US protests. The US played a leading role in the Nato bombing campaign which expelled Serbian forces from Kosovo a decade ago.

Comment from Fjordman:

Mr. Biden and American authorities should read the work of the brilliant Serb American author Serge Trifkovic, for instance his book Defeating Jihad. They could also read my essay Why We Should Oppose an Independent Kosovo or the essay Fourteen Centuries of War Against European Civilization, which is included in my book Defeating Eurabia. Some other alternative views:
- - - - - - - - -
Serbia, Israel, and the Muslim Challenge, by Raphael Israeli

Palestine and Kosovo must be seen in the context of the third invasion of Islam into Europe. The first invasion in the 8th century had taken Europe by assault from the southwest, colonized the Iberian Peninsula and attempted to take over Gallic France until it was arrested by Charles Martel in 732. The Spanish reconquista which took centuries to reclaim that land, was not completed before the end of the 15th century, at the very same time that the second invasion of the Ottomans, this time from the south-east, swept through the Balkans and eventually made headway to the gates of Vienna. But that invasion, too, was finally repulsed. The retrieval of the lands once ruled by Islam (Andalusia, Palestine, the Balkans and Kashmir) is a matter of the highest priority from the Islamic point of view. Attacking India or the European Union by Islam outright is too risky. Therefore attention is centered on the easier targets of Palestine and the Balkans, with Andalusia, Sicily and Kashmir in the second stage. For the rest of Europe a new tactic of soft invasion, by immigration and demographic explosion, has already yielded impressive results: within one generation, 30 million Muslims have taken a foothold in Europe. The active help the disciples of the Prophet receive from the West in the Balkans is an Allah-sent bonus that they had never dreamt of. The declaration Kosovo’s ‘independence’ in early 2008, which was recognized by the United States and most West Europeans, has been the most dramatic manifestation of this Western capitulation in the face of Islamic aggression in the heart of Europe.

Here is a quote from Professor Raphael Israeli’s well-researched book The Islamic Challenge in Europe:

After the fall of Communism in Albania, the new regime recognized, in 1991, the self-declared Republic of Kosovo, and its head, Ibrahim Rugova, opened an office in Tirana. The disintegration of Yugoslavia by necessity revived the old dreams of the Greater Albania, which now eyed not only Kosovo, but also parts of Macedonia, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro where an Albanian population had settled over the years. The rising of Muslim consciousness in the Balkans, after the Bosnian precedent, and the spreading of the Izetbegovic doctrine, now acts as a catalyst to draw together, under the combined banners of Greater Albania and Islam, all the Albanian populations of that region. In 1992 Albania joined the Conference of Islamic Countries, and it has been working to attract support by other Islamic countries to the Greater Albania plan, actually presenting itself as “the shield of Islam” in the Balkans. It has been noted that while the Albanian demographic explosion in Kosovo, which has allowed them to predominate and demand secession, has not taken place in Albania itself, perhaps an indication, as in Palestine and Bosnia, that the ‘battle of the womb’ heralded by nationalists and Muslim fundamentalists, is not merely a natural growth but may be also politically motivated.


defender said...

Concur on the Trifkovik recommendation.

Serge T. fills in a lot of blind spots in the thinking about Kosovo and Serbia. He makes a pretty good case for arguing that perhaps we were on the wrong side of that war.

Anonymous said...

I love Trifkovic. He is absolutely amazing. But then again, quite a number of Serbs are ;-)

cand.jur. said...

Fjordman makes the erroneous assumption that Biden knows how to read. Biden is an airhead and by general consensus one of the most stupid men ever elected to the U.S. Senate, which is saying a lot. Fjordman makes the additional erroneous assumption that what Biden says is the result of a cognitive process. It is just as likely to be random blather. Anyone who feels queasy about the U.S. electorate's irresponsibility in electing the current occupant of the White House should be even queasier about Biden, to say nothing about the third person in line, the inimitable speakeress of the house of representatives

EscapeVelocity said...

Joe Biden is a moron.

That being said, I have been rethinking the late unpleasantness in the Balkans, somewhat.

Niko said...

American and British command, Italian airfields, European aircraft, German commandos, Turkish forward operators, fully cranked media propaganda and its the Islamic threat?!!

Look closer and you'll see the real threat is leftist liberalism and Islam is one of its many handmaidens.

PatriotUSA said...

The Serbs have not forgotten what the USA did years ago and I do not blame them one bit if they do protest. Trifkovic brings many positives to the table. Not a pleasant memory for the USA to look back as yes, we were on the wrong side in that conflict and the Serbs have been paying the price ever since.

Random blather, yes, this administration excels in random blather from President to "speaker" of the house. Blather, idiocy, arrogance and ignorance are what constitute the blather and that is when blather becomes extremely dangerous.

AlbKrist said...


Do you hate albanians?

What could you say about George Kastrioti Skanderbeg? Do you know about him and his history?

He is our National Hero, and we christians Albanians identify ourself with Him.

Czechmade said...

AlbKrist, your national hero is also claimed fiercely by the Greeks. Bring materials from both sides.

Slow ethnic cleansing of Serbs by Albanians prior to any news is described in:

Kosovo: How Myths and Truths Started a War by Julie A. Mertus

Detailed witnesses of Albanian behaviour. What is interesting is the way they do it even without mentioning islam explicitly. They know the technique, it is enough.

The whole method we see now applied in the Western cities...

Illyrian said...


(1) Well first of all you need to know that Gjergj Kastroti Skanderbag Is albanian, there are plenty of sources in the net that proves it. Secondly, you say that he is also claimed by greeks, but that's not strange since greeks also claim that Mother theresa is Greek ( she is albanian) & also Alexander the Great ( who was half illyrian (albanian & Macedonian).

Illyrian said...

(2) And kosovo has always belonged to albania, since the Illyrian Empire was spread from the northern balkan until Greece. Serbs slave came after from asia, they were christianized, way long after illyrian were ( battle with Rome).
Slaves came from asia & they installed themselves to Our lands and now you call Kosovo a Islamic radical Nation!!?
It's because of people like you that europe was always splitted. Albanian were the first to fight Turks for more then 300 years, but yeah it's easier to remind people bad thing they did in 1 day then good things they did in 300 years.

Illyrian said...

(3) Well, you haven't understood 1 thing.

Kosovo is Srbja , Srbja is Illyria & Illyria is Albania.

That's all...

don't try to change facts & history, serbs never had a history, just massacring people, young children old men & women & also violating girls... those things are easy to forget aren't they???

Illyrian said...

In case if you wouldn't agree with the fact that illyrian aren't albanians, then go & search "albanian dna" on google, you will see a study which was made in 1992 in ex-yougoslavia, that proves it ;)

Illyrian said...

You may regard Thracians, Illyrians and Dacians as one nation with one common ancestors the Pelasgians.
We were related the same way as were Wales, Irish and Scots due to their Celtic origin.
The direct survivors are the Albanians. However, there are also Rumanians who are considered direct ancestors of Dacians.
It is so fascinating to see how many words we have in common with them. These words are of Dacian/Illyrian origin. Take a look at these words:

Now i'm off

Illyrian said...
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Illyrian said...

one more info... :p

Baron Bodissey said...

Illyrian --

Gates of Vienna's rules about comments require that they be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum. Your comment violated the last of these rules. We keep a PG-13 blog, and exclude foul language, explicit descriptions, and epithets. This is why I deleted your comment.

I'm re-posting your comment with the obscenities redacted.


Illyrian said...

1st we are albanian, no matter christian or muslims ( which aren't really muslims because of the communist ideology that was long holden in our country) and secontly Skanderbeg is a National Hero, he doesn't belong much to me that it belongs to you...

Now i'm really off

Illyrian said...
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Baron Bodissey said...

Illyrian --

Please don't paste long URLs into the comments; they make the post page too wide and mess up the appearance of the permalink page.

Use link tags; the instructions are at the top of the full post's comment section.


Illyrian said

Ohyeah last comment.

Ancient greek is a mixt of an old albanian language with greek words.

. said...

I continue to be amazed how Fjordman, the Baron, Natalie, and all the anti-jihadists have been suckered by the Serbians into entering their side of what is nothing more than yet another chapter in a centuries-long Balkan tribal feud.

Michael Totten is a pretty sensible guy, and I would take his unbiased reporting of what is going on in Kosovo today over any Serbian apologist.

Are Seselj and Arkan your heroes now, Baron? How about you, Fjordman? Natalie, are these two of the Serbs you admire so much?

X said...

Ancient greek is a mixt of an old albanian language with greek words.Sorry, I need to read that again to see if I missed something.

Ancient greek is a mixt of an old albanian language with greek words.Speaking as an amateur linguist I can tell you that you are talking out or your patoot, my boy. Languages do not work that way.

My wife, who is a professional linguist with degrees in ancient languages and a PhD to her name tells me that... no wait, I can't tell you what she said because this is meant to be a family friendly site. Suffice to say, whilst Albanian might share some characteristics with ancient Greek (which isn't surprising given they're both indo-european languages) and share som vocab (again not surprising givin the long proximity of the two language groups and the commonly seen transfer of vocabulary through trade) it is NOT the language spoken by the ancient greeks and is more of a balto-slavic language with germanic elements to it. Not to mention, the grammar is completely different to ancient greek...

You can be proud of your heritage without making things up. Your willingness to swallow and disseminate falsehoods on this issue does, however, raise the possibility that more of what you've said is not entirely true.

mik said...

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

I continue to be amazed how Fjordman, the Baron, Natalie, and all the anti-jihadists have been suckered by the Serbians into entering their side of what is nothing more than yet another chapter in a centuries-long Balkan tribal feud.

Michael Totten is a pretty sensible guy, and I would take his unbiased reporting of what is going on in Kosovo today over any Serbian apologist.
I don't give a flying Monica Lewinsky about Balkan tribal feuds. They have to work it out themselves.

What is important to me is US-Serbia relations:
1. US and Serbs were on the same side in all major conflicts.
2. During WWII Serbs helped Allies by fighting Nazis and saving countless US and UK pilots.
3. Till Clinton's Wag the Dog War on Serbia, Serbs were one of the friendliest people towards USA.

Nothing of the kind can be said about Mohammedians in the region.

There was a conflict between white Christian people and dark Muslims. It is obvious that traitorous US elites would be on the side of Muslims, facts be damned.

Unknown said...


I like Michael Totten's writings but he is basically a tourist. His modus operandi is to show up in a country and find the lay of the land by talking to the locals. That is a good approach to reporting but it's only a beginning towards understanding the political situation in a country.

One of Totten's sources for his original Kosovo piece was "Xhabir Hamiti, a professor in the Islamic studies department at the University of Pristina". Why should the information provided by Totten's Islamic professor be considered more reliable than the reporting of Julia Gorin or Trifikovic?

Totten does have a set of biases - his pro-Iraqi, pro-"Kosovar" and pro-moderate Taliban (i.e. Hamid Karzai, an ex-talib) stances are all of a piece with his natural patriotism. This is a normal, healthy outlook on affairs which I don't hold against him but it is a bias. If U.S. policymakers were pro-Serb and anti-Albanian then I think Totten would be pro-Serb and anti-Albanian.

A telling exchange between Totten and Thomas Ricks (the author of Fiasco) was recorded in an article linked in the GoV news feed a few weeks ago, The Dissident's War:

MJT: They weren’t real allies of Al Qaeda, though. You know how it is over there. They were being paid by Al Qaeda, so we just paid them a little bit more.

Ricks: Yes. I think it was a good idea.

MJT: I do, too. But saying we put the Sunni insurgency on the payroll makes it sound more cynical than it was. It’s not like we put [Al Qaeda in Iraq founder Abu Musab al] Zarqawi on the payroll. We put the moderate, more flexible ones on the payroll.

Ricks: Oh, bullsh**. We had guys on the payroll who cut off heads, who had killed American soldiers.

Totten's desire to downplay the savagery of the ex-Al Qaeda men who switched to the Coalition column for whatever reason is understandable. The slightly dodgy yet pragmatical compromises that every nation must engage in causes a twinge of pain in the heart of the genuine patriot.

My own thoughts on the subject is that the Blair-led U.S. coalition (read Blair's Wars) should never have gotten involved in that particular "Balkan tribal feud" in the first place. If the Baron, Fjordman and Natalie's pro-Serbian stance is absurd then how is Blair, Clinton and Bush's pro-Albanian stance any less absurd?

Incidentially Mother Theresa was apparently an Albanian irredentist, at least if Christopher Hitchens is to be believed.

Niko said...

George Kastrioti Skanderbeg's brother is buried in a Serb monastery on Mt. Athos. Linguistically Albanians are closest related to Romanian (pre Latinization).

A large portion of Albanians have Serbian heritage and vice versa. Illyrians are the common heritage of all the Balkans and were absorbed by all the Western Balkan peoples.

Chauvinism is the enemy of mankind.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my dear ex-Gordon, I am rather fond of those two Serbs. And I am even more fond of Radovan Karadzic. Karadzic is one of my favourite people.

Czechmade said...

Totten is horrible when reporting about Kosovo, Serbia, Georgia.

But still the Miloshevich guys were communists. I do not understand fully Youg. communism, but it was not funny. Proportionally more communists came from Monte Negro.

The Serbian communists were strong enough to delay the changes. It is a pity: forgotten by all - pro-Serbian or anti-Serbian advocates.

AlbKrist said...

Czechmade, i`m not going to discus the origin of Skanderbeg with nobody! He is claimed by serbs and greeks also! But i don`t know any Serb or Greek Catholic at all! Not Serbs nor Greeks are catholic, like Skanderbeg was. This is a simple fact like many and many others!
This facts are for the ill minds of those people that believe such Bullsh***, but for the realistic people we have other kind of information about him.

Did you know?

Skenderbeu's helmet is inscribed with the letters:
* IN * PE * RA * TO * RE * BT *,
which means: Jhezus Nazarenus * Principi Emathie * Regi Albaniae * Terrori Osmanorum * Regi Epirotarum * Benedictat Te
(Jesus Nazarene Blesses Thee [Skanderbeg], Prince of Mat, King of Albania, Terror of the Ottomans, King of Epirus).

We share this kind of information.

Another thing for you all!

What you think about Christians in Albania?? Do they deserve such treatment from you, insulting, and stuff like that?
FYI, we are more religious as many of you all put together, cause we protected our faith as well as our identity for 500 years under the ottoman terror!!