Saturday, May 09, 2009

Geert Pines for Blighty

Back in February, Geert Wilders was detained and then sent home when he attempted to enter the UK, after being invited by Lord Pearson to show Fitna and speak in the House of Lords.

Since then Mr. Wilders has pursued a legal appeal against the British government, and he is determined to be present in person in Britain when his case appears in court. Here’s the latest from Het Vrije Volk, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Wilders still wants to go to England

PVV leader Geert Wilders has indicated that he will again try to enter England.

The PVV leader said this yesterday after he had been informed that his appeal against the earlier refusal of British authorities to allow access to him will be presented in court in London next July 9. “I per se want to be there myself, to be able to defend myself together with a British lawyer,” Wilders said. In February, after the Dutch government put forth no more than some dutiful charivari, the PVV leader asked the Dutch Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende to make a call to his British colleague Gordon Brown and insist on allowing access to him on July 9, to give him the opportunity to defend himself in the proceedings, together with his British lawyer.

Questions from the Member of Parliament Geert Wilders to the Prime Minister:
- - - - - - - - -
1) Are you familiar with my appeal against the decision of the British Government to deny access to me, which will be held this July 9 in court in London?
2) Do you share my view that I should be able to attend this court session? If not, why not?
3) Are you prepared in the short term to insist that your British colleague Brown to grant access to me on July 9 to allow me the opportunity to defend myself with my British lawyer in these proceedings? If not, why not?
4) Are you prepared to answer these questions before next Tuesday 12.00 o’clock? (May 12)


Fjordman said...

I get a headache reading the news from Britain these days. Does anybody have some good news for a change?

Cyrus said...

It would appear that Shakespeare had it turns out everything is rotten in Britain.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

The great bard would be rolling in his grave if he could see Britain of today 400 years later. No, I'll take that back. He would be spinning like a fan.

Winston the Smithy said...


Love the optimism here people!

Can I just make many of you remember that:

1. The MSM is told by the government, controlled by Brussels, controlled by the UN, controlled by the OIC, what to say.

2. We are not rotten, far from it.

3. There is a fightback but do you really think that the MSM is going to print it?
Do you for one minute think that the headlines in the MSM is going to be "Britain on its way to Islamisation by Islam and it will be an Islamic State by 2050, thanks to demographics"?

4. We are not all dhimmis thank you very much, but then what do you expect when the people are being lied to by their governments and the MSM and haven't got a bloody clue what's going on?

5. Don't ever write Britain off, especially the Europeans, you have your own problems too and many European countries by the look of things are well ahead on the Islamisation race than the UK.

Britain is not going down the plughole. There is a change but the MSM cannot publish just what's happening yet or else the UK will turn into former Yugoslavia and the blood toll would be massive amongst the ethnic(Muslim/Asia) minority.

filthykafir said...

Well said, Winston; thanks for the uplift.

AND: Wouldn't it be ever so delicious if Geert could compel testimony from Jacqui Smith on July 9. Reserve my copy of the video. said...

Cyrus actually the Bard had it exactly right:

Hamlet. Act V scene I

Ay, marry, why was he sent into England?

First Clown
Why, because he was mad: he shall recover his wits
there; or, if he do not, it’s no great matter there.


First Clown
‘Twill, a not be seen in him there; there the men
are as mad as he.

babs said...

I will be surprised is Ms. Smith allows Mr. Wilders to come to London to defend himself. She really uped the ante last week by making public her "enemies list" with I think 6 names not released. Unless the gov't wants to send her packing, which would certainly be all right with me, this will be an untenible request to now allow Mr. Wilders in the country.
Anyway, haven't you heard of video conferencing?