Saturday, May 09, 2009

Antifa Turns Out in Force in Cologne

The first MSM article I encountered about today’s events in Cologne came from the English-language version of Deutsche Welle. Notice its emphasis on the counter-demonstrators rather than the Anti-Islamization Congress itself. You’ll also observe that the opinions of two representative sources of elite opinion — the mayor and a Green Party apparatchik — are given prominence, so that the “anti-fascist” narrative becomes the dominant one delivered to the public.

And, judging by the photograph, the Antifas (AFA, Anti-Fascistische Aktion) were prominent in today’s counter-demonstration, just as they were last September:

Demonstrators Protest Against Anti-Islam Rally in Cologne

Anti-Pro-Köln demonstratorsPolice in Cologne say about 1,600 people have protested peacefully against racism and a controversial “anti-Islam” rally held by right-wing groups that oppose the building of a large new mosque in the city.

Hundreds of left-wingers and members of church groups, trade unions and the Green party held a demonstration in Cologne to counter an “anti-Islam” rally organized by two rightist groups.

“Today we’re sending a signal that democrats stand united against right-wing radicalism, racism and agitation,” said Reinhard Bütikofer, former head of the Green party, who took part in the rally in downtown Cologne.

Cologne Mayor Fritz Schramma said the peaceful protests by residents on Saturday showed that the city is “open and tolerant.” He also said Cologne was “committed when it comes to defending these values.”

Security was tight as more than 5,000 police officers, outfitted with water cannons and riot gear, cordoned off the square where the “anti-Islam” demonstration took place. The authorities were concerned that there could be clashes between the two sides, as has frequently been the case in the past.

Cologne police had banned the right-wing groups from holding a high-profile demonstration in front of the Cologne cathedral in the city center and instead allowed them to assemble at another, more obscure, square in the Deutz district.

Police say there were about 300 people at the right-wing “Pro Koeln” and “Pro NRW” rally.

Notice the discrepancy in numbers between this version and the first-hand report I posted earlier today. The media would like readers to believe that Pro-Köln is a pathetic and insignificant political force, 300 versus the 1,600 “anti-fascists”.

What’s more, the number of police is more than twice the number of demonstrators and counter-demonstrators combined.

The article continues:
- - - - - - - - -
The groups, which are campaigning against the building of a large new mosque in the city, held a larger rally last September which was joined by members of nationalist parties elsewhere in Europe. That protest sparked violent clashes and rioting by far-left demonstrators.

The two anti-Islam groups are opposed to the building of mosques and what they see as an influx of Moslem immigration into Germany.

Mayor Schramma vowed that the forthcoming national elections in September would not be used to exploit ethnic or religious tensions.

There will be no “sordid election campaign on the back of our foreign fellow citizens,” he said.

“…our foreign fellow citizens.”

Does nobody notice the contradiction in terms here?

Foreigners cannot also be our “fellow citizens”. Fellow citizens are those who were born in the our country, or have truly assimilated to it and have accepted its values, so that they are no longer foreign.

But “our foreign fellow citizens” are not assimilated. As reported earlier today, 71% of German Muslims remain faithful to their countries of origin. They are not loyal to Germany and traditional German values. They do not enrich the country with their diversity.

It makes you want to grab these clueless politicians by the lapels and shake some sense into them.

The political deck is stacked against Pro-Köln and ordinary German citizens. It’s hard to see how they can escape the smothering blanket of political correctness that has covered them for the last few decades.


Unknown said...

Come on, the "deck is stacked" because Pro-Köln has no support in the local area for its actions. And it has no support precisely because it is a attempt at making the fascists look legal. And everybody can see it, except for fanatics who fear Eurabia and so are willing to sell out their decency and humanity in order to get some big boys to play with. Notice that AntiFa doesnt usually show up unless there are actual fascists present. The only time Siad in Denmark got attacked physically was when they employed Blood and Honour guards. By supporting the Pro Köln crowd, you have crossed the line, as Charles Johnason points out.

Im a fellow countryman of Fjordman. We remember the nazis.

Homophobic Horse said...
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Homophobic Horse said...

Did you ever even look at those links fnord?

Here the best ones.

Victory without swords in Europe and What there is to fear about Eurabia.

That last link is most important. It shows the wonderful EU, that brilliant creation that will end all war forever, has about the same relation to Hamas as the Sudanese government has to the Janjaweed militia.

Let us not forget the Euro-fascist Pro-Köln group

Homophobic Horse said...

"There they stand, the Dutch with their completely justified and without doubt noble striving to dissociate themselves as far away as possible from Hitler's ideology. Completely blind to the fact that their path circles back to the other end at the Jews (with all due respect). The poor devils continue to misunderstand that a choice isn't necessarily between the Nazis or the Jews, predator or prey, oppressor or victim, but that there is an alternative, a third road, which is save yourself and guarantee the continuance of your own culture and your own country. It's simply this one, tiny misunderstanding, that will make the Dutch go down in history as the people who thought so deeply about a nightmare from the past that they ended up becoming that nightmare."

- Mohammed Rasoel

De ondergang van Nederland, a published in 1992, banned by the authorities, on the grounds that it was "racist". The author was a Pakistani. Read it here and JOIN US JOIN US

Dave said...

The problem here, is that the leftist anti-fascists don't seem to be-able comprehend, is that the Islamists hate their guts and when they have finally become the majority rule, they will introduce sharia law, one of the, if not the most fanatically fascist ideologies on the face of the earth with absolutely NO tolerance for anything other than Islam. I wonder how well they will be-able to practice leftist ideology under that regime?

If it wasn't so serious, I'd laugh. :|

Fjordman said...

fnord: Velkommen. Alltid hyggelig med andre nordmenn her, om du ikke bløffer, da. Kanskje du lærer noe.

You don't remember the Nazis. The Nazis of today are people like Hamas and Hizbollah, you know, the best buddies of you Leftists. Norwegian left-wing newspaper Dagbladet for instance made common cause with German neo-Nazis in favor of the mega-mosque in Cologne.

Dave said...

That is the biggest irony of all, that the leftists are fighting against the nationalists, in order to defend a fascist ideology. I think the leftists need to understand and identify who the real enemy is here.

I can guarantee one thing for certain, if Islam takes hold, they wont be able to practice leftists ideologies any more, that's for bloody sure.

Unknown said...

Nåh, den berømte Fjordmann. "Det finnes ingen moderate muslimer"?

Fjordmans position, that there are no moderate muslims, is directly counterproductive to the cause of fighting the real fascists among the takfiri islamists. I read quite a bit of military blogs with people who are actually in Iraq and Afghanistan and have to deal with muslims every day, and that point of view is anathema to them. You just ahve to work in a kindergarden or school in Oslo for a wek to disprove such views.

As for Pro-Köln, you just need to see the people it attracts to see that it is not the basis for any sane political praxis: Its a way for the participants to don the martyrs cape to get credpoints in their own little echo-chamber. The right wing post Obama is marginalizing itself so fast its amazing.

Fjordman said...

fnord: Well, as most sensible people know by now, there may be moderate Muslims but there is no moderate Islam. Moderate Muslims may either lie, which is unfortunately common, or they may turn "immoderate" tomorrow. The few moderates still remaining after this will be easily crushed. In the big picture, they are irrelevant. The main problem lies with the Koran and Islamic texts, and they can't be changed.

Homophobic Horse said...

The epistemological screw-up comes when it is thought that existence of politically and socially passive Muslims means that Islam is also socially and politically passive. Like Buddhism.

"Moderate Muslims may either lie, which is unfortunately common, or they may turn "immoderate" tomorrow. "

This is true. One name: Lord Ahmed.

Unknown said...

We can attempt to discern the views of Muslims who do not engage in violence, who are called "moderate" though I've seen little evidence that they call themselves "moderate", by examining what they esteem:

American Muslims Name School after Islamic Conqueror of SpainIncidentially there was a pro-Islam television documentary narrated by Boris Johnson (the Mayor of London) on the BBC a few months ago concerning Islamic Spain.

Apparently one of the Islamic conquerors of Spain stood on its Western shore looking out to the (then undiscovered) Americas and famously proclaimed "If I could reach thee, I would conquer thee".

What a pity the Muslims were driven out of multicultural Spain and it fell to the infidel Christopher Columbus to set out for the unchartered territories in their stead.

Czechmade said...


"the takfiri islamists" - yes, this is a verbal attempt to cut off those who look most ugly.

But those "takfiri islamists" conquered the world and without them you would hardly hear of any "muslims" on your TV channel.

And Mohammad was clearly one of them.

So you say Mohammad was "takfiri islamist"? That is more than silly.

Who are the "muslims" then? The two, three guys behind Sven Mohammad Kalisch maybe?

But I agree with you that I see no reason recycling people who spent some time with Schoenhubers Republikaner. These people are professionals, moving fast and exploiting our agendas, but in long term they will sow some unbearable seeds splitting us again, making us look like idiots.

We are many, with little patience we can build our own basis devoid of any recycled political folk.

Félicie said...

The accusation of naziism are never followed by any substance. When we ask for substance, we get one or two lame examples. When we debunk these examples, we don't get any acknowledgement or retraction but some more examples of the same order. What is the best evidence against Pro-Köln so far? One pro-Palestine leaflet of unknown provenance? And we are supposed to take this seriously, when on the other side we have islam, Western governments, NGOs, and multinational corporations - all banding together in order to destroy Western civilization, Israel, and European people? I am still laughing every time I stick my head out of my window and see the Celtic Cross on the old church across the street. Ooh, those Lutheran neonazis. :LOL:

Czechmade said...

For me is "substance" for ex. if they got National Party (Národní strana) invited from Czech Rep. with their leader Petra Edelmannová.

I am not digging for "nazis", I just find them more than stupid and boring. Absolutely disabled, unable to run any sound - cultured - civilized agenda.

I do not even care whether complete idiots find themselves on the right or on the left. I want simply run away from them or die.

I gave my warnings here about Haider (Saddam and young Qaddafi breathing on his neck) or FPO. But the Czech NS is even more idiotic.

I see no reason in assisting people deep under my sense of dignity in anything. I guess there are millions far better than them.
Please organize yourselves.

Félicie said...

" their leader Petra Edelmannová"

What has she done?

Félicie said...

P.S. "Edelmann + ova" sounds like a Jewish name. Can she be neo-nazi?

Czechmade said...

I do not discuss whether they are nazis, it is a joke, few people (secret number of members) probably 10 (?) and simplistic actions to appear in the media and no will to get more members.

Her name is Jewish, but it means nothing in our secular society and mixed ethnicity.

It could be a business project or provocation as well. It proves how superficial are those in Koeln to invite them, they get access to UK as well.

There is a new party perfectly fitting Barons standards headed by real Jewish-Czech cultured person.
Try googling "Benjamin Kuras", he writes in English as well.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Dave:"The problem here, is that the leftist anti-fascists don't seem to be-able comprehend, is that the Islamists hate their guts and when they have finally become the majority rule, they will introduce sharia law, one of the, if not the most fanatically fascist ideologies on the face of the earth with absolutely NO tolerance for anything other than Islam. I wonder how well they will be-able to practice leftist ideology under that regime?"
No, they are blind to see that their allies will kill them in the end game that will eventually come to pass. No, there will be no leftism under sharia what so ever. Either they have to comply to submit to islam or die. What their eventual choce might be I have no clue about. Since many of them are cowards, maybe they will submit to allah just to save their own hides...

Fjordman & fnord: Har ni surströmming i Norge med? Är skåning själv så jag har sluppit konfronteras med det hehe...

Profitsbeard said...

"Anti-fascists" defending uber-fascists (Islamic imperialistic theocratic tyrants).

Can't get much damned dumber than this.

Dante needs a need circle of Hell for this level of World-Historical Moron.

The self-eviscerating hectoring clown.

laine said...

What leftists have in common with Islamists is their love of totalitarianism; the particular variety doesn't seem to matter to them much. The only reason they parade against fascism, another of their own inventions, is that they've succeeded in manipulating public perception and pinning it onto the right.

I'm leaning away from leftists being so stupid that they think having used Muslims as their battering ram to finish the sappers' job on all Western institutions, the Arabs will pack their tents and steal away. More likely the Left is swooning to don tents (in the case of socialist women) and all the other sharia precepts in some sick masochism. They may actually want to be raped and/or become baby factories for non-white races out of guilt for their undeserved riches? Harlequin romances are full of semi-rape sexual scenarios. Perhaps leftist gays think they'll be largely and secretly humored in a society that rations male access to females except for the occasional unlucky homosexual hoisted onto a crane for appearances' sake, like a ritual virgin sacrificed to propitiate other ancient gods? The atheists are a true puzzle though. How do they imagine they can continue despising religion when they have to appear at the mosque five times a day?

Guess the magical thinking that prevents leftist heads from exploding from their own incoherence will paper over the few minor differences they have with Islamists LOL.

Czechmade said...

"What leftists have in common with Islamists is their love of totalitarianism"

Of course, a love/hate affair.

Are you totalitarian? Are you mentally handicapped? Welcome in our club!

Unknown said...

Its quite funny to read your local eccochamber, sirs. Good luck with paranoia.You folks are lost in the fog of totalitarianism. I work with muslims every day. A few are crazy, but most are ok.

Watching Eagle said...

Secularist elite's horrendous overconfidence is their great weakness.
Secularist elites of today cannot understand that their decisions can (and will) drastically change the world from its current (supposedly) western dominated norm. Multiculturalism fuels the conquest of the West at least as much as anything muslim "radicals" can do. However, I would like secularists to tell me how they feel about a bona-fide THEOCRACY ruling in the West in the 21st. Century (with many ideas borrowed from the Mosaic Torah to boot). Perhaps their pathological ethnocentric bias precludes them from seeing Holland and Sweden as THEOCRACIES by 2050.

But it doesn't mean it won't happen.

Målmannen said...


I am also a fellow countryman of Fjordman, and unlike you I have been at both the Pro Köln congresses. This is not a fascist group, they are citizens concerned about the islamization of their city, and it is a fully legitimate concern.

The 9 mai public meeting was a great event that will go into history as the day europeans stood up and said NO to more islamization of their countries.

But what about you, fnord? I click at your profile and come to a blog called "Krigsropet", which is being presented as "an attempt to bring correct information about military and other subjects seen from a left-wing radical point of view, espacially emphasizing the war in Afghanistan" (in Norwegian language, "Et forsøk på å bringe saklig informasjon om militære og andre emner fra et venstre-radikalt ståsted, med spesiell vektlegging på krigen i Afghanistan").

Well, a left-wing radical calling Pro Köln fascist? What else could a left-wing radical ever call them?

Målmannen said...


Since you can read Norwegian, please find my report here: