Saturday, May 30, 2009

Islamic Crusades 7: India’s Modern Struggle

Occidental Soapbox has posted the latest installment in the Islamic Crusade series. “India’s Modern Struggle” focuses on the history of jihad in India and Pakistan:

For source links and a transcript, visit the post at Occidental Soapbox.

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M. Simon said...

Two things:

You need to get rid of the blogspot blob on your tab. Here is how:

Making A FaviconSecond I have given you a H/T for posting the video:

Islamic Crusades - British Rule Of India

Irish Tory said...

No such thing as islamic 'crusade', there is only islamic jihad, crusade obviously refers to the Cross, this is a Christian symbol.

Abraham said...

I chose to call this "Islamic Crusades" because thanks to the Western media/education establishment the Crusades have taken on a universally negative connotation, just like "colonialism" and "imperialism." Meanwhile they call jihad an "inner struggle to better oneself." I'm using the lexicon that we unfortunately find ourselves with in the post-modern West to reach out to fence-sitters who might scoff at the notion of "jihad."