Friday, May 29, 2009

The Changing of the Rosenguard

While we were in Malmö the day before the meeting in Copenhagen, a member of our safari took the opportunity to interview some of the police who stood watch at the Shell station at the entrance to Herrgården, just as the shift was changing.

Thanks to Tundra Tabloids and Vlad Tepes for this video production:

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Notice how assiduously the police avoid any characterization of the “youths” who set fire to dumpsters and tires. They are obviously under instructions not to refer to immigrants or Muslims. Each officer knows that he would face discipline and possibly lose his job if he strays very far from the well-marked pathways of political correctness.

The police maintain that some of the criminal “youths” are Swedish. But how many? What proportion of the miscreants consists of “persons of Swedish background”?

No official statistics are available, but one must assume their numbers are vanishingly small.


costin said...

Poor guys! That's not a normal society where you cannot say something that everybody know already. They are forced to hide something that cannot be hidden anyway.
I see similarities with Ceausescu's Romania, in which everybody knew that the president was the biggest evil idiot and that the communists were criminal, but you could only talk about this among close friends. Sometimes I think that politically correctness is even more dangerous and degrading than just hard-in-your-face-totalitarianism. And i think this because I remember when I was talking with a Belgian friend, or better said, trying to talk with him about Muslim immigration in Belgium, he was telling me that this is a NO-NO subject. Even between close friends if somebody says something about Muslims, everybody gets silent and tries to change the subject. It was not like this in Ceausescu's Romania, at least between close friends people would speak their minds.

These policemen have their hands ties, its obvious.

Juvenal said...

"Some are Swedish, some are not."

Meaning, I suppose, that some of the people causing the trouble were born in Sweden, to immigrant parents, and some are immigrants themselves?

At any rate, that was some deft dodging of a simple question: "Are they Swedish?" I wonder what the "youths'" answer to whether they are of Swedish heritage would be?

babs said...

"They are just people. They don't have anything to do."

I've got two words:

Chain Gang

Chris Tomlinson said...

These policemen seem like nice people while in Canada and the US the police tend to be rude and crass to anyone who tries to talk to them.

It's a shame they've been put in such a position where they can't even say who is responsible because they have no idea if your camera is part of some undercover TV show to "expose racism" so they have to be careful to be politically correct.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Costin, yesterday I read some posts on the swedish forum Exilen. This guy claimed to have contacts within the police force itself. He says just a few are soft in reality but that most of them supports the ordinary swede and thinks like them. He insinuated that if their hands could be untied, they would certainly take off the kid gloves and beat the crap out of the thugs. We live in interesting times. He insinuated that things could really happen any day soon. We only have to wait and see.

Abu Abdullah said...

This post has been incorporated into my updated map.