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Counterjihad Copenhagen, Part 1: A Safari to Malmö

Counterjihad Copenhagen 2009

I have so much material on my trip to Scandinavia that it will have to be broken up into several reports. The lengthy descriptive accounts will come later; tonight’s post will feature a travelogue with selected photos.


The royal yacht 1I arrived in Denmark a couple of days early. It gave me a chance to overcome my jet lag, and I took the opportunity to see the sights of Copenhagen. I’ll only use a few photos here; the rest will have to wait for another time.

Acting like a tourist for a change, I took a sightseeing boat tour of the harbor and the canals.

One of the more memorable sights was the royal yacht, which was being outfitted for the summer season. Queen Margrethe and her family use it to stay in contact with their subjects by visiting various ports and islands around the kingdom.

The royal yacht 2A pair of workman were cleaning, repairing, or painting the bow of the ship. One of them was straddling the bowsprit from above, and the other was clinging to it from below, supported only by a rope below him.

It was not a warm day, and I wouldn’t have had his job for anything.

On Friday, some of the meeting’s participants arrived early and took the train to Malmö to see what all the fuss was about. With the help of our Swedish contacts, we embarked on a safari that included the most important sights of the city.

One of the first things I noticed was a campaign sign featuring Mona Sahlin:

Malmö: Campaign sign with Mona Sahlin

Ms. Sahlin is well-known to regular Gates of Vienna readers as a hijab-wearing Certified F**ker, not to mention one of Sweden’s most ardent spokescreatures for Multiculturalism. She is also a leader of the Social Democrats, and may become the next prime minister of Sweden if the SocDems regain power next year.

We passed through some normal-looking suburban areas before taking the turn for Rosengård.

Malmö: Rosengård sign

Malmö: YouthsRosengård is a large district with a number of neighborhoods and housing projects, some of which are notorious for their riotous and incendiary “youths”.

Youths were much in evidence, but since we toured the area during the daytime, they were restrained in their behavior. Life in Rosengård is relatively sedate until the sun goes down and the night is illuminated by the golden glow of gently burning tires and dumpsters.

Malmö: The suicide balconiesAmong the other famous sights of Rosengård are the “suicide balconies” of the apartment buildings. Festooned with satellite dishes, they are the scenes of recurrent tragedies: from the balcony railings young girls frequently and mysteriously fall or hurl themselves, often to their deaths.

From there we paid a visit Rosengård Centrum, a shopping center on an overpass that straddles a major traffic artery:
- - - - - - - - -
Malmö: City Gross

Adjacent to the Rosengård Centrum parking lot is a take-away restaurant, specializing in falafel, pizza, kebab, and other traditional Swedish delicacies.

Malmö: Falafel take-away

Malmö women in hijabRosengård Centrum itself is a very culturally-enriched commercial establishment, but it is not uniform in its enrichment.

The northern section (“City Gross”) is a large store in which “persons of Swedish background” work and shop in addition to a modest number of Muslims. But the southern half (“Lidl”) is almost totally halal, a souk transplanted to Skåne from North Africa or the Arabian Peninsula.

Malmö: Arab storeInside the southern entrance the discriminating shopper will find a selection of Arab shops, restaurants, and other businesses.

A clothing store makes an offer to bargain-hungry customers: “Buy a Hijab and Get a Free Present”.

The advertising signs on the window of one establishment are entirely in Arabic.

Malmö: Arab hairdresserThe signs outside a hairdressing salon are also in Arabic. Notice that the smartly-coiffed models in the pictures on the window show only women in hijab, with the advertised hairstyles covered up by veils. How can a discerning customer be certain of what hair-do she will get?

Just beyond Rosengård Centrum is the Herrgården housing estate, which consists of several high-rise buildings and a number of garden apartments along Ramels Väg.

Malmö: Herrgården sign 1Visitors to Herrgården are greeted by a sign with the name of the estate presented in mock-Arabic script.

Just think of the implications: the municipal authorities of Malmö paid a professional agency to design and construct a sign which says, in effect, “This neighborhood is for Muslims ONLY.”

(Thanks to Aeneas for these two photos)

Malmö: Herrgården sign 2
Herrgården is the site of the infamous nightly arson attacks, in which “youths” set fire to dumpsters, tires, and the occasional rental trailer from the nearby Shell station.

Malmö: Herrgården police

We drove up and parked by the Shell station, which stands at the junction of Ramels Väg and the main road. A large police presence was there, with several parked police cars and a number of officers just standing around their vehicles — presumably waiting for sundown and the nightly inferno.

The fire-damaged dumpsters are across the road from the gas station:

Malmö: Herrgården dumpsters

In the middle of the street are scars from the tire fires. We could see puddles of melted metal (possibly aluminum from the trailers) left over from the burning of other objects.

Malmö: Herrgården melted metal

The place was quiet and calm, although groups of men in cars pulled up and kept an eye on us as we wandered around.

After we left Herrgården we went to look at the famous Jihad Driving School:

Malmö: Jihad driving school

To be completely accurate, the “Jihad” in “Jihadskörkorts” is the genitive (possessive) case, and presumably refers to the name of the proprietor. That is, it says “Jihad’s Driving School”.

But it’s still amusing.

Next we paid a visit to Malmö Mosque, which was all but deserted:

Malmö mosque

The mosque is far away from the Muslim housing estates in Rosengård. According to our Swedish guide, most of Rosengård’s Muslims worship at the “basement mosques”, and not the fancy one with the minarets paid for by Saudi money.

But there it stands, anyway: an assertion of political supremacy, claiming for the Ummah with its dome and minarets the sacred territory of Rosengård.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

After we left the mosque in Malmö, we drove a few miles up the road to visit the ancient and beautiful city of Lund, where the lilacs behind the cathedral were in full bloom:

Lund University: Lilacs

Lund University: TowerOur guide led us on a tour of the old town and the University, and we finished up by having a very haram dinner at an old restaurant just south of the Cathedral.

It was quite late by the time our group straggled back to the railway station in Malmö and took the return train to Copenhagen, where the hardiest among us gathered in the bar at the hotel for a nightcap.

Next: The Counterjihad Workshops


babs said...

Thank you Baron (and D) I so appreciate your being my ambassador to these events. I count on this site for translations and first hand accounts.
Thank you so much for attending this conf. or workshop or whatever they are calling it.
I look forward to a full recording of the conf. Your pix are fantastic so far but, having read the "A Capital of Erabia is Rotterdam" I wonder if you had the time to really delve into the communities that have really "changed."

Elisabeth said...

Babs, what language do you translate into?


Probabely we will never meet -- why should we -- of course I know I am nowdays in your bad graces -- but comically we were during your short visit to Lund physically only 3000 yards apart!
You had the good taste to visit Lund in the particularely enjoyable part of pre-summer that in Swedish is called mellan hägg och syren meaning between the flowering of the birds-cherry and the lilac. As I guess the number of pictures from Lund you brought back to the New Continent are sparse and some of your readers, at least babs, might be interested in what Lund looks like, I have put together a collection of pictures from last automn taken on a Sunday morning at 0600 when I was walking my then two dogs. Guarantee for no pictures with muslim connection!
Your fan & allied, formerly known as LN.

Conservative Swede said...

Baron wrote:
To be completely accurate, the “Jihad” in “Jihadskörkorts” is the genitive (possessive) case.

No it's not, actually. Then it would have said "Jihads körkortsteori". If it's written together it's never genitive. Instead the letter 's' is used as a glue in Swedish when three or more words are put together into one word. E.g. fotbollsplan (football field). Compare e.g bilparkering (two words, no 's') with lastbilsparkering (three words, with 's' as glue).

The Danes even seem to apply it when only two words are put together, which is why they say Sverigesdemokraterne rather than Sverigedemokraterna.

Nevertheless, "jihadskörkortsteori" is bad Swedish, because we won't use two gluing 's' here.

babs said...

Elisabeth, I don't translate any languages. I can barely read French. What I wanted to say is how appreciative I am to the many translators that contribute to this site because we English speakers get information that would not be available to us without them.

Anti-I, Thank you for the pix. I am quite the arm chair traveler.


An easier explanation is probabely that Mr Jihad hopefully has less instinct for orthography and typography than he has for teaching driving: PRIVAT LEKTIONER at the top should have been ONE word;
JIHADSKÖRKORTSTEORI should have been two words: JIHADS KÖRKORTSTEORI = JIHAD'S DRIVINGTHEORY. Also the two dots at the bottom give a lost impression!

Baron Bodissey said...

CS, thanks for the correction.

I was repeating what the Anti-Islamist told me a year or two ago when I posted a photo of the Jihad Driving School. He wanted to make sure that I didn't mislead our readers.

Which is what I still don't want to do. So you Swedes can discuss it among yourselves until you reach a consensus: is "Jihad" the name of the guy who runs the driving school?

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Since muslims in my country are notorious for being real bad drivers one might wonder if the sole purpose is to drive over kuffars basically. I assume the visit to Lund was the more pleasant of the two as it is not as islamized as Malmö. I can imagine that Lundagård is beautiful this time of year. Too bad I didn't know you where going here since there are a few places I could have recommended. In Lundagård there is the part outdoors museum Kulturen, well worth a visit. Also in the outskirts of Lund in the park of St Lars there is a museum of medical history also worth a visit. I hope you went inside the cathedral to see the astronomical clock and the crypt. They're pretty cool. In Malmö on the other hand I don't know. Perhaps Malmöhus the castle and the record store Folk & Rock. Aside from that I don't know. Turning Torso is probably easy to spot from anywhere around Malmö anyway. Aside from that our cultural enrichers has managed to spoil most of the city. In Copenhagen there is Glyptoteket. A museum so big you could spend a whole day there and still miss a few things. The two fun parks Tivoli and Bakken are both nice. Christiania is also worth a visit, no matter if you're a pot smoker or not. In Helsingör there is Kronborg, the castle of both Holger Danske and Hamlet. Outside of Helsingör there is Lousiana, the museum of modern art. Beautifully located by the seaside it is piece of art in itself. Especially beautiful at this time of year.

costin said...


I am planning a trip in Scandinavia, and one of the big attractions will be the heavily islamised areas of Malmo and such in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. I want to go alone for about 2 weeks on a train trip in Northen Europe. Do you have any advice?

P.S. I loved your pictures. I waiting with interest for more pictures and accounts from your trip.

talnik said...

This question might be a little off and I wouldn't fault you for deleting it, but I saw a sign for a Seven-Eleven "quickie mart" in one of your pictures.
Did you happen to notice if that Seven-Eleven was owned by a Pakastani?

Baron Bodissey said...

Talnik --

Nothing off about that.

There were 7-11s everywhere, and I didn't notice anything particular about that one. But all the businesses in the "halal" section were run by "New Swedes", I think.

Maybe some of our readers from South Sweden can answer your question.

Charlemagne said...


I believe it is inevitable that at least one country will succumb to Islam and it may well be Sweden. When this happens, what impact do you think this will have on the rest of Europe> El Ingles is always discussing discontinuities and I believe the takeover of a country by Islamists wold qualify as a non-electoral discontinuity.

Baron Bodissey said...


That's a difficult question, and it's really too early to say. I'm still in the data-gathering mode -- and probably will be right up until the moment the star and crescent fly over Whitehall or the Rådhuset in Stockholm.

But one thing is certain: these events will not proceed linearly. Things will not continue indefinitely on their present trajectory.

The Swedes or the Dutch may suddenly become very efficient and effective at de-Islamizing their countries.

It will take something really nasty to make that happen, though. That's what El Ingles is referring to when he mentions the "discontinuity".

Henrik R Clausen said...

Charlemagne, I believe Formerly Great Britain is at significantly higher risk than Sweden, for the infiltration of institutions is much more advanced there. Common Purpose probably pays quite a role permitting and abetting this.

Conservative Swede said...

Anti-Islamist & Baron,

It simply isn't the genitive case. That's my point. Baron wrote that it is. But it isn't.

Then if the intentions of the business owner was different, and his Swedish is bad (which it apparently is) and his name is Jihad and he meant to say something else... well trying to read in tea leaves, as it were, to figure that out is not a good method. Pick up the phone, call that number and ask the man what his name is, if you care to make that point. This reading in tea leaves is pointless.

What matters to me is that we have a sign saying "jihad driving theory". And this is a perfect example of how ugly and transformed our society has gotten thanks to mass immigration and multiculturalism. The fine print of the situation is really of no importance. Next time we might see a sign saying Death to the Jews (Död åt judarna), and maybe it will just be another foreigner misunderstanding the Swedish language who just wanted to state that Jews are mortal and will eventually die. But I wouldn't care about the fine print of that situation either. The point is that our society of today is littered with these sort of things.

The sign says "jihad driving theory". That's the sort of society we now live in. Anyone interested in the fine print of the situation should pick up the phone and call the number shown in the picture, and stop reading in tea leaves.

Casper said...

Cons Swede >> There is no specific Danish name for the Swedish party "Sverigedemokraterne".

Compound words with Sveriges- are quite rare in Danish. Usually we stick to Sverige-. I don't think the -s- infix is a lot more common in Danish than in Swedish, rules are roughly the same.

It is obvious that "JIHADSKÖRKORTSTEORI" is intended to be two words, Jihads Körkortsteori. I can't say whether it is a personal name or the religious jihad, but the company is seemingly owned by a woman called something else than Jihad. (Company info) However, since the company is called JS Körkortsteori in directories there may have been a change of name or ownership.

Casper said...

The sign has been featured on this blog before, and the enigma is resolved. It was a personal name: