Saturday, May 09, 2009

Who Do You Love?

This is another dog-bites-man news story, but still — it’s good to see it in black and white, as published by a major polling service and reported in ANSAmed:

Islam: 80% French Muslims Faithful to Country of Origin

PARIS, MAY 8 — Some 80% of Muslims in France believe they remain faithful to their countries of origin, according to a survey by the American Gallup research institute that questioned a sample of Muslims in 27 countries.

In all 8% said they were not faithful to their original countries and 12% did not reply. The research also showed that in Britain Muslims “loyal” to their original countries amount to 82% and in Germany the figure is 71%.

The survey published yesterday but carried out in 2008 adds that only 44% of French of other religions believe that are faithful to their country against 35% who believe the contrary and 21% who didn’t reply.
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The French emerged as the most tolerant on religious matters and, together with the Dutch, the most willing in Europe to welcome a neighbour of another religion. At the other end of the spectrum are the Israelis who say openly that they do not respect other religions, according to the survey.

The poll, carried out with the support of the Coexist Foundation, a British charity that promotes inter-religious relations, covered a sample of 500 Muslims per country. The samples of people from other religions varied from 100 to 1000 people in size.

Notice the discrepancy between other religions and Islam. Islam is different. What we infidels have intuited all along is borne out by these surveys.

80% of British or French Muslims constitute a huge fifth column that is potentially dangerous to the host countries. Political leaders prefer to deny the existence of the problem, and pretend that somehow, by some magic, their Muslim minorities will change their minds and decide to assimilate.

It should be obvious by now to everyone who is not an imbecile or clinically insane that the assimilation of Muslims into Europe is an unrealizable fantasy.

Yet the denial and wishful thinking persist. Why?

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Anonymous said...

Muslim immigration = Civil war

RIP Soviet Union 1991
RIP White Europe 20??

Zenster said...

Some 80% of Muslims in France believe they remain faithful to their countries of origin, according to a survey by the American Gallup research institute that questioned a sample of Muslims in 27 countries.

I would say that these findings represent solid support for returning "some 80% of Muslims" to their countries of origin, which they remain so faithful to. Let them express their sincere patriotism to those countries in those countries.

The problem of non-assimilation needs to become a front-burner issue for the entire European electorate before outright civil war supercedes all other methods of resolving this crisis.

The French emerged as the most tolerant on religious matters and, together with the Dutch, the most willing in Europe to welcome a neighbour of another religion.

How long will it take for Western civilization to realize that tolerating the intolerable is not a virtue but the very worst sort of vice?

Islam is intolerable. Should anyone require proof of this, simply ask them to name one single redeeming feature of Islam. There is nothing about Islam that commends it to a rational, thinking mind.

That it, in fact, has such overwhelming appeal to some of the most irrational, cognitively dissonant and fanatical minds on earth should only cement Islam's reputation as anathema to all human liberty, freedom and progress.

Yet the denial and wishful thinking persist. Why?.

The political and moral capital that Europe's bureaucratic elite have invested in Multiculturalist Politically Correct Globalism is so entire and unreserved that even the slightest questioning, editing or realignment of their blind faith in this suicidal mindset would represent a complete unmooring for their ship of state.

These self-appointed sovereigns have lashed themselves to the mainmast as they chart their lurching course between the Scylla and Charybdis of Islam and socialism.

Even as Islam rapes and devours their young while socialism sucks down the Continent's economies, their ears are plugged to the siren call of freedom. Be it free market or free speech, either would utterly confound their Delphic vision of a centrally planned European economy and state.

Such willful deafness to the cries of Europe's indigenous population will earn these traitorous apparatchiks their place in a special innermost circle of everlasting Hell.

Charlemagne said...

This begs the question, why emigrate then?

We know the Eurocrats long ago made a deal with the Muslim devils to accept Muslim immigrants in trade for steady flow of oil but is there something more sinister going on? Are Muslims being paid by their governments or the Saudis to emigrate to Europe?

Frankly I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out the Saudis, or another group, is funding the demographic takeover of Europe.

When will Europeans reach the point where they are ready to fight? I still advocate someone on our side ignite the fire.

Charlemagne said...

Felipe said...

Muslim immigration = Civil war

Felipe - I'm ready. Heck - I'd go as a mercenary if someone would hire me.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I think the nomenklatura of all governments has sold out completely. Don't know if it is the saudis though or if they also are puppets behind the people who created the Bilderberg group, Concil of Rome and such. Who ever they are they're obviously the most evil people in the world. Removing powerful people like that will not be easy. They have all the political and economical force while we have nothing in comparison. Even if we manage to remove the people in our governments, parlaments and media, the shadowy figures would still be around, starting all over manipulating the new governments. If we don't find these people and get rid of them permanently, all we would ever gain is buying ourselves time.

laine said...

"Why emigrate then?"

Muslims are loyal to their home countries but what they really mean is they are loyal to their religion and the Umma, the world wide Muslim community which thanks to Western naivete now knows no borders and is seeping out like the Blob that took Manhattan/Brussels/Paris/London/ and plans to slime the entire world.

As devout Muslims, they serve their religion/ideology by taking land for Allah. They can no longer do it by warfare like their role model Mohammed, (at least until they get their nukes) but have hit on a more efficient method that conserves all the loot for plunder instead of acquiring war torn rubble. Namely, they have ridden into the richest non-Muslim lands in the multiculturalism Trojan Horse constructed by Leftists to sneak in votes and socialism.

Muslims do not need to be paid by the Saudis or any other Muslim to wage their jihad of occupation. What Muslim has not improved his crappy standard of living in the countries of origin he so venerates by moving to a non-Muslim country? There are education and career opportunities for the productive minority but even the most illiterate Muslim contributes by sucking up Western resources such as Welfare, free health care, legal costs of their crime, pensions to which they have contributed not a cent etc.

As though this is not enough, they gum up our human rights machinery and courts with frivolous complaints of invented Islamophobia. We should be so lucky that natives have IRRATIONAL fear of Muslims. Instead, the leftist PC brigade has stamped out even the survival instinct and are compelling people who recognize the invaders for what they are to grovel in apology before them. Thus the most lowly Muslim wages jihad of occupation and on the enemy's wallet while protected and encouraged by a phalanx of Leftist fools. In addition, by serving their greedy god who claims ownership of the entire globe, they will reap rewards in Muslim heaven.

What's not to like?

Lenin overestimated us when he said: "The West will sell us the rope with which we will hang them". The West is not selling the rope. It is paying for the rope itself and donating it to its enemies foreign and domestic. It is using the rope to tie up any opposition to our own capitulation.

Useful idiots abound and they are in power. They are the well-paid chattering classes. They are the mayors, premiers and presidents. The majority of Europeans and over half of Americans are dumbified sheep bleating for their handouts.

It is a perfect storm of leftists blinded by their raging narcissism and need for total power managing to sap all our institutions just when the leash of poverty on a primitive cult broke.

The Islamists on their own would have gotten nowhere without their leftist enablers. It would have taken Leftists longer to do their dirty work without the Islamist distraction. Yes they will turn on each other but that's cold comfort for us crushed underfoot before pea-brain King Kong and Godzilla grapple.

There will be a new Dark Ages. There may not be enough white people whose brains are not infected by socialism to bring back enlightenment.

xoggoth said...

Confused. The BBC & papers are reporting this as 77% loyal to countries they now live in not original countries.

Abu Abdullah said...

That "survey" is pure propaganda Jihad. The BBC report mentioned "Dalia Mogahed of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies and co-author of the report". This is the same Dalia Mogahed who, together with Islamo-apologist John Esposito, had published an earlier "survey" that massaged the numbers to whitewash Islam. This is also the same Dalia Mogahed who was recently picked by Obama to be his advisor on Islamic affairs.

Anonymous said...

Felipe - I'm ready. Heck - I'd go as a mercenary if someone would hire me.

I will pay you my friend.