Saturday, May 23, 2009

Provocation from the East

It’s well-known that the violent left-wing student protests of the late 1960s were funded and encouraged by the KGB and other East-Bloc intelligence services. What was not so well-known until fairly recently was the enormous extent of communist penetration of Western leftist groups. New revelations — such as the recent confirmation that I.F. Stone was a Soviet agent — keep popping up in the press.

The latest scandal to emerge from the Stasi archives of the DDR concerns the shooting in 1967 of a student demonstrator by a West German policeman. Now, more than forty years later, it turns out that the cop who pulled the trigger was on the Stasi payroll.

Here’s the report from NRC Handelsblad as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

The Stasi was behind murder that incited RAF terror

By Joost van der Vaart

Berlin, May 22 — The bullet came from a Stasi spy. The West German policeman who shot the Berlin student Benno Ohnesorg in the 60’s — an event with far-reaching effects in the Federal Republic — had been working for the secret service of the Communist Socialist DDR. [The MSM always writes “Communist”, but that is a deceit. The German Democratic Republic started as the “Sozialistischer Staat der Arbeiter und Bauern”: Socialist State of Workers and Farmers, and was ruled by the “Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands”, SED: the Socialist Unity Party of Germany.]

This is evident from a research by two employees of the Stasi archives, the vast collection of documents of the former “Ministerium für Staatssicherheit der DDR” (East German Ministry for State Security, or Stasi). The service did not only spy on its citizens, but also interfered with the affairs of the neighboring republic, the “class enemy” West Germany.

Benno Ohnesorg was a student who marched in a demonstration on June 2, 1967 in West Berlin against the Shah of Iran. The rally got out of hand and Ohnesorg was shot dead by a civilian police officer, Karl-Heinz Kurras. Ohnesorg’s death led to continuing student protests in West Germany, and was the direct cause for the creation of extremist left-wing terrorist group the Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF). For nearly a quarter of a century the RAF kept the country in the grip of violence.
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Ohnesorg’s death has always been enigmatic. Kurras shot the student at close range, who was hit above his right ear. After the shooting a colleague asked Kurras why he drew his gun. Answer: “He came running towards me.” Years later Kurras said in an interview: “Whoever attacks me like that will be destroyed. That is how you should see it”.

The question now is whether the Stasi had planned a murder of a West Berlin student to socially destabilize the Federal Republic of Germany.

Kurras (81) was registered under the pseudonym “Otto Bohl” as Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter (unofficial employee = spy) on the payroll of the Stasi. He is still alive, but is not yet able to clarify this. For the West German student movement the DDR was not a factor of interest. The protests were directed against the right-wing forces in the world: the government, former Nazis, America. The German journalist and historian Arnulf Baring said this morning: “If it was known then that the Stasi had killed Ohnesorg, the students would have viewed that as a conspiracy; a lie of the right-wing press”.


EscapeVelocity said...

Yes, the Soviets and their client states funded as well as instigated a shitload of violence and conflict in the 20th century. The Western Left is shameless anti Western project, which still marches on toward the destruction of the Classically Liberal Christian West. They are a foul bunch indeed.

heroyalwhyness said...

more here The Day that Changed Germany via The_Editrix @Ibloga

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It’s well-known that the violent left-wing student protests of the late 1960s were funded and encouraged by the KGB and other East-Bloc intelligence services.

I feel silly because I didn't know that... not that it's really surprising.

EscapeVelocity said...

Similarly, the Muslim rabble rousers in Western Democracies are being funded by monies from the OIC nations....and their Western Left allies even via government.

Nothing has changed. The Western Left is still traitorous at heart the enemy of the West, they just had to find new revolutionaries and funders to fight the Western Racist Imperialist Capitalist Christian Fascist Pigs, also known as your average Joe, Nigel, Bjorn, Johann, Francios, and Antonio.

Czechmade said...

A slightly more human variation we had on 17.11.89, during that demonstration one student was allegedly killed by riot police, the news went through Western media, also Radio Free Europe in Munich in Czech.

That triggered the "Velvet revolution" in Prague. The student Martin Šmíd did not exist, later we found Stb (communist secret service) agent Žifčák, who was posing as dead.

We are manipulated by professionals. Posing as dead in an open society is difficult - so Benno had to die...

Later an investigation was launched - some students group versus communist professionals. Not much came out.

Instead of idiotic jubilation the West should have raised questions.
And supply professionals to do real investigation. What is amazing that within one week the Radio Free Europe - the most hated agency within communist circles in Czechoslovakia was allowed to report freely in Prague.

The archives in Moscow are only half open. Few historians are allowed to work there under humiliating preconditions. I wonder how many qualified people the West try to get more out of this source.


I adviced you to focus more on ex-communist countries. There is much to be learnt. To make you anticipate various scenarios and get really tough in defending our freedoms.

The death of Benno is not our past.
It is still an active lie through its unreversable consequences. So we are allowed to know the truth - but who will compensate us for living with the lie?

Also in Greece it is the death of one youth - a ready excuse to wreck the country. And muslims get away with a copy of quran - worth more than life of a man - a secret policeman posing as dead?

cand.jur. said...

Living in Norway in the '60's and '70's I observed up close the initial steps of the left wing radicals' march through the institutions. I wondered who financed them, since they never seemed to lack resources. I suspected that much of their financial support and ideological inspiration was provided by the Stasi. When the Berlin wall came down and some of the Stasi archives became available I expected that my theory would be tested, but nothing happened. Was it because my theory was wrong, or was there a succesfull effort to keep the lid on embarassing information? Does any visitor to blog have the ability to enlighten me?

Henrik R Clausen said...

Yes, the so-called "Peace Movements" discreetly recieved funding from Moscow. That was known only to the inner circles, and the money was funneled through apparently voluntary fundraising efforts.

The Danish communist newspaper "Land og Folk" had these fundraising campaigns, and each year was able to announce suprisingly good results in the form of 'voluntary' contributions to the "workers' cause".

Mysteriously, these campaigns stopped as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed.

Following the money is usually interesting.

Czechmade said...

Those used to such fundings might switch to anybody else. Finding islam interesting...almost revolutionary. Study CV of your leftist guys and visits abroad.

They might even appear to be successful businessmen in some totalitarian third country or humanitarian workers collecting "donations", journalists, politologists etc.

The totalitarian regimes may even support their opponents, knowing about the convenient time to come to switch them off. In a critical time those guys have a pleasant duty to do "nothing".

I think the duty of Putin in Dresden was to follow Western businessmen and find some materials to force them to work for KGB. Let it be a mistress/sex or some (semi)illegal deal.

So for me for ex. Haider or Galloway are almost identical guys...their deals with Saddam or Qaddafi might be much more international than we think.

Anyhow Haider found enough resources to move his little province to collective tears of gratitude. Sort of socialist idyl.

In Russia KGB automatically started the "new democratic" parties.

Homophobic Horse said...

Have you read anything by Anatoli Golitsyn Czechmade? He holds that Communism never fell and that the Russian "democracy" experiment is just another dialectical stage to global conquest.

Also, it is said that Vladimir Putin is a vampire and does occult rituals like all the members of the GRU reputedly do.

Czechmade said...

It is more simple:

Communism was just one of the many trains which passed happily through the Russian desert - adding something to the "heritage".

"Communism never fell...", you might argue as well that Mongols never left. They did, but left something behind. Something opposite to a treasure.

Anonymous said...

a lie of the right-wing pressDid Germany have any major right-wing press in 1967? As far as I can tell all of Europe's major (and nearly all of its minor) press is left-wing and has been for decades.

cand.jur. said...

Not for purposes of revenge, but in the interest of historical accuracy, the Western European tools of the Soviet Union and its Central and Eastern European subsidiaries during the 1960's and 1970's should be named. They did a lot of damage, and I suspect that many of them currently enjoy very comfortable lives as members of the European cultural and political nomenlature. Their lives shouldn't be destroyed, but should at least be disturbed. Is any historical research being done to identify and out these creatures?

cand.jur. said...

Oops! That should have been "nomenklatura".