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Fuad Khalaf: Swedish Terrorist

Our Swedish correspondent CB files this report about the notorious Swedish Islamic terrorist, Fuad Khalaf. Needless to say, Mr. Khalaf is a product of Sweden’s cultural enrichment, a “New Swede” as opposed to a “person of Swedish background”. He returned to his native Somalia to wage jihad, and has recently earned a name for himself for his brutal exploits.

First, an introduction from CB:

I found this over at Gudmundson (the noted editorialist at Svenska Dagbladet) about the continuous rampage of Al-Shabaab. It’s about the Somali terror leader with Swedish citizenship, Fuad Khalaf. One has to wonder what will happen the day this terrorist comes back to Sweden to live out his old age and collect his welfare. Will the authorities revoke his citizenship — since he apparently has no reason to have our protection against Somali citizens in Somalia?

It is they and, even more, we who should be protected from this barbaric murderer. I think his words show that this man has no place in a civilized world and should not be welcomed back to Sweden. But I will not hold my breath about Swedish authorities growing a spine before that.

Apparently Waaga Cusub Media was agreeable when they peddled his ideas and now are to be murdered for reporting on his activities. It must be this week’s winner of the brilliant-logic-of-the-week contest.

Gudmundson might be right in his assumption that Khalaf is not to be blamed for the destruction of the graves, though it wouldn’t be far from a character of his stature to perpetrate such an act. This seems to be important for Al-Shabaab as a way to show them to be true Muslims and following the Shari’a (The Shafi’i school of jurisprudence, which is the primary school of Somalia, is very strict on what graves are like, in order to be Islamic).

Next is CB’s translation of Gudmundson:

Swedish terror leader Fuad Khalaf threatens to murder journalists

The Swedish citizen Fuad Mohamed Qalaf (alias Sheikh Fu’aad Maxamed Khalaf, alias Shangole), who is a high-ranking leader in the Somali terror organization Shabaab, at a speech in front of spectators in the city of Merka on Tuesday (5/5), exhorted his followers to murder journalists from Waaga Cusub Media. This happened just a few days after he himself was interviewed by the same news agency.

According to Waaga Cusub Media the threats derive from the organization’s being one of the few in Somalia daring to show pictures of Shabaab’s bloody rampage. The Islamist Swede claims that the news agency is doing the infidels’ bidding.

Somalia: Al-Shabaab angered…


The Swedish imam Sheikh Fuad seams to have had hectic days recently. Internal feuds in the movement, rumors about his death, and death threats against journalists might seem to be enough. But according to a Somali blogger he is also said to be responsible for the desecration of a dozen graves for not being truly Muslim, according to Shabaab, which therefore had to be obliterated. In the news text, however, Sheikh Fuad was given the family name Abdullahi, why there are reasons to doubt the information.

And here’s the story from Waaga Cusub Media (the original is in English):
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Somalia: Al-Shabab angered by Somali key Media Org

Mogadishu 06 May 2009 Waagacusub Media.

The second man of Somalia’s Islamist radical group ‘Al-Shabab’ Fuad Mohamed Khalaf better known as (Fuad-Shangole) on Tuesday has verbally attacked Waagacusub Media accusing it of working for infidels which he means ‘The Western powers’.

Speaking to hundreds of people who gathered in Merka town, the capital of lower Shabelle region in southern Somalia, Mr. Shangole said Al-Shabab does not kill the Muslim people but Waagacusub Media is accustomed to shame the Mujahideens and give wrong pictures about the Islamists.

His offensive remarks came week after he was interviewed by Waagacusub in which Shangole described the Al-Shabab spokesman Mokhtar Robow Abu-mansor as a man of tribalism after he had freed some of former government ministers because of his kinsmen.

“the outcry of Shangole resulted when Al-Shabab administration had argument with him over the interview he had given to Waagacusub Media,” said Abdirahman Isse Addow, the spokesman of Islamic Courts Union.

Despite condemnations of the latest attacks and threats on the people in the media, Shangole called for Al-Shabab fighters to hunt down the reports of Waagacusub Media.

Associated Somali Journalists (ASOJ) is condemning the insulting words of Al-Shabab second man on Waagacusub Media as violation against the freedom of press and democracy.

213 journalists fled Somalia in 2008 after they received life threats by Al-Shabab group through their telephone lines. became the only Somali website that published the human violations involved by Al-Shabab.

Al-Shabab hardliners which is linked to Al-Qaeda was the first group that carried out suicide bombing which is an act aimed to give bad image about the Islam.

By Mohamed Abdi


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The PC-crowd in Sweden will be welcoming him with open arms, especially if he hates jews and Israel. Then he will be probably labeled as a freedom fighter instead of terrorist or islamist. Not only that, back in Sweden he will be able to pursue his criminal lifestyle without any consequences what so ever. He could probably have people murdered either by himself or his henchmen and nobody would ever be persecuted for it. Perhaps some ethnic swede would though if they are stupid enough to bring it to attention. Persecuted for hate speech or racism that is.