Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Candidate for the EU Parliament

Last week I posted about Henrik Ræder Clausen’s candidacy for the European Parliament as a member of the Danish People’s Party.

Here is a presentation by Kent Ekeroth, who is one of several candidates from Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) standing in the EU elections on June 7th. I have met Kent on several occasions, and he was part of the Swedish delegation at our meeting in Copenhagen earlier this month.

The text below was kindly translated into English by our Swedish correspondent CB.

Protect our freedom, stop Islamization!

by Kent Ekeroth

This is my presentation before the elections to the European parliament 2009.

Kent EkerothStats:

I was born in Malmö but grew up in Halmstad and Lund.

I have a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Lund, and among things I have studied and worked in Australia for a year, 2004. In addition I was an intern at the Swedish embassy in Israel, during the autumn of 2006. Since 2007 I have been the international secretary of Sweden Democrats, and my job is to create contacts with parties and organizations abroad. Among other things I have been responsible for contacts with AEN, where we recently were accorded the status of observers.

In addition I work with our party’s criminal policy group and our EU-group that has formed our EU-manifesto. Besides that I’m a substitute in the Lund municipal council.

Short facts:

Name: Kent Ekeroth
Place: Lund
Age: 27
Profession: Master of Business Administration
Most important EU-matter: Resisting the Islamization of Europe
Current status: Candidate for Sweden Democrats

Matters I want to pursue in the framework of the EU:

Resisting the Islamization of Europe
- - - - - - - - -
Europe is confronted with an ever-rapid Islamization, which of course has its basis in a very liberal immigration policy, which is enhanced by a high level of illegal immigration.

The effects of a growing Muslim minority in Europe have become painfully obvious, in Sweden as in the rest of Europe. We can see ever more signs of countries adapting to increasing Muslim demands, adjustments to school lunches, multicultural holidays, and gender-segregated bath houses. We have so called “no-go zones” where police, the fire department, ambulances, etc. can’t go without being attacked. We see violent crimes sky-rocketing. It is happening in several European countries; France, where among things have daily car fires occur, and which has a population consisting of 10 % Muslims; England is perhaps the worst-off country in Europe, where sharia has become a part of the official law of the land and whose flag was removed from its prisons so the Muslim inmates wouldn’t be “upset”. In the Netherlands, as is well-known, we have seen politicians and filmmakers being murdered as a result of their criticism of Islam. Amsterdam is expected to have a Muslim majority soon.

The list could go on at length. What is obvious with these developments is that we will soon see our freedoms and our Western society eroded, to the advantage of the totalitarian, misogynistic, violent, and oppressive ideology that is Islam.

Even today we see that the EU totally doesn’t understand the danger we face. They in fact, among other things, seriously discuss importing 50 million African immigrants to Europe.

Europe needs to wake up. And I intend to wake them if I’m elected to the European parliament.

Cancel agreements that threaten Sweden’s sovereignty and self determination

With amendments to the EU since the beginning of Sweden’s entry, Sweden has relinquished ever more of its sovereignty and self-determination. An example of this is Euratom-agreement that Sweden has already signed. In brief, the agreement says that Sweden’s natural resources, are “the community’s property”, that is, the EU’s. Sweden sits on thousands of billions of Swedish krona in assets, just of uranium oxide, which is used in nuclear power. According to the agreements that Sweden has already entered into, this is now the community’s property.

Furthermore, the Sweden Democrats recently launched a campaign to save Sweden’s cultural landscapes [mostly refers to varying but typical Swedish landscapes that many people feel it’s important to preserve], which are put under pressure by the EU.

There are several agreements and decisions from the EU that Sweden has to cancel right away or to obtain exceptions from. The above exemplifies that. This is an important area to struggle for within the framework of the EU.

These are matters that are can be best dealt with at home, that is that Sweden with her own hand cancels the agreements. But those matters can also be treated within the EU framework,where Sweden negotiates exceptions or the like. In either case I can pursue these matters from the EU parliament on both fronts, both in Sweden and the EU.

Matters to be dealt with in Sweden

Withdrawal from the EU’s political union

A natural priority is that Sweden shall withdraw from the political union that is the EU. Through working in the machinery of the EU, and thereby getting direct information and knowledge of all that is happening in the EU, I can purse an opinion in Sweden — for a Swedish withdrawal. I intend to do that.

Vote June 7th

The EU influences Sweden more and more. Even if Sweden has only about 20 places in the EU parliament (depending on what treaty that will apply) and limited influence, it is important to show what one thinks about the EU and its development.

A vote for the Sweden Democrats is a vote for Sweden’s independence, to return power to Sweden and the Swedes, so that we have the ability to decide our own future.


Félicie said...

I am voting for Kent!

babs said...

The term "Sweedish Landscape" is a little confusing to me. I assume you are refering to something I might call a national park or an historic site?
How can the EU pressure Sweeden about these lands? What could the EU pressure Sweeden to do?

babs said...

Apologies for misspelling Sweden and Swedish.
My spelling is just terrible, sorry.


for babs, the arm chair traveler:
Swedish Landscape is nothing more than ordinary Swedish landscape
or Swedish countryside away from populatated (and musliminfested) areas.
all photos copyright Snaphanen
010203040506- - - - -
Swedish Landscape

Unknown said...


The EU CAP program - the agricultural handouts - is specifically geared towards the sort of intense cultivation you see in the wine valleys of France. Countries with different traditions - like Sweden, where there's always been strict rules to enforce letting large areas fallow, to preserve the rather meager Scandinavian topsoil - are being pressured to adopt these policies or else lose out in the EU handouts race. This has already been proved to cause some serious erosion at places, and there is nothing much the Swedish government can do about it, the whole domain being regulated in Brussels these days.


babs said...

Thank you Anti-I and Derailed for responding.
Wow, I had no idea that the EU had such authority over the soil of its member states!
Really, like individual states have no idea how to best cultivate their own land...
I had no idea that the reach of the EU was so huge. I can only say that to counteract this measure Sweden should declare these lands "historic' or some other terminology to get the EU off their backs.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

For me it is all a grand conspiracy. To erase all national borders, to switch the populations. It's a power game. Without firing a shot they get the hands on natural resources which are probably priceless and which does not really belong to them. With their clever scheming they're about steal all that from with under our noses. They steal it from their rightful owners by simply reducing them, by making them a minority in their own countries and by all these clever treatises, it comes under EU control rather than the sovereign nations. Although I can't prove it, I also believe they plan a genocide on a scale that would make Hitler blush in comparison. We the people of these former sovereign nations, are just in the way for their grand plans of making their one world government utopia, so thus we have to go.

And yes, my vote will go to Kent as well. Good luck Kent! I hope you can ally yourself with every other good force within this evil empire, with people like Henrik and such. I wouldn't be surprised if behind the curtains there are puppet masters like the emperor and Darth Vader. :)