Friday, September 19, 2008

Will Holland Survive the 21st Century?

The Fjordman Report

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.
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Map of the NetherlandsLet us consider the case of the Netherlands. Islamic practices there gain more and more public acceptance. There is talk of making Islamic holidays public holidays because Holland is a “Judeo-Christian-Islamic” society, whatever that is. There are plans for a Muslim-only hospital, and former Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner stated that the Dutch should give Muslims more freedoms to behave according to their traditions: “For me it is clear: if two-thirds of the Dutch population should want to introduce the Sharia tomorrow, then the possibility should exist,” according to him. “It would be a disgrace to say: ‘That is not allowed!’“

The idea is by no means far-fetched. Unofficial sharia courts have been operating for years in major European cities and gradually gain official acceptance. In September 2008 it was made known that British authorities will formally accept rulings of sharia courts on certain matters. This means that Britain has not just culturally but also legally surrendered to its new Muslim masters. The political elites will put up no resistance whatsoever to continued Islamization.

Britain is one of the worst countries in the Western world, which says a lot given how bad many others are, but it belongs to a growing group of nations where the authorities have more or less surrendered to Islamic rule, openly promote Islamic “culture”, and harass those who resist. One could add Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, and probably France to the list, which keeps growing. Norway, Spain, Austria, Germany and others are not far behind.

The Netherlands, which for centuries was a haven for those seeking more freedom of thought, is becoming an increasingly totalitarian society as a direct result of mass immigration in general and Muslim immigration in particular. This is the reason why the insightful Hans Janssen, Professor of Modern Islamic Ideology at Utrecht University, stated that a peaceful society that wishes to remain existent “will have to find a way to defend itself through non-peaceful means from people who are not peaceful.” According to Jansen, Muslim fundamentalists frequently make threats, but Dutch media remain silent about them.

Public broadcaster NPS is producing a television programme with the objective of giving the Dutch population a positive view of Muslims and other immigrant groups. Meanwhile, in 2008 it was revealed that a policeman of Moroccan origins in the Rotterdam police corps has been unmasked as a spy for the Moroccan intelligence service. He led a project that trained 57 Moroccan problem youngsters as ground personnel for Rotterdam Airport. The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) decided not to prosecute him, allegedly because this could potentially generate negative publicity about the “Multicultural” society. Even after this was revealed, the policeman unmasked as a spy for a foreign country continued working at Rotterdam Airport. The airport management saw no reason to refuse him a job.

Ehsan JamiIn contrast, the Dutch Labor Party (PvdA) tried to muzzle a (then) member who was fighting for the rights of Muslim apostates because they feared he would cause the party electoral damage. As most other left-wing parties in the Western world, they get a disproportionate number of immigrant votes. The man in question, the brave ex-Muslim Ehsan Jami, in the spring of 2008 decided to close down his organization of former Muslims who defy the traditional death penalty for leaving Islam. He claims people are scared to join the organization because of threats from Muslims.

SlotervaartSlotervaart, a Moroccan neighborhood in Amsterdam, has been plagued by riots and arson. Just as in similar areas in Sweden, France, England and elsewhere, emergency personnel from the fire brigade and ambulance services are at risk of physical attacks when they enter. Western Europe’s major cities have become notorious for their rapidly expanding “no-go” zones, from Birmingham, London and Bradford via Marseilles, Paris, Antwerp and Brussels to Copenhagen, Berlin and Hamburg. There are now many areas into which even the police dare not venture without substantial backup. In certain urban areas the fire brigade and ambulance services are reluctant to answer calls in Muslim neighborhoods, where “youths” set fire to public buildings, and then lay an ambush for the fire brigade when it arrives.

Oosterwei busIn mid-September 2008, the bus service in the Dutch town of Gouda announced it would not drive though the Oosterwei neighborhood. The decision came following complaints from bus drivers who report that on their route through the neighborhood they are being spit on, threatened and robbed by Moroccan youth, who systematically kick against the buses as well.

It has earlier been revealed that Moroccans, Turks and other Muslims in the Netherlands receive direction from their home countries. Ethnic Turks have received instructions from Turkey on how to vote in Dutch elections.

Geert WildersAlso in mid-September 2008, politician Geert Wilders said during a speech in Parliament that Moroccans are colonizing the Netherlands. According to Wilders, Moroccans didn’t come there to integrate, but “to subjugate the Dutch” and rule over them. “We lose our nation to Moroccan scum who go through life while abusing, spitting and molesting innocent people,” Wilders stated. “They happily accept our dole, houses and doctors, but not our rules and values”, he said. According to him there are “two nations.” The cabinet’s nation is that of “climate hysterics and uncontrollable Islamization.” The other nation, “my nation,” Geert Wilders said, “is that of the people who have to foot the bill and are being robbed and threatened by Islamic street terrorists.”

Seven minutes after the speech began, “a technical error” occurred in the television broadcast which was mysteriously solved the very second Wilders finished his speech. The state TV is notoriously biased in their pro-Multicultural opinions and belief that Wilders is evil.
- - - - - - - - -
As I wrote in my online essay “Democracy and the Media Bias”, in democratic societies the press, the Fourth Estate, should supposedly make sure that the government does its job properly as well as raise issues of public interest. In practice, we now seem to have a situation where the political elites cooperate with the media on making sure that some topics receive insufficient or unbalanced attention while others are simply kept off the agenda altogether. Together they form a new political class.

Before the rise of maverick politician Pim Fortuyn, the Dutch political scene had to a great extent been a closed club whose members, regardless of party affiliation, shared similar views in the widest possible sense. Most of the journalists belonged to the same club. If the majority of the populace didn’t quite agree with this elite on sensitive issues — and the most sensitive of them all was Muslim immigration — this hardly mattered much. Since all those who were in positions of power were in basic agreement, the will of the people could safely be ignored. Journalists and rival politicians — notice how they worked in lockstep — smeared Fortuyn as a dangerous “right-wing extremist.” Indirectly, this led to his murder by a left-wing activist who stated that he killed him on behalf of Muslims because he was “dangerous” to minorities.

Pim Fortuyn was indirectly murdered by the political, cultural and media elites whereas filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered by Muslims. MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been driven from the country. The Islam-critical MP Geert Wilders is still there, but he is subject to similar smears as Fortuyn was about being a racist, receives daily threats from Muslims and not-so-subtle hints from the establishment that he should tone down his criticism of Muslim immigration. The Dutch spirit between 2001 and 2008 appears to have been broken, as things are slowly returning to normal. The extended political elites are once again firmly in control of public debate, and the embarrassing peasant rebellion has been successfully struck down.

Perhaps Holland’s chance of saving itself died with Fortuyn. I hope not. I have always loved the Netherlands, and it would be extremely sad if a once-great nation that has spent so much time and energy on keeping the sea out will be destroyed by a tidal wave of sharia barbarism.

Solidarity with Gregorius NekschotIn May 2008 the cartoonist writing under the pseudonym Gregorius Nekschot became the first-ever cartoonist to be arrested in the modern Western world. He was arrested at his home in Amsterdam and taken into custody for interrogation, suspected of “publishing cartoons which are discriminating for Muslims and people with dark skin.” At the same time, the city of Amsterdam developed teaching material warning children against the politics of the Islam-critical politician Geert Wilders. MP Wilders called the campaign “sickening.”

FitnaWilders’ movie Fitna from March 2008 produced strong reactions from Muslims on a global basis and condemnations from dhimmi appeasers in the Western world. Although the short film didn’t do anything other than quote the Koran and statements by Muslim leaders, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned it as offensively anti-Islamic. “There is no justification for hate speech or incitement to violence,” Ban said in a statement. “The right of free expression is not at stake here.” The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour joined in on condemning the tone and content of Fitna and noted that the Dutch and others should prohibit any advocacy of racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination or hostility. In plain words, they should ban criticism of Islam.

There are already examples where small Dutch websites have been prosecuted for carrying readers’ comments critical of Islam and Muslims, thus setting a legal precedent for the suppression of free speech on the Internet. This despite the fact that far more offensive material is routinely posted on Islamic online forums and is never subjected to any punishment. Similar developments are taking place in other European countries. This is encouraged not only by national authorities but by EU officials, who have expressed their desire to “regulate” blogs and similar websites more because they are often more critical of Multiculturalism, mass immigration and general EU policies than are the mainstream media.

What this means is that Dutch authorities are giving in to demands from Islamic countries and kneel at the feet of their new Muslim masters. There can be no doubt that there is considerable political pressure on the police and others to enforce Multicultural speech codes and silence dissenters among the natives. Since we see clearly that Muslims can post negative remarks about the natives, but the natives are not allowed to post negative remarks about Islamic culture, this means that the natives are de facto second-rate citizens in their own country. This is coincidentally the status that they are supposed to have according to sharia, which means that the authorities are now enforcers of Islamic law.

Some observers say that the political elites in Western Europe are “powerless” to stop street violence. But they are aggressive in suppressing criticism of continued mass immigration, which indicates that they are not so much powerless as actively hostile to the natives.

Brussels 9-11-2007

In Brussels, Belgium, gangs of Muslim immigrants harass the natives on a daily basis. We have had several recent cases where native girls have been gang raped by immigrants in the heart of the EU capital, yet when the natives wanted to protest against the Islamization of their continent on September 11th 2007, the demonstration was banned by the Socialist mayor of Brussels, whose ruling party is heavily infiltrated by Muslims. Those who attempted to carry on with a peaceful protest were arrested by the police.

Dozens of boys and girls have been systematically abused, intimidated and molested by a group of older boys in the Utrecht neighbourhood of Overvecht. Children aged 8, 9 and 10 have been dragged into bushes and coerced into performing sexual acts on boys a few years older. Most of the children involved are of Moroccan background. A municipal council member said that the problems are not being addressed. “This has been going on for almost a year. People just talk and talk and talk. And nothing is done,” she said.

In March 2007, native Dutch residents of the city of Utrecht rioted to protest against harassment by Muslim youths and government inaction to stop this. The authorities immediately suppressed the riots by sealing off the area and installing surveillance cameras to control Dutch non-Muslims, but they have done virtually nothing to address the underlying problem of violence from immigrant gangs. The case is far from unique.

EuroclockSuch incidents demonstrate that the authorities throughout Western Europe are now dedicated to implementing continued mass immigration and Multiculturalism no matter what the natives think. If they object, they will be silenced. The Dutch voted “no” by a very large margin to the proposed EU Constitution that will formally dismantle their country, as did Irish and French voters, but they are simply ignored. At the same time, the EU elites obediently respond to calls from Islamic countries to ban “stereotypes and prejudice” targeting Islam. European political elites implement the agendas of our enemies and ignore the interests of their own people. They are thus collaborators and traitors and should be treated accordingly.

The interesting question is this: Are the elites merely appeasing Islam, which they certainly are doing, or are they actively promoting and expropriating it for their own ends? As Iranian ex-Muslim Ali Sina puts it in his excellent book Understanding Muhammad : “Islam was an instrument of domination. After Muhammad, others used his cult for the very same purpose.” Maybe this is happening in the EU as well?

Ali Sina rejects the Multicultural concept that all cultures (except European culture, which is evil and should be eradicated) are worth keeping:

The Agora“If any culture needs to be preserved, it is the Western, Helleno-Christian culture. It is this culture that is facing extinction. It is to this culture alone that we owe the Enlightenment, Renaissance, and democracy. These are the foundations of our modern world. It would be a terrible mistake not to preserve this culture. If we do nothing, we face a future where democracy and tolerance will fade and Islam’s more primitive instincts will subjugate humanity. All cultures are not made equal… Islam is not a culture. It is the antithesis of culture. It is barbarity, savagery and incivility. Islamic civilization is an oxymoron, while Islamic terrorism is redundancy. We owe our freedom and modern civilization to Western culture. It is this culture that is now under attack and needs protection.”

As I put it in my essay “The Welfare State is Dead, Long Live the Welfare State“, Americans say “In God we trust.” Is the welfare state, on some deep, subconscious level, a substitute for God? An omnipresent State instead of an omnipresent God? Europeans lost belief in God in Auschwitz and the trenches of WW1. We no longer trust in God, so we put our trust in the State, to create a small oasis of security on a continent that has had such a turbulent history.

The slogan is “security from cradle to grave.” But right now the welfare state clearly does not provide financial or physical security in much of Western Europe, at least not for the natives. It pays for more cradles to Muslim immigrants while it leads some of the natives prematurely to their graves. Taxes are a form of disguised jizya, the poll tax paid by submissive non-Muslims under Islamic rule, taken from us and given to those who colonize our lands.

The welfare state breeds passivity and obedience to the state’s agenda since so many are dependent upon it for their livelihoods. For rulers, this can be quite useful. The stated purpose of the welfare state is to alleviate poverty, but we should remember that a powerful state bureaucracy which deals with all aspects of life leaves a great deal of power to those on top of that bureaucracy, ruling people who have been pacified and emasculated by decades of state indoctrination and interference in their private lives. I suspect one of the reasons why Europeans put up with a powerful EU bureaucracy running much of Europe’s affairs is that we have already been accustomed to this on a national level.

Gun collectionMy advice to Westerners in general is to arm themselves immediately, first of all mentally with knowledge of the enemy and pride in their own culture and heritage, but also physically with guns and the skills to use them. Friedrich Nietzsche stated in the nineteenth century that “God is dead.” In the early twenty-first century it would be fair to say that “The State is dead,” the replacement God in which we placed our trust after the other God died.

Every single day we get more evidence that the authorities are totally incapable of protecting any semblance of security and freedom for its citizens. The only thing the state still seems to be capable of doing is indoctrinating our children with hatred of their own civilization and taking away our money so that it can be given to those who colonize our countries and abuse our children, verbally and physically.

My bet is still on Britain, or possibly Denmark, as the first Western country to face a civil war due to Muslim immigration, but the Netherlands is a potential candidate as well. I just wonder whether the Dutch are already a broken nation, mentally speaking. Their political elites have chosen formal surrender and will enforce sharia and ban everybody disagreeing with this as “extremists”. Native Dutchmen will either have to fight back or leave their country behind and watch it die from a distance, as a significant number of them have already done.

What is happening in Western Europe now is a textbook case of a situation where the social contract is no longer upheld. The natives pay extremely high tax rates to nation states that no longer protect their borders and are both unwilling and incapable of upholding a bare minimum of law and order. The laws are in any case no longer passed with our interest in mind, but by dedicated Multiculturalists and Globalists specifically hostile to our interests. The European Union is the very definition of tyranny.

As John Locke says in the Second Treatise on Government:

The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their property, and the end why they choose and authorize a legislative is that there may be laws made, and rules set, as guards and fences to the properties of all the members of the society, to limit the power and moderate the dominion of every part and member of the society… whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people… By this breach of trust they forfeit the power the people had put into their hands for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the people, who have a right to resume their original liberty, and, by the establishment of a new legislative, (such as they shall think fit) provide for their own safety and security, which is the end for which they are in society.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson stated that “I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” He also said that “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”

We would do well to heed those words.


Joanne said...

"My advice to Westerners in general is to arm themselves immediately, first of all mentally with knowledge of the enemy and pride in their own culture and heritage, but also physically with guns and the skills to use them."

Excellent advice.

As a member of the fairer sex, I am ready to implode. How are those of the opposite sex not in a similar position?

Western Initiatives said...

Wonderful post, Fjordman. Excellent advice:

"My advice to Westerners in general is to arm themselves immediately, first of all mentally with knowledge of the enemy and pride in their own culture and heritage, but also physically with guns and the skills to use them."

It is satisfying to see you (and others) come round to this type of thinking. I think things are going to deteriorate to an extent unimagined by most Westerners today. The landscape will change. They will be forced into a new paradigm of living (or surviving), whether they like it or not. It won't be pretty; it will be quite messy.

Thanks for an excellent essay.

Anonymous said...

Fjordman, Bravo.

Fortress said...

"As a member of the fairer sex, I am ready to implode. How are those of the opposite sex not in a similar position?"


To answer your question in simple terms: We're beyond ready.

To go into a little more detail, I'll throw in my personal thoughts on it.

I rack my mind back and forth for a solution, yet none comes to mind or presents itself. The question is simple: How do I save my people from themselves and each other? And I don't mean just the whites or the actual denizens of the United States, I'm talking about some measure of the human race, because make no mistake, if these guys get their way, there will only be ashes and dust where our species once resided. A historical curiosity for whatever evolves after us and sees whatever remains of our proud and glorious accomplishments...nothing more.

How does one man stop this? I ask it in these terms because I am nowhere near charismatic enough that millions would follow me, potentially to their deaths, to save their future. It also appears I'm not smart enough to come up with a solution either. I have a sneaking suspicion the answer is, "You don't." One man can' would take the power of a god.

And if the gods are reflections of the men who worship them, then they're even more mad than we are.

The question is not if we're ready to go postal about this situation; we are. The question is, how do we channel it so that some part of us remains after the dust settles and all is said and done.

And make no mistake, failure is an option that cannot be considered. Ever. Failure means the eventual destruction of the human race. Without survival there is no hope. Without survival there are no tomorrows in which anyone or anything can look back upon us and make any judgement whatsoever.

A slight paradox is, that this fear cannot keep us from acting; even if it means there is a damn good chance of failure or even no hope of succeeding. And yet, even with acting in such situations, odds are, when all is said and done, in the end, there will be no one left at all to curse our name or mourn our passing. No tomorrows for the whole of humanity. At that point, any judgement by whatever gods we believe in will be utterly irrelevant; they'll probably be as dead as we are.

So yeah, we're about to meltdown. However, that thought tends to sober us. When we act, we have to be absolutely certain of victory, because the alternative is the suiicide of everything. This isn't victory or death, it's live or die.

We'd at least like a plan with a reasonable certainty of victory before we channel our fury into it. I just don't know what that is or could be.

spackle said...

"It has earlier been revealed that Moroccans, Turks and other Muslims in the Netherlands receive direction from their home countries. Ethnic Turks have received instructions from Turkey on how to vote in Dutch elections."

This is a foreign invading army. The only difference is that they wear no uniforms and carry no guns in the open. I fear the time has come when regular native Europeans as well as Americans, Aussies and Canadians have to make a choice. Underground hit and run physical force. Sort of like a low grade revolution. Or a future we all know is Hell on earth. We have to come to terms with the fact that we will probably do prison time, be hurt or killed.

I guess its a question of what is truly important to one on a deep level. Because the western world is still very affluent the option to flee to another country is always the first choice which is just like a shot of Chemo therapy. It is a temporary remission of the disease. That is why I believe the only thing that will start a real revolution is going to be a global depression. When folks are broke, hungry and have their backs to the wall all those feel good PC platitudes will melt away. And those who stick to them will simply be strung up.

I know next to nothing about economics. But if the failing banks and bailouts continue we may be quickly approaching that tipping point. As long as people are making money Shariah, multicult and everything else will be ignored except by the fringe few like us.

Whiskey said...

I think the Netherlands, being small, is already a lost cause and will simply surrender, meekly, to Islam. That's already happening. Most Dutch people will accept it gladly, hating themselves and their heritage.

However, England's elites have surrendered, but their people are just too big to surrender just yet. It's just physically bigger, there is cultural memory of autonomous nations: Wales and Scotland, and geography makes rebellion easier.

Who will fire upon his fellow cousins in England, to make the United Kingdom safe for Sharia? Well Muslim soldiers of course, but there are still far more natives than Muslims. The growth of the BNP reflects this desperation and anger.

Austria, Italy, Denmark, Poland, have decided to fight I think. Sweden, Denmark, Spain have all surrendered. Out of demography if nothing else.

Will France fight? I think it will. I think the people in the countryside, the inner native part of the cities, and the far suburbs will fight for Frenchness over Islam. That the French bureaucracy has to put up with Sarko, who is left of center, instead of far-left of center, is itself telling.

The key is ... what happens when the welfare money runs out, as it's about to in a global recession?

I think the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, all surrender quickly to Islam. While the other nations fight. I think Italy's otherwise noxious organized crime families have prevented the sort of "honest" Welfare state that Dalyrmple alludes to from forming and taking over. Making Italy even though it's demographics are poor more able to fight back against Islamization.

Western Initiatives said...

Spackle wrote:

"I fear the time has come when regular native Europeans as well as Americans, Aussies and Canadians have to make a choice. Underground hit and run physical force. Sort of like a low grade revolution. Or a future we all know is Hell on earth. We have to come to terms with the fact that we will probably do prison time, be hurt or killed."

Well said. You've hit on some important truths here. Let's get people thinking again, about what is possible and what is required.

Homophobic Horse said...

"The key is ... what happens when the welfare money runs out, as it's about to in a global recession?"

The dhimmis will open their wallets ad say "We love you."

El said...

great article from fjordman. could have been written to provide confirmation of the type of idea i laid down in 'surrender, genocide. or what?'. i was going to write something along those lines myself to flesh out the case i made in that essay in a UK context, but it is probably not worth it now that fjordman has effectively done it for the netherlands. the underlying principles are the same. the question is whether the discontinuity will be electoral (wilders) or non-electoral (people shooting each other) or electoral turning into non-electoral (wilders then people shooting each other).

i will have more to say on this subject in another essay of my own in the not-too-distant future. suffice it to say that the fight is not over in the netherlands. it's just beginning. don't mistake the government for the country.

Afonso Henriques said...

Spain is not a Nation. Spain has not surrendered.

Why did the left won the last elections in Spain? Well, because Spain is not a Nation!

Yes, the South of Spain is leftist, Andaluzia and Extremadura are. But and the rest? What are the other bastions of the left?

Catalonia: The Catalan people wants independence for the Catalan Nation. So, they voted massively to the left, they would not vote in anti-Catalan parties like those on the right, starting with the PP.

That's how Aragon and Catalonia (more than 6 million people voted for the left).

The Basques, exactly the same. Two million peoples. Though the Basques usually vote Nationalist, (as the Catalans, but those same Nationalists want to dismantle Spain and as so usually like leftist votes) but because the ETA killed a member of the Socialis Party in the Basque Country, it turned racist to vote Nationalist and everybody went Socialist.

This is a majority Socialist 8 million people area. Spain has a 40 million population, so, in my calculations, only this problems: Catalonia and the Basques - who diserve their independent States under every light concieveble offer 20% TWENTY PERCENT! of the Spanish vote to the left. This and the South of Spain guarantees some 35 to 40 percent of the vote to the left.

The trully Spanish regions, vote Conservative, as well as Galiza which, like the rest of Northern Portugal is strongly Conservative because in Galiza the only (supposed) Nationalist parties are in fact anarchist and communist parties which use the term Galiza instead of Spain and Human race, they do not have a clue about Galizan culture.

Well, the true Spain votes Conservative:
-La Mancha
you name it! Even in the "Levante" people are turning strongly to the right. Spain has this deep division, whether people like it or not.

That's why you can't say Spain has surrendered. We (true) Hispanics never surrender as you can see for our eight century long strugle against the moslems or our determination to fight the Grand Armé of Napoleon. Well, Spain did surrendered back than, but its people kept fighting the mad French. Where do you think the word guerilha (Portuguese) or guerilla (Castillan) came from?

It came from the French Invasions when the Hispanic people picked arms to defend their Nations and Fatherland... even against the greatest army of the world, even without the consentiment of their leaders...

Right or Left in Spain is nothing but a question: Are you truly a Spaniard, or have you any other National identity?


In the South of the Peninsula, we colonised this in a shitty way so that the people was too much times abused. Now they vote to the left.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

A global ummah would truly be hell on earth and the end of civilisation forever.

Charlemagne said...

I have proposed a solution. All that is required are a "few good men". said...

The Hells angels in Denmark seem to have offered a solution if not found one. While the cure may not be worse than the disease its certainly running a close second in some ways. A highly predictable result of governments patent refusal to represent the interests of its own people is vigilantism. What a freaking shame so many nations will not take simple and relatively non violent actions and wait until the general public render the state irrelevant.
Some entrenchment of basic liberal values. Immigration policies that are merit based instead of race based. End cultural and moral relativism. its not that hard surely it was harder to implement them as bad ideas one would think would be harder to implement in a national consciousness than rational ones.
So its down to buy guns. Well I have had mine for a decade or more as it seemed to me the obvious thing to do as my government made it clear it intended to disarm the public. I hope they still work. But it would be much much sweeter if I was the kook and never felt the need for them.

Afonso Henriques said...

In my view, no European Nation is colse to a solution. But those closer are:

1) Russia
2) Italy
3) None...

And no, you cannot count in Denmark. Like Portugal, or even Spain and Poland, these are way to small Nations. Nothing will come up from then because if it does, it will be neutralised (See Greece in relation to the Serbian question, Turkey, NATO and the E.U. or Haider's Austria and the E.U.).

Only a united Scandinavia or a united Iberia or a United Eastern Europe (not politically united, but in terms of ideas) can have impact. Otherwise, we have the big five, the Pentarchy: (And, according to GDP:)

- Germany
- The United Kingdom
- Russia
- France
- Italy
And of course the world's inspector gadget: The U.S.A.

The U.S.A is neutralised unless Palin is president. And even so... maybe... France is a cancer; Germany has been neutralised since 1945, Italy seems to weak to look the E.U. in the eyes and Albion seems tired I don't know why...
Russia however, gives me hope...

Anonymous Infidel said...

Excellent article as usual, Fijordman. I think that most Europeans WOULD resist if they had something they viewed as worth dying for.

Sadly, I don't think Sweden and the Netherlands will fight back until the situation turns really (Lebanon) bad.

France, Denmark, Italy, and the UK I'm (almost) certain will fight.

Germany and Austria are special cases. I'm pretty sure until the drop the collective "Holocaust guilt" complex, they won't resist in any meaningful way, which is a damn shame.

Martin said...

I think Germany is really very special case...

By my opinion there still exists two "nations", one is the bigger dhimmified western and second is that living in areas of former DDR....

People from DDR are certainly much less affected by PC and multiculti and moreover feeling of guilt is there in much lesser levels than in the west....

For eastern Europe has been two kind of Germans....good Germans living in the DDR and bad Germans living in BRD.....atrocities of nazis were of course atributed to those imperialistic Germans living in the west :)

And I guess it was the same in educational system of DDR....Eastern Germans innocent and pure, perhaps victims :) and western Germans evil :)

As I am too young to remember these times I can of course just write about what I have read and what has been told to me by parents :), so perhaps I am oversimplifying but if we consider success of neonazis in eastern part of Germany, there can be lot of truth about it...

Problem is that gains of those neonazis will just help to multiculturalits...

Charlemagne said...

Afonso - I have addressed your reply on my blog. I hope that I have clarified my position.

Unknown said...

wow, I had a good laugh for sure, watching all you rabid frothing Islamophobes get your panties in a bunch again and again.

First, a little bit about me -

28 year old Muslim female, born in Canada and raised in USA and Canada all my life. Dad is Lebanese, Mom is Italian. I did my undergrad in pol.sci, and working on my masters currently. And I currently work for one of the Big Four accounting firms. I count myself as a moderate Muslim, I don't wear hijab but I support both those who do and those who don't.

Now here are some of my thoughts about the article and subsequent comments:

- The thought pattern that involves forming your own underground vigilantes to "protect" your way of life is hilarious, not to mention disingenuous. The very second you start waving a gun in someone's face [Muslim or not] they'll just do the same, they'll go out and buy their own guns for protection. You kill us, we kill you in retaliation. Yeah ... great solution guys, lets all just kill each other over nothing. I'll tell you something else about this idea: Muslims are way less afraid of death than their Western counterparts. Think about that carefully. Muslims have an extremely long tradition of war and the associated prestige of being killed in battle. Mothers will not hesitate to send their sons into the fight IF IT APPEARS that folks like you are trigger-happy nuts out for Muslim blood, and nor will children and wives hesitate in bidding their husbands and fathers goodbye. You saw what happened during the Paris riots and that was just a few gangs of disenfranchised Arab and African youth running uncontrollably amok. It was just a drop in the ocean of what could happen if you really become so thirsty for Western Muslim blood. If it really comes down to such a sad time where folks like you are carrying out American-style preemptive attacks, then you will be directly responsible for turning your cities into burning wastelands and thus bringing about that very same scenario that you claim to fear so much. So I suggest you all calm down and educate yourselves instead of simply swallowing your own regurgitated fear-mongering again and again.

- Please go review your own history, because what goes around comes around. All nations rise and fall, its a continuous cycle. The past 300 years saw Western powers ascendant, roaming the Earth nearly unchallenged while Muslim nations were in decay. Western powers invaded Muslim countries with either direct invasion forces or via Fifth Columns. You enslaved Muslims, you took their resources, you took their land, etc etc. You built your societies by benefiting from their vast stores of knowledge, and you openly invited people from other nations to come settle in yours in order for you to build your society. Case in point is Britain, where a large portion of the Muslims there are descended from Kashmiri Mirpuries, who were imported there two generations ago en masse, to serve as laborers. And then of course as was expected, they settled down there too and now their descendants are the ones who've run amok and committed such atrocities as the 7/11 bombings. In case you didn't know, as it clearly appears that you all indeed do not know - Mirpuries are amongst the most illiterate, backward, and culturally entrenched Muslims in Europe. Muslims just happen to have higher birth-rates than other groups, so really what is so wrong about the MINORITY Muslim populations participating in your rule of democracy?

Or are all your claims and boasts of democratic societies only applicable if its going the way YOU want? You live in democratic societies. Learn to deal with the fruits of your own systems.

- As is very common amongst the vast majority of Islamophobes, you have failed to make the distinction between cultural practices of some Muslims, and what Islam actually allows. Case in point is when Islamophobes assume that the spread of Islam means that all women will be covered up in all-encompassing black abaayas and chadors like those seen in Saudi Arabia and Iran. You fail to note that such dress is cultural, and not what Islam mandates because if you go to African Muslim countries you see their women wearing brightly colored, multi-hued loose outfits, you go to Turkey and the women there who wear hijab do so with stylish coats and dresses, or you go to America and see Muslim women there wearing jeans and long tops with the headscarf just as well. Or, you see Muslim women like me who don't wear the hijab. Its amazing how threatened you feel just by a simple piece of cloth. It speaks volumes about how your society has degenerated to the point where you believe a woman should be judged as attractive and non-threatening by the amount of skin and hair she shows, but you refuse to deal with things that really matter - the character and intellect of a woman who chooses to cover up. When it comes to a man you judge him by his character, education and intellect, but oh my God when it comes to a WOMAN, you have double-standards.

- You talk about welfare money that some Muslims receive, while conveniently ignoring the fact that Muslim nations themselves have, and are continuing to pour billions of their money into the Western financial system to prevent it from collapsing under the weight of its own mistakes [subprime, credit card debt, etc]. You conveniently ignore - or you just dont know - that Muslim nations themselves donated over $1 billion USD to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Even piss-poor areas like the refugee camps in Palestine gave money, because Muslims are not the anti-western, inhuman demons you so viciously believe them to be. We all have a vested interest in keeping mutual cooperation flowing.

There is much more I could say but all I want to say in conclusion is this - It represents a failure of epic proportions if you all decide to resort to hyper-discriminatory behavior and violence to solve these problems. You become no better than Al-Qaeda terrorists. It means you failed to have a rational dialogue, it means your PR and marketing efforts failed. Let me tell you something from an insiders' perspective - and this is something very few, if any, Muslims will ever tell you: We're all humans just like you. *SURPRISE* We have the same tolerances to heat and cold, air and water, food and drink, as you do. And we can also be as receptive of good ideas and marketing ploys as any of you. Ergo, if you want to solve the situation for the long term I suggest you all think about the civilized way of doing things, and that is to engage in dialogue and present a better argument that convinces the Muslim masses of your viewpoints. Don't tell me it can't be done, because I'm telling you first-hand that it CAN.

Peace and love to all.

- Noura