Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chaos in Cologne

I’ve just received word from a contact in Cologne who was planning to attend the Anti-Islamization Conference sponsored by the Pro-Köln movement and Cities Against Islamization. Here’s what he says:

Basically, today’s events have not been able to take place.

The airports have been blocked by the Antifa people, which has meant that key speakers have been unable to get to the event. There has been violence by the Antifa groups, and the police have used water cannons.

Fights are breaking out frequently as the anti-fascists use their bully-boy tactics without fear of any real consequences against them by the authorities.

There are many elderly people who are concerned about Islamisation, but the camera crews are just filming the few groups of skinheads that are there. So predictable. It seems that the German authorities are not in control of Cologne or they are they are deliberately letting the Antifas rule.

The sound for speakers has been cut off and people who are attending this legal demonstration have been told to leave. The Antifas are cheering and beating their drums proclaiming victory for their cause. The collusion that appears to exist between the Antifas and the police is outrageous.

There is chaos in Cologne. The streets belong to the anarchists. Apparently Filip Dewinter couldn’t get through to the area of the demonstration.

And here’s a report from Expatica :
- - - - - - - - -
Cologne, Germany — Rightists who converged on the German city of Cologne to protest against a planned mosque scuffled with opponents Friday and were prohibited by police from marching into immigrant neighborhoods.

Police have called in reinforcements, fearing riots on Saturday against the “Anti-Islamization Conference.”

The far-right rally plans have upset the Islamic world. The government of Iran appealed to Germany to prohibit the demonstration but Berlin says it has no powers to do this.

The German Interior Ministry criticized the rally.

“Such a gathering of populists and extremists harms the co-existence that the city and Muslim citizens have striven for,” said an Interior Ministry spokeswoman. She said the integration of Muslims was “a central task.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Thomas Steg added that Berlin policies favored “inter-cultural dialogue.”

A city group, Pro Cologne, which won 5 percent of votes at the last city council elections, has invited 1,000 to 1,500 rightwing extremists from all over Europe to join it Saturday at a protest against building a grand mosque.

Hundreds of people sympathetic to the mosque plan demonstrated Friday at the empty site, which belongs to Ditib, an organization funded by Ankara to build mosques for Turkish-speaking Muslims.

In low-level violence Friday, reporters saw rightists chase a lone man across a main road and shove him.

Far-left protesters shoved and punched a far-right official and pelted a river cruise boat with stones after the rightists hired it as a venue for a news conference.

Police commanders accused Pro Cologne of endangering public safety by failing to disclose the group’s planned movements and prohibited the rightists’ planned “tour” on Friday of multi-ethnic neighborhoods as a threat to the peace.

Eight leftists were detained Friday for violence.

Pro Cologne has invited rightists from Belgium, France and Austria to the Saturday demonstration.

The mayor of Cologne, Fritz Schramma, said on Deutschlandfunk public radio, “We don’t want their conference and along with a great majority of Cologne people we’ll be obstructing them.”

Trade unions and mainstream parties forecast 40,000 will attend a counter-demonstration on Saturday.

The mosque, close to a soaring telecommunications tower in a district on the edge of town, is to have a dome 37 meters high and two minarets stretching up 55 meters.

I’ll post more as it comes in.


Darrin Hodges said...

As I have said before, the left see immigration as a tool to import a new proletariat and in the case of Muslims, a weaponised proletariat, this story is just further evidence.

Homophobic Horse said...

Stupid fools. Only when it is too late will they realise what they have allied themselves with.

Afonso Henriques said...

What has the Portuguese (European) Media to say about this:

"Thousand of People united against far right demonstration".

It's odious. I think I'll follow Fjordman's last advice.

And in Italy? The camorra started to kill the ethnical criminals... necely done. But the images I saw on T.V. were of a Napoli inhabited by savages. It looked Kinshassa...

I'll just leave you these links:
In 25th April last year, the day of the comemoration of the Revolution who brought "freedom" to the country by making every right wing party away from the parliament, anti-fascists did this: Video

They did beat "citizens" and robbed everyhing they can, they also vandalised the centre of Lisbon. Their purpose was to invade the sede of the PNR (National Renovator Party), the minuscule party of neo nazis that will get my vote, unfortunateley.

It was "an illegal manifestation against Capitlaism and Fascism" which for them is the same, once they do not have a clue of what is Capitalism or Fascism. The police arrested 11 people (there was almost no police in the beggining), the judges set them all free without any coertion of any kind.

What I found more interesting was their slogan:

"The immigrants stay, you go away".

I bet the "you" was everybody who does not agree with them...

Afonso Henriques said...

People, they did not allied themselves with them. The purpose of this people is to destroy what I call Europe. Fo you who do not understand what I'm talking about, it's nothing about Geography, it's all about the deepness of the West. You know, the non superficial part of the West... unlike McDonalds and MTV? That's Europe...

The muslims are not our enemies, those of European blood are. The muslims are just a bunch of foreign barbarians who always wanted to have Europe. They do not have the power to destroy Her. Let's focus on those who can, shall we?

spackle said...

I see it is business as usual.

White Elefant said...

There was an 'incident' on the railway line between Frankfurt and Cologne: someone set signaling installations on fire at around 4:45AM, the train connection between Frankfurt and Cologne was interrupted until 9:35AM today:

Anonymous said...

DW reports that the police have cancelled the anti-Islam demonstration. Uncharacteristically for an MSM outlet, they admit that all of the violence was coming from the "anti-fa" side:,2144,3658793,00.html

Unknown said...

I am sitting in my hotel now after a long day in Cologne I was attacked on Eibahnstrasse by Antifa thugs as I tried to make my way to Heumarkt where we were slated to meet for our conference. My friend Michael Kucherov was beaten up yesterday. I am utterly shocked by the behavior of the police who seem to be acting as a surogate of Antifa. I am not writing a very coherent post because I am exhausted, in pain and just bewildered by how far gone Europe is at this point.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the Muslims have committed yet another atrocity in Islamabad, blowing up 60 people because well, because that's just what Muslims do. But we're the "facists" for not wanting this abomination in our countries.

Joanne said...

Dear Lord, how bizarre, but this is what multiculturalism and political correctness have become - a movement of traitors who have no need to respect the laws because now the laws protect them.

I say to these people that are out protesting the mosque to be brave and don't let fear or common sense stand in your way of doing what is right. You can start a movement here, and some people might think people will not demonstrate because they fear getting beat up, but there are many others who will take up the fight with them, because they will see that others are brave enough to do it, so they can too. I say just pray to God to help you in this fight, and I am going to say a prayer for all of you out there doing the work for many others just like you.

God Bless you Aviel - take care and precautions and stay in numbers.

Hesperado said...

Kybeline (author of the German news blog written in English, Dach news) noted in a Dhimmi Watch comment about the situation in Cologne:

The German paper RP online writes, that everybody, who didnt wear a leftist sign was considered a fascist automatically...

This is, essentially, pretty much the same criterion employed by Robert Spencer and Charles Johnson (the former more artfully, the latter more brutishly) to define actual or potential "fascists" (such as Filip Dewinter) whenever they turn their attention to the European scene in this regard.

Wer einigermaßen bürgerlich aussah und nicht den kostenlos verteilten grünen "No go für Nazis"-Aufkleber an der Kleidung hatte, wurde vorsorglich schon mal als "Faschist" tituliert.

Fjordman said...

Queen: In my country, the Leftist government and media wanted to sponsor the then Hamas-led Palestinian government. As we all know, the ideology of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood is virtually indistinguishable from Nazism, apart from the fact that the members have darker skin color than old Adolf. People like me don't think we should financially support the Nazis of our time. That makes us "Fascists." Got that? Me neither...

Hesperado said...

Aviel, your experience is outrageous. Do you have a blog? I hope you can report on more of what you and your friends & acquaintances have seen.

Hesperado said...

The Orwellian irony here is unmistakable: the tactics of the Antifa Leftists is precisely the brown-shirt thuggery of the original Fascists, in our time deployed against an Orwellianly labelled "facism". In effect, we have actual Fascists who express themselves in their own words as fighting against "Fascism". Fascinating.

I could be wrong, but I don't think in the original context of the 1930s and 40s the Fascists were going around calling their opponents "Fascist".

Unknown said...

I tried to leave a comment here to thank Joanne and Erich for the support but I guess it didnt post. Anyway I have video and photo documentation for (GoV) if you are interested in posting it. I would also like to send a timeline and article over covering the events on Friday and those which are continuing as we speak. I have rested up and we are headed back out into the night to get some more footage of the madness. As I said, it is really a dark night for Germany and for Cologne.

Afonso Henriques said...

First of all, I want to congratulate all the "far-right-neo-nazis", as the Portuguese MSM putted it, who went to Cologne for the right reasons. Thank you, you were very brave.
I also want to give especial support (as if my words were more than just that, vague, empty words...) to Aviel, who was attacked by the European scum. I think "someone" must start to take actions against these people.
Well, here sometimes people in small towns unite to attack gays, why not do the same to violent hippies?


"Uncharacteristically for an MSM outlet, they admit that all of the violence was coming from the "anti-fa" side:"

Here, the MSM said that there was a maifestation of far-right-neo-nazis for racism and against islamism, but that a counter-manifestation with thousand of "people" (like, the average German familie) stood up against them and that some violence were commited when countering the manifestation.
In the way, they even have time to bash the German police by passing the image that the police have arested some average Germans to protect the evil nazis... However the images were all about "antifas"...


Aviel, I'll be anxiously waiting for your material... Thank you man. When I grow up, I want to be like you.

Fjordman said...

Afonso: I told you before, go make a blog somewhere else called ihatejewsandgays or something if you want to spew that kind of nonsense around. You undermine the purpose of this blog.

Afonso Henriques said...

Sorry Fjordman, I truly do not understand. What's wrong?

Afonso Henriques said...

Fjordman, I am start thinking you have something aginst me. Do you bother to be more direct and say what is it? Please, be explicit.

Fjordman said...

Afonso: The attacking gays comment. No, you are welcome to hang around, but think before you post something. I'm just suggesting that such comments do damage to this blog. But I don't regulate it anyway, the Baron does, so it's just my opinion.

Bela said...

Food for thought:

For the Europeans: Who are financing these hard left organizations? Name names! Every organization needs money.
Publicize the names of individuals with money and the organization skill who are behind all this. Without naming your enemy the battle is lost.

For the Americans: We do now who is who in the this fight:
ACLU, Soros, Moveon, La Raza, Southern Poverty Law etc.
Do we have the resources and determination to counterattack?
Yes or no?
I doubt it. We are prohibited even to name "The Religion of Peace" correctly by order of Bush.

Afonso Henriques said...

Well Fjordman ok, now I understand and I can even tell you are somewhtat right on this.

However, I just want to highlight that I was not supporting violence against homossexuals, because I do not. I only support violent action against homossexuals when they "cross the line" as I support violence against anyone who "crosses the line" in the same manner.

I was just wanted to say that sometimes, when comunities feel threatened by foreign or ostracised members, they respond in a violent manner. I was trying to highlight then, that, the West does never take violent actions against people who are a threath but come from the far left. I was suggesting that the same treatment should be applied to them. That is, when violent far leftists threaten "us", we should respond in a strong manly manner.

Deep inside, I am questioning why there is no outrage in the "average European" when this attacks happen when the same outrage exists when less important "agressions" happen.

I'll try to watch my tongue then... but I am not changing my mind (yet).

And Bela, why do you know the names? Because you have free pess. Where's that in Europe? That's not food for thought. It is your :) racist :9 (kidding) anti-European bashing...

Take care, both of you.

Bela said...

afonso h:

"And Bela, why do you know the names? Because you have free pess."

Not exactly. The sources of money, the names of the financiers cannot be hidden for long: It's hard to believe that there are no investigative journalist/individuals amongst 500 million Europeans - if there is a will!
Even during the Stalinist era there were many courageous individuals who smuggled out banned publications; - one can upload it to the net for all to see.

Protesting on the street will yield no tangible result but publishing the names of the chief conspirators including their pictures on a American Web server is a good idea.
Remember George Galloway's Oil for Food he's gone.

In the US the media is firmly in the hands and control of the hard left paid for by rich Jewish individuals like Barbara Streisand - for the most part - so the Blogosphere is the only tool left to unmask the bastards: an American blogger found out the fake, Photoshopped images of Reuters and in less than 5 minutes the whole world laughed at Reuters...

I did not see any coherent, efficient, well organized resistant movement in the EU against the current course of events.
Am I wrong?

Afonso Henriques said...

Bela, I do not have much expirience, nor can I talk about Europe as a whole. I think I can however speak about Portugal and Spain.

You may understand this better than most Americans due to your recent European "blood memory"(?). Here it goes:

America is to concerned about economics and money, Europe is more about power and politics. So, we don't give a f*** about the financers.

Historically in Europe, we have known who have had money: The Nobels (Nobility), the hated Burguoise and, of course, the way hated Jews.

In this little corner, I think you need a deep contextualisation but I will only say that both Portugal and Spain had had terrible XIX centuries. Napoleon invaded both of us and we (Portugal) had to fight in France and Spain and then Spain and then ourselves in Civil Wars. Spain also had the XIX century filled with Civil Wars. So, by the XIX century the financers were known by all:
- Jews
- Foreign Burguoise (mainly French)
- Foreign States (mainly French)
- Secret Societies (various, the most well known being that of the Free Masons. Also comprised mainly by the burguoise.)

All this resulted in the loss of our greatest source of wealth and power: The colonies, while the French efectively blocked our businesses with the rest of Europe.

So, in the end of the XIX century and beginning of the XX, we were very poor and with lots of instability with coup's de etat and civil wars everywhere in the turn of the corner. And then came fascism to Portugal (Salazarism) with the establishment of the army as the main institution. In Spain, they got the Civil War.

Then there was the WWII and all. Then we get ridd of fascism but we were poor. That's when we turned to the left and our leftist elites liked everything French. For them, all that was good had to be the type of French Socialism. They had the support of the people. In the 70s we had to opt between Soviet Socialism or French Socialism. (Those leftist elites had much to do with Secret Societies like the free masons) But we did not decided anything, Americans, Britts and French instaured us what I called French Socialism in the second half of the 70s.
In the end, we got into the E.U. in 1986 which meant that we were E.U. oriented and "de facto governed" since the late 70s, you know the rest of the story.

So I don't think there are "financers" but there are "ideologues" who are much, much more dangerous. And they are in our media, schools, parliament etc... The problem is the left, not the ones who have money. I would like to hear your conclusions from this.

PS - No, you're not wrong because while that is nothing in America, in Europe it will cost your future and you know a priori that you will not gather many supporters and that the EU/leftist parties will end you whenever they want.