Thursday, September 25, 2008

Al-Andalus is Reverting to Islam

The Iberian Peninsula is one of the lost lands of Araby, a glorious memory, a thorn in the flesh of the modern Muslim world, a part of Arabia Irredenta. Osama bin Laden has declared the recovery of al-Andalus to be one of his goals. Maps used in Arabic-language teaching materials often show southern Spain and Portugal as a part of the Arab world.

Now it seems that an important strategy of the anti-Reconquista will be the conversion of Spain’s best and brightest to Islam. According to Islam Online:

Islam Comforts Spanish Intellectuals

By Al-Amin Andalusi, IOL Correspondent

Thousands of Spaniards, especially intellectuals, academics and anti-globalization activists, are finding comfort and solace in Islam.

“Embracing Islam is on the rise despite ferocious Western media campaigns,” Abdul-Nour Brado, the head of the Islamic Society of Catalonia, told

Map of al-Andalus

Estimates suggest that between 3,000 to 4,000 Catalonians accepted Islam recently.

“The numbers could be much higher than that,” Barado believes.

Local media reports have noted that intellectuals, academics and anti-globalization activists make up the bulk of the new Muslim reverts in Spain.

But how many are converted in the Spanish prison system? If Catalonia is anything like the USA and the UK, the conversion of violent felons in prison is a significant element of the Islamization strategy.
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Jihad, after all, is only one part of the process of Islamic expansion. Da’wa — outreach or proselytizing — is equally important.

Catalonians first embraced Islam in the 1960s and their numbers were quite few.

Now thousands of Catalonians are believed to have joined the fold of Islam.

The Spanish autonomous province of Catalonia covers an area of 31,950 km² with an official population of 6.3 million, and its capital is Barcelona.

It is home to around 100,000 Moroccan immigrants, which is attributed to the geographical proximity with Morocco.

The southern European country has an estimated Muslim minority of about at 1.5 million out of a total population of 40 million.


More Spaniards in the northern province of Palencia, in the northern part of the autonomous community of Castile and León, are also finding solace in Islam.

“Nearly 4,000 people in Palencia embrace Islam every year,” said Saed Al-Ruttabi, the head of the Islamic Council of Palencia.

He said many Spaniards start their soul-searching journey by delving deep into the Islamic faith.

“And when they do so, they discover that the faith is quite different from the perceptions they had.”

Al-Ruttabi noted that out of the 150,000 Muslims in Palencia, only 90,000 are of immigrant backgrounds.

“This reflects a global trend not only in Spain but across Europe and the US.”

But the rising number of reverts is creating a “cultural problem” in the southern European country.

A “revert” is what the rest of us would call a “convert”. Islamic doctrine insists that everyone is born a Muslim, but those of us who are unfortunate enough to grow up among infidels forget our true faith. Da’wa is the effort to remind the fallen of what they have forsaken.

“New Muslims tend not to attend prayers in the mosques of Muslim immigrants,” Barado said, attributing this to “cultural differences”.

“This is because the reverts believe that such mosques have become like social centers for immigrant Muslims.”

But Mohamed Halhul, a spokesman for the Islamic Cultural Council of Catalonia, sees a positive side.

“Differences between Muslim immigrants and new Muslims are a positive sign in a democratic country.”

A final note: the author of this article is Al-Amin Andalusi, or “Amin the Andalusian”.

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talnik said...

"Local media reports have noted that intellectuals, academics and anti-globalization activists make up the bulk of the new Muslim reverts in Spain.

But how many are converted in the Spanish prison system?"

I can think of a few "intellectuals, academics and anti-globalization activists" who should be tossed in jail...

Anonymous said...

It's only islamic propaganda.

I'm Catalan and the only Muslims I see in Catalonia are Morrocans, Pakistanis, Senegalese and Gambians. And yes, they're many in some areas. Too many, actually. We enjoy the same pleasures of multiculturalism that enrich the rest of Europe.

Some Catalans, teens the majority, wore the Palestinian scarf or keffiyeh.

But only because it was trendy.

Not because of the massive islamization among intellectuals Abdelnur Prado dreams about.

Althought it's true that when you saw someone wearing the Palestian scarf you knew it was a leftist pseudorevolutionary non-sense mumbler who hates himself for being European and for being a man. Maybe these are Abdelnur Prado's intellectuals?

In fact I've written "it was" because to wear it's no longer trendy.

And that's because Catalans know now much more about islam than before.

Abdelnur Prado is well known in Catalonia. He really tries to be the nice and smiling face of islam here on the media. But that doesnt mean he says anything worth listening, as you can see.

Maybe his frustration makes him say stupid lies.

I doubt Catalans, Basques, Galicians and Spaniards ever islamize. It's even difficult for us to live in the same State because of our strong temper, pride, languages and identities.

We also have a sort of a cultural and historic collective memory of centuries of islamic raids in our coasts and cities, to enslave their inhabitants, until the XVIII century. About how the Catalans fought back islam in our nation and then all over the Mediterranian as far as Greece, in Constantinoble, in the XIV century.

Catalan armies -almogàvers- were the last European armies to fight it's way deep into Anatolia chasing the Turks. After the Catalans only the Greeks were able to do it again, in the 1920's.

Abdelnur Prado should know we wont surrender to islam without fighting. We wont submit to islam. Even if all the dumb antifas from Germany come down here. They're a useless bunch of brainless.

I'm a young man and wont apologize for being European and to oppose not only islamization but any attempt to dissolve Europe's identity and peoples in the name of a false diversity.

I really appreciate the great work of GoV and other blogs.

Anonymous said...

Embracing Islam is on the rise despite ferocious Western media campaigns

What media campaigns? I see no organized media response against Islamization. If anything, Western media support it.

thll said...

The spread of Islam in prisons puts me in mind of Nester Webster's book about the French Revolution and the part criminals played in it.

Afonso Henriques said...

Me too believes this is propaganda.

"I doubt Catalans, Basques, Galicians and Spaniards ever islamize. It's even difficult for us to live in the same State because of our strong temper, pride, languages and identities."

You could just say: Due to our cultural differences and Nations.

And what is wrong in Spain is the system that alouds the Socialist to hold the power eternally (unless they do it real bad).
In no other European Nation the vote is more ethnic than in Spain, doesn't matter how much we want to cover that. And also, if it was not the ethnic vote, it would be the great differences that come from the Civil War of the 30s, also influenced by the ethnic factor.
Now, notice:
In this Peninsula, the South votes to the left, like in the States the costs vote for the left. More, there is also that problem that great cities are more leftist.

But notice that, while in Portugal, the Southern half of the country (Alentejo and Peninsula de Setubal but excluding the Algarve which has many "Northern" arrivals and has suffered great change in what development concerns) comprises only 10% of the people, in Spain, olny Andaluzia is 20% of the Spanish State.

The Basque Country, Aragon and Catalonia are more than 20% of the population and there are always the 10% of Third Worlders...

That is 50%. You see, those are the bastions of the left in Spain. If only Spain could give them independence, the people would turn to the right (as the Basques do voting in the Basque National Party whenever the ETA does not strikes during elections; and the Catalonians in a smaller scale...) and the "true" regions of "Spain", that is Castilla and such... they already vote to the right.

The right in Spain will always looking for the Centre because 30% of the vote is "ethnical" and 20% of the vote is of Andalusians (Historically leftist).

Western Initiatives said...

"Intellectuals, academics, and anti-globalisation activists" are converting to Islam? If true, the stage is being set for another civil war in Spain.

Wouldn't it be ironic if, in the event of conflict, the Socialist regime ferried Muslim troops from North Africa to Spain to take on the Spanish people, a la Franco?

We've been here before.

Anonymous said...

Afonso Henriques,

Yes, probably most of Catalans and Basques and many Galicians won't answer "Spaniard" if asked about their nationality.

But that's not the point here.

We're all Europeans.

We're all branches of the same tree.

We share the same deep and ancient roots; Celtic, Greek, Germanic and specially Roman -Indoeuropean roots, in synthesis-.

We also share the ancestors of Basques. Probably one of Europe's oldest nations. Not only were already here when the Indoeuropeans first arrived but, before that, populated all the atlantic coast of Europe up to Scandivania following the receding last Ice age.

In northern Catalonia, in the Pyrenees, a language directly related to modern Basque was spoken as late as the XII century. Mountains, rivers, lakes and village names there have still today it's unequivocal sound. It's inhabitants populated the land to the south being freed from islam.

If the tree dies we all die.

And now the tree is being viciously attacked by a well known and oportunistic parasite -islam- that makes it's best of this tree weakened by the leftist-multiculturalist ideology.

Leftist-multiculturalist ideology is the result of rotting leftist-marxist ideology in it's strict sense, the result of it's fail.

From class war to ethnocultural war, from the evil bourgeois to the evil European white man.

From revolution to plain nihilistic ethnocultural massochism and suicide.

As you probably noticed with the brainless antifas enthusiastically defending a religion that antagonizes almost everything they say to defend and overtly despises European civilization as inferior to islam.

Their aim it's no longer any social transformation but simply the destruction of Europe.

Every time it gets more simplistic, reductionist, foolish.

I'm guilty for being European, for being a man, for being white. I must disappear, sacrifice myself to pay for all the sins -real or false, it doesn't matter- of Europeans. That's what they say.

Isn't it simply sick?

Multiculturalists like talking about diversity. But always forget about European peoples.

Aren't European peoples an expression of human diversity so worth of having a future and developing freely our identity as any other in the world?

Afonso Henriques said...


"But that's not the point here.
We're all Europeans.
We're all branches of the same tree.
We share the same deep and ancient roots; Celtic, Greek, Germanic and specially Roman -Indoeuropean roots, in synthesis-."

"If the tree dies we all die (...) Every time it gets more simplistic, reductionist, foolish."

Man, I wholehartedly agree with you. You have a clear vision of the problem and what is coming in our direction.
But, I want to say that I was not saying that those or that ones are "more" this than the others.

But I see things over another prisma.
Take this. The South of the Peninsula will note vote to the right soon (500 to 800 years of muslim colonisation, plus a very tyranic "Christian Colonisation" almost with slaves and masters made clear that they would support leftist ideas like the operarians once did. Due to Historical factors). That is 20% of Spain. Then, you have plus 10% of ethnic immigrants who will not vote in a party that does not support the destruction of Europe. That is 30%.

Then, you have you Catalans and the Basques. Why the way do you vote so much to the left?

You see. Due to this little nonsenses, Spain has to deal with leftist governments and worst than that, the mainstream right (the PP) will be atracted more and more to the left.

All the area of Castilla, León, La Mancha, Cantabria, even the Valencian comunity vote majority to the right. The Galicians also, because their "Nationalistic" parties are all extreme-leftist... so, you see. Howcome.

Are you telling me that if Catalonia and Pays Basque had a state only for their own that they would not vote to the right. In name of the maintenence of their costumes and people? Their, your, interests?

From this little corner what I see is that when it is time to vote the Catalans and the Basques say:
We care about our interests, not the "Spanish" interests, first.

How would Zapatero rule in Spain (man, Spain!!! Castillans are a proud and arrogant people!!) if he was not pushing all the times to divide Spain:
- Civil War
- Religion
- Immigration
- Islam was good
- Abortion
- Gay Marriages
- Monkey's rights
- Nationalisms
- Latin America (It was the king who had to get His hands dirty with the bad educated indian) (I saw here in a debate on TV - prós e contras, I don't know if you know it - a "Zapaterianist Spanish" saying this and that and then there was a man, a typical Spanish, with a voice of a Count who said: You should be ashame of your prime minister, he should be there to support all the Spaniards and should not have said that he'is on the "antípodas" of a fellow democratic high ranking "official" to a Third world dictator)

well, as you see, I have already lost myself in the middle of too many words.

But the situation in Spain is surreal. The problem... it's like a mini E.U. you see, there is a divide and conquer mantra

P.S. - And that ETA attacks, that sure got the Basques away from the PNV...