Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Post-Mortem on Cologne, Part 5

AMDG was in Cologne yesterday, and has posted an extensive and detailed account of what he witnessed. He has included dozens of excellent photographs, and, since I haven’t borrowed any of them, I recommend that you visit his blog to get the sense of what happened at the aborted Pro-Köln conference.

Here are some excerpts from what he wrote:

A personal account of yesterday’s demo in Köln: Antifas block access to a demo: “We are the authority”.

My colleague A [I will use initials as I do not know whether the persons mentioned want to be identified] and I arrived at 10:30 in Cologne. We had gone by car and parked to the other side of the river in Deutz neighbourhood (to the right in the map attached). Please note that the name of the tram-underground station is Deutzer Freiheit, which means the Deutz Freedom. This is very ironical. There is no more freedom in Germany, or in Cologne, or in Deutz of course. I am afraid that only a miracle could save us, or a very severe economic crisis that wakes up the citizens.

Our original plan was to cross the river and reach the Heumarkt, which was just to the other side. I phoned G, who I was going to meet, and who was already at Heumarkt. I was utterly naïve indeed thinking that I could meet her on the spot: there was no way to cross the river. The tram connexion was cancelled and the bridge was blocked by a line of antiriot police (we would later see in the afternoon, when we were able to cross it back, that it was full of police vans). Furthermore, the bridgehead was taken by some 100 or 200 “antifas”. I think that there could be around 5000 in total, including fellow travellers and Gutmensch. Please note that all the figures given are my own non-expert estimations.

We took a picture to a banner, and then tried to make some portraits of the antifas, but they told us unfriendly not to do it. The antifas were the usual brainless scum that you can expect. All in black, most with sunglasses and many with the collar or the hood of the pullover covering their mouth or head. I took some pictures of the groups from a safe distance.
- - - - - - - - -

It was obviously not possible to enter the Heumarkt. I tried one of the narrow streets of the old city; there was a line of antifas with black clothing and sun glasses. They have even dared to place one of those plastic red-white stripes in front of them. I told one of them that I wanted to cross, they say no way. One of them spoke Spanish, and I ask her whether she was any authority, she confirmed it “we are the authority”.

A line of anti-riot police agents was only two meters behind them. I can not find a better image of the creeping Eurabian fascism: The police not only do not confront them, they cover their backs. Alternatively, we may think that the antifa-lefty militants are just the stormtroupers (Sturmabteilung?) of the formal police. They have even an excuse: the demo was officially cancelled “after leftist opponents of the rally clashed with its right-wing backers”, says Reuters. Curiously those responsible for the violence could demonstrate and control the streets with police complacency.


Conclusions: The German political class succeeded in cracking the demo. The economic cost of the operation has been significant.

The political impact of the demo can only be confirmed in the next city elections. We will have to keep an eye to the immediate reactions in the following days.

The organisers were not able to hold the congress; we were not able to join the rally, but this is not important. We already know what any possible speech about the Islamización of Europe could say. That should not be our purpose, but to have an impact on the media. And we have had it, as never before. We should thank the counter demonstrants for that, without them, we would not have managed. But this cannot be a one-off event.

Read the rest at La Yijad en Eurabia.


AMDG said...

Thanks Baron,

Let me insist on the action points:

I think that we should repeat this rally every year. We need to show the Europeans that the Nazis and the fascists are the lefties. We can only make it by insisting.

We need to join also the counterdemo with banners showing verses of the Koran.

Czechmade said...

Think of the way they are thinking.
They show some flexibility in the street battles (it is the Bible to them), they took you by surprize. Next time take them by surprize.

I read proKoeln web, in fact they are planning to come back in 09 just before communal elections take place.

You need very young people with no history or foreigners like me to get their trust and gather facts - their arguments.

Do you know if I go to Berlin to live in a squatt I will be more trusted than any german guy with no contacts? They think I could not work for their police. A clear case of autophobia.

You should have rentet a baloon, the stones pelting would not help a lot. Or a little plane to pelt them with leaflets. Cologne is a catholic place just like mainz with a very strong tradition of carneval.

These idiots thought of this event as a sort of Volksfest. Make it a folk festival as well. It would be funny to use their black uniforms to pass multiple checkppoints and than changing your cloth...

Then you get ordinary mums and dads saying "Oh i did not know the fascists could be so funny and have such a sense of humor!"

During caneval they throw around some sweats. Do the same mixed with some sadistic fatwas wrapping the sweets. In fact during one carneval they enraged muslims by showing two identic islamic figures, one of them wearing machine gun.

The Germans are not lost, you have to know them, respect them and play with them in a sincere way.

I would use signs for banning the nazis AND antifas. "Koeln nazifree antifafree stadt" Or a picture of Hitler banned and Che Guevarra banned and Osama banned.

Or take a figure of Hitler with rope on his neck - they will let you through, then figure of Che with rope, mao, osama. and film who gets through. Then you have lot of material to show and ponder on.

Or what about "anti-violence ligue" in orange uniforms getting beaten by black antifas? Charming. Maybe they would not dare...Unknown new identity!

Hesperado said...

"I think that we should repeat this rally every year. We need to show the Europeans that the Nazis and the fascists are the lefties."

I agree. However, I strongly recommend one tactic, which I suspect the more red-blooded anti-jihadists among us will balk at when they read it:

All the participants in rallies on our side should behave in a completely pacifist manner, like the Ghandi non-violent rallies.

I say this not because I am a Pacifist, but purely for the PR (public relations) angle. The best way to highlight the fascistic thuggery of the Leftists/Muslims is for our side to consistently behave non-violently. If members of our side start scrapping with the Leftists, it too quickly and easily turns into an imbroglio that the news media will exploit by, in effect, portraying the event as a conflict in which "both sides" were unruly (or even they will minimize the violence of the Leftists, while maximizing the violence on our side).

Note: My suggestion here only pertains to demonstration rallies -- not to other situations where violent self-defense is appropriate.

Vlad Z. said...

Note: My suggestion here only pertains to demonstration rallies -- not to other situations where violent self-defense is appropriate.

Like The Protection of European People and Culture from leftists and Islamists? That would seem to be a situation that either now, or very soon, will require 'violent self-defense'.