Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Immigration Tsunami in Southern Europe

Readers are advised to keep an eye on the “Immigration” section of the news feed. I’m trying to separate immigration stories from the other European news stories. Each day there will be several articles in this section, and I don’t always list headlines for all of them, so go to the top article in “Immigration” and keep scrolling down.

The numbers and scope of illegal immigration into Italy, Spain, and Malta are nothing short of astounding. It’s a tremendous flood, and if you don’t read ANSA or AKI or some of the other small news services, you don’t hear much about it.

The policies of the European Union and its member states have induced an unprecedented migration from North Africa across the Mediterranean to the islands and southern coasts of Europe. Just check out four of the articles that will be in tonight’s news feed:

A news story from the other day said that the recent patrols between Libya and Lampedusa have only encouraged more people to take to the boats, because the traffickers quickly learned that if they dump their charges into the sea near the coast, the Italian patrol boats will pick them up and take them to the holding centers on the island. Once safely in EU territory, they are willing to take their chances on gaming the system as so many have before them, with the aim of obtaining residency status.

Here’s what Fjordman had to say on this topic in an email earlier today:
- - - - - - - - -
The entire European continent is completely out of control. Of course, so is the USA and the rest of the West, but it’s more acute here since so many of the newcomers are Muslims. There is extremely heavy media censorship on these issues, and the EU makes the problem much, much more dangerous through its pro-Islamic policies and dismantling of national border controls. Without enforced national borders we cannot keep illegal immigrants/hostile colonists out, and since we’re hamstrung by excessive human rights and anti-discrimination legislation, we cannot expel those who are already here. This system will sooner or later collapse into civil wars or totalitarian dictatorships. We’re being crushed and annihilated by the largest and fastest population movements in human history, and this is cheered by our media as something to celebrate. The authorities are desperate to convince us that we “need” these immigrants.

The irony is that we are now told that it is “inevitable” that sharia law will be accepted by the judicial system in our countries, just as it recently has been in Britain. Not to accept this would violate the legitimate “human rights” of the “minorities,” which would upset them and create “tensions.” And we wouldn’t want that, would we? So “human rights” equals “sharia,” nothing more and nothing less. This is why I have warned against making “defense of human rights and democracy” the battle cry for defending European civilization. “Human rights” will and are being used by the Commies, the Muslims and other Globalists to turn our countries into an obedient dumping ground for the excess population growth of other countries. Native Europeans are white, which means that we don’t have human rights. We have no rights in own our countries; everybody else does. Europeans invented human rights, modern medicine and communications, and this is now used by our enemies to multiply, invade our lands, colonize, enslave and eradicate us. Somebody up there has a dark sense of humor…

Europe, take note: your future is climbing into those boats on the Barbary Coast and landing on your southern shores. No civilization in history has ever experienced in peacetime such a massive and rapid influx of migrants from another culture.

This will not end well.


Joanne said...

Instead of the Italians picking the immigrants up, they should start shooting them on sight - voila, no more problem. If the traffickers can dump them in the water in hopes that the immigrants will be picked up, then the Italians can shoot them on sight, in hopes that they'll know better than to let the traffickers dump them into the water in the first place.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I have no problem what-so-ever to upset those mussies. They can all stick up their heads where the sun does not shine for all I care.

Afonso Henriques said...

Concerning sharia law.

From the end of the Reconquista to edicts of expulsion and the cleaness of blood laws, here sharia law was acceptable among the "Mourarias" (muslim neighbourhoods). And it is inevitable, the better we can do it's to recognise it.

The gypsies also have traditionally lived according to their own "sharia", to their own law, I think in all of Europe.

The Jews... I don't know, but, they also have lived in Europe according to their culture. Here they lived in "Judiarias" (Jewish neighbourhoods) and with the edicts of expulsion and the cleaness of blood laws, only the rich stayed, out of the Judiarias they came. Though, Jews continued to congregate and to built there culture, for instance, I have a book only about Jewish profecies in Portugal and Sapin...

What is important is TO ASSURE THAT THIS ALTERNATIVE LAWS ARE NOT USED AGAINST non-muslims, non-gypsies, etc, that means, US!
For instance, why not let the muslims keep their sharia to solve their problems - as they will do anyway - while having our own law as supreme? Both for us and the muslims?

This would even be better because then the muslims would stop to infiltrate sharia in the European bodies of law. That is the real problem.


"Both parties must unite"
John McCain, the next American President.

It apears he is quiet an EurpeanUnion-o-phile.

Homophobic Horse said...

"Native Europeans are white, which means that we don’t have human rights. "

This is demagogic, populist and a flat out empirical falsehood. It is not formally true, it is not defacto true, the best I will grant is that there are sinister movements in the psychology of the Europeanists. But that is all.

xlbrl said...

You make a wonderful reminder--Jews lived in Europe under their own law for centuries, and Gypsys still do.
Of course, the difference with Islam if obvious. Jews and Gypsys had no interest whatever in your conversion. Islam, to be charitable, does.

Proud Infidel said...

Good stuff, Baron. The inmigrant tsunami, specially the Islamic one, is a threat to all, and it desrves special attention.

I'm distressed by the situation in Europe at so many levels. In Italy a coalition came into power on concerns about inmigration, yet this same coalition approved the Lisbon Treaty which guarantees the problem will get worst. Sarkozi in France talked a good game, but since coming to power he's just shown himself to be just another member of the EU mob currently running the continent into the ground. The people who claimed they would try to fix the situation have turned out to be frauds from what I see.

And sadly, in the US despite the strong will of the people to halt illegal inmigration, both parties have continued to drag their feet and maintain business as usual. We need more Tom Tancredos.