Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cashing in on the Refugee Trade

We just received the following spam email from the firm 5E Ltd in London. I’m not sure why they chose Gates of Vienna as a recipient. Maybe one of their bots picked us up because of the frequency count on our site for the words “Pakistani”, “asylum”, “immigrant”, and “Finsbury Park”…?

Well, here it is, anyway, for those of our readers who happen to be refugees living in North London:

Refugees into Employment

5E Ltd is offering a range of different, new programs, tailored for the refugee community of the following Boroughs of North London: Haringey, Enfield and Barnet.

If you have a full refugee status and live in one of the areas listed above drop by and enrol at Selby Centre.

Our programmes aim to help you in the following areas:

  • Early integration and settlement through work experience.
  • English language skills through accredited vocational ESOL training.
  • Vocational training and qualifications.
  • Professional Job Search help.
- - - - - - - - -
Please call or drop by.

Monday to Friday, 10:00AM to 5:00PM. You will need to bring your passport or id card with you.

Address: Selby Centre, Selby Road, London, N17 8JL
Look for George in the North side of the Building, 2nd Floor, Room T11.

See map and traveling instructions here: http://www.nvq-customer-service.co.uk/contact.htm
Email: georgek@fivee.co.uk
Tel: 07942 754 959


. said...

Hey, I thought all Muslim immigrants in Britain wanted to be slum-dwelling, infidel-killing, women-brutalizing, dole-receiving, neighborhood-segregated Jihadis.

At least that's what Gates of Vienna, Fjordman, Archonix, and Lionheart have told me!

By the way, I have a new blog, lgfbannedandblocked.blogspot.com. And, Baron and Dymphna, you will NOT be featured. Why? Because, believe it or not, you have not been blocked yet!

Of course with the Lizard Tyrant's spy network, that may change soon when this post is published!

Baron Bodissey said...


Actually, Charles did block both our accounts during the VB/SD crisis late last year, right after Dymphna defended Vlaams Belang and argued so strongly against him in the LGF comments. The day it happened, both of us checked our logins, and we could no longer get in.

A couple of days later, Charles announced that neither of us been blocked, and that we could comment there any time we liked. Presumably he re-activated our accounts just so that he could say this.

But neither of us has attempted to log in since then; we're not interested.

I didn't talk about it at the time, because there was no way I could prove that we'd been blocked, so why bother?

You can either believe me or not, but we were banned from LGF, and then un-banned when it was expedient for him to do so.

Fjordman said...

I was specifically blocked from LGF, but like the Baron, I have no interest in logging in now, anyway. As long as they post stuff about CAIR and others I suppose they are doing something useful. We should ignore them as much as possible.

But yes, displacing the natives in Western Europe has by now become a major industry, which is of course financed by us. And if we refuse, the though police will silence us. As the latest OFFICIAL sharia courts indicate, Britain has now not just culturally but also formally and legally surrendered to its new Islamic masters. The political elites will put up no resistance whatsoever.

It would be interesting to speculate, though, what will happen if we do get a global economic meltdown, which looks increasingly likely.

Joanne said...

"Hey, I thought all Muslim immigrants in Britain wanted to be slum-dwelling, infidel-killing, women-brutalizing, dole-receiving, neighborhood-segregated Jihadis."

Are you referring to those Muslim terrorist doctors who attempted a bombing plot at the Glasglow airport? Seems to me, that having or wanting a job has nothing to do with whether Muslims are Jihadis or not. It is pretty difficult to take over a nation, if you haven't integrated into society and put yourselves into positions where it is only a matter of time and not firepower before full scale submission is achieved of the British people.

Look if your prophet is Mohammed, you have serious issues that having a job is not going to change or alter.

Fjordman said...

Britain is one of the worst countries in the Western world right now, which says a lot given how bad many of the others are. Britain belongs to a growing group of nations where the authorities have more or less formally surrendered to Islamic rule, openly promote Islamic "culture" and harass those who resist. One could add Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and probably France to that list, and it keeps growing. Norway, Spain, Austria, Germany and other countries are not too far behind.

The interesting question is this: Are the political elites merely appeasing Islam (which they certainly are doing), or are they actively promoting and expropriating Islam for their own ends? Islam has been used as a tool of domination by ruling elites since it was created. Maybe that's happening in the EU as well?

Here is the Iranian ex-Muslim Ali Sina in his book Understanding Muhammad:

"Islam was an instrument of domination. After Muhammad, others used his cult for the very same purpose. Muslims become like putty in the hands of those leaders who invoke Islam. Mirza Malkam Khan (1831-1908), an Armenian who converted to Islam and together with Jamaleddin Afghani launched the idea of an ‘Islamic Renaissance’ (An-Nahda), had a slogan of unrivaled cynicism: ‘Tell the Muslims something is in the Qur’an, and they will die for you.’ On his deathbed, Muhammad urged his followers not to remain idle, and exhorted them to push on and continue their jihad to conquest. Genghis Khan gave a similar command to his sons on his deathbed. He told them he desired to conquer the world, but that since he could no longer do it, they should fulfill his dream. The Mongols, like Muslims, were terrorizors. For the narcissist, all that matters is to win. They have no conscience. For them, lives of other humans are cheap."

"If any culture needs to be preserved, it is the Western, Helleno-Christian culture. It is this culture that is facing extinction. It is to this culture alone that we owe the Enlightenment, Renaissance, and democracy. These are the foundations of our modern world. It would be a terrible mistake not to preserve this culture. If we do nothing, we face a future where democracy and tolerance will fade and Islam’s more primitive instincts will subjugate humanity. All cultures are not made equal. A doctrine that advocates subjugation of women and minorities is not equal to a culture that promotes equality of all people irrespective of their beliefs, gender and race. Islam is not a culture. It is the antithesis of culture. It is barbarity, savagery and incivility. Islamic civilization is an oxymoron, while Islamic terrorism is redundancy. We owe our freedom and modern civilization to Western culture. It is this culture that is now under attack and needs protection."

X said...

slum-dwelling, infidel-killing, women-brutalizing, dole-receiving, neighborhood-segregated Jihadis.

By and large that's what they do. Nobody has said they all want to be on the dole, though it seems to be the main reason they come here. Everything else... yeah, they do that. Unlike jews or hindus they self-segregate on purpose. Unlike poles or czechs they don't interact with outsiders unless they absolutely need to. They create little mini-states where they settle and carry out their own laws and culture inside them, which includes brutalising women and, if not killing then at least posing threats to "infidels".

Which is a long-winded way of saying, you've missed the point. In my brief stint at Manchester City Council Adult Education Services (if an ESOL student can say that in one go they pass the course) I noticed one thing: despite the large number of non-speakers of english amongst muslim populations in greater manchester there were very few applying for ESOL or other similar services. All the names were east european. Most Muslims don't want to learn about us except that necessary to subdue us.

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Intersting posts indeed.