Saturday, September 20, 2008

Black Protesters Heckle Obama with KKK Signs

Barack Hussein was heckled by protesters yesterday during a speech in Coral Gables, Florida:

From the notes accompanying the video:

Barack Obama’s rally at the University of Miami was briefly interrupted today after a dozen or so protestors began to wave homemade signs.

The group of mostly African American men held signs that read, Blacks against Obama, Jesse Jackson hates Obama, Obama for abortions, Obama for gay marriage and Obama endorsed by the KKK.

They are said to be part of a Miami based group called Michael Warns.

Very weird.

Hat tip: DJ.

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Anonymous said...

I just looked into the Michael Warns website.

and also

Very odd idiosyncratic stuff.

He (whoever he is) seems to have a sense of the huge modern state as the enemy of the black man, or something like that, and seems to have B. Hussein pegged as the agent of the modern monster state. At least he got that part right.

But there's other stuff on the site which is just, well ... weird -- like the assertion that women outnumber men by 40:1 -- assuming I read that right.

Here's a sample:


When America gave women the right to vote. How? Because they out number men 40 to 1, women have the voting power in
numbers, the majority. There are two hundred and sixty million people in America. Black LILITH has a thirty million person
block vote. Other nations of people consist of two hundred million people but they are separated. Ex. There are five million
Irish, seven million Germans, eight million Scots etc. They all vote against each other, then LILITH the evil woman takes her
thirty million block vote and join on to the women of other nations of the two hundred million voters under so called women
issues, out numbering men completely. When she is grown 6+6+6=18. She takes the power of 666 in Rev. 13:18 being the
majority in America. She takes her numbers and vote her men in who will do her will, and make the laws in her favor. Ex.
Deut.19: 15-20 says you must have two witnesses to bring charges against anybody but now look at America. One woman can
say you said something sexually negative to her eight years ago and destroy you. Rom 1:25 says who changed GODS TRUTH
into a LIE to worship the creature (LILITH) instead of GOD. But fret not for Dan. 7:9 says, “I beheld till the thrones were cast
down (LILITH’s MEN that she put in power through her majority mob rule votes).”

He's almost sort of on to something in a weird way, about the dangers of untrammeled democracy ... but WAY out there.


At least he hates Obama.

shazam73 said...

First off I'd like to inform the people who visit this site that the Klan did not endorse Barack. That was a rumor originating from a satirical piece in an english tabloid called the daily squib. Secondly why is this site so anti-muslim? And lastly why do you hate Obama