Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Islamization of Brazil

I received an email today from SP, a Brazilian woman who is now living in Europe. She gave me permission to publish it:

Dear Baron B.,

Mosque in São PauloI am half-Brazilian, born there and my father was Brazilian, and half-Italian my mother is Italian. So I can’t be a racist! I am a mixture. I can’t be religiously motivated, since I am a atheist. I cannot be a European extremist; I am partly a newcomer here!

I am an aeronautical-mechanical engineer, with a masters in nuclear science and a PhD in material science and aeronautical-nuclear engineering; my research was a mix of these fields. I got my PhD at Budapest University of Technology and Economy.

So I am a defender of Western culture and women’s rights, I am a woman, and I love European culture! That’s why I am in Europe. Now that I am here, I want to adapt, I want to be a part of it. I came here for Europe, not to change Europe into Brazil. And I do not want to change Brazil into Europe. That’s why I have solidarity with your site!

I wish for Europe to be Europe and not Eurabia. Whoever wants that should go to live in the Arabic world. And not bring that world here! If I can help to defend Europe and west culture I will do so, even against any physical security for me. Because there will be no more security anyway for me to live under an Islamic culture.

I was a leftist, and I have only one thing to say to them: come to live in an ex-Communist country. Now I live in Hungary. I was a leftist when I first came here. It is easy to be a leftist and “so-called pseudo-intellectual” when you are only theorizing. Freedom is as important as bread for the human being!
- - - - - - - - -
I use to write manifestos about these subjects to myself because I get so alarmed by the events on our society. I need to express even if it is myself reading it.

In Brazil there are one million Muslims. It used to be they would come and adapt, mingle and be part of society like Jews and any others adopting our way of life. They had come for our society.

But the good times are over! Now those one million do not wish to adapt; the women use the veil and insult the native women; the men are arrogant towards the other Brazilian women.

Could anyone in this world imagine a Carnaval with women dressed in burkas? Of course it wouldn’t be Carnaval at all!

There is even a Muslin University in Brazil. At the Foreign Affairs Ministry, it can be seen at the website, a section dedicated to Arabian Relations but there is none to any other culture. Of course petro-dollars must be involved with that.

Do you know that the wife of Brazilian Ambassador in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was slapped in the face because she lifted her veil in a drugstore? What was done? Nothing! It should be an international scandal with official apologies and the withdrawal of our embassy! How by the human intelligence can this happen?

I have lots more to tell as well based on my real experience as a woman. I lived in France, The Netherlands, and other countries. I know what I am talking about. It is not theory. It is life experience!

— SP


Rocha said...

Well, Brazil has a loooooonnnnggg way to become part of Eurabia, but the ideas are already here. Leftism in Brazil is very strong in the educational system, specially in the universities, the truth is we have now no more will to live than europe. It's strange to note that the early arabs that came in Brazil DID assimilate, both the muslim AND the cristian. Of course it was easier to the cristians but well we assimilated even the japanese (in a time when the japanese were as alien to us as now the muslims are)but there already signs. I had never seen a burka or a veiled woman untill a few years back, now they are still very rare sight but they exist. Is this an early sign? I don't know. But i doubt. Is much more probable that we became something like Venezuela...

Hesperado said...

To SP, the writer of this letter:

"Could anyone in this world imagine a Carnaval with women dressed in burkas? Of course it wouldn’t be Carnaval at all!"

I've always wondered, what do Muslims who live in Rio do during Carnaval? Do they stay indoors and hide under the blankets until all the naked pagan dancers leave?

A couple of years ago I wrote a little essay around this subject:

Branco, Preto, Mulato


Afonso Henriques said...

Yes Rocha, when Lula is your president and I am not aware of any viable right wing political party in Brazil, you should arm yourself to fight Bolivarianism...

islam is the last of your problems...

Olavo de Carvalho... that's a Brazilian I've been reading. An ex-communist one. Good man.

Czechmade said...

You see...a leftist spent some time in the fairy land you call "Eastern Europe" and suddenly has the clue.

What I try to suggest and it falls on deaf have a lot to learn here about totalitarian something, resistance et al, how to dissolve leftists (she is a good example).

Apart of that having no muslims here, we should consider this part of Europe as a strategic asset to do more. We can easily harbour ex-muslims and make them work in the way ruining not only islam in the West but also in the islamic homelands. Iran is a great tip for self-unfolding apostasy. Who works on this? Nobody. Who studies Iran as a apostasy superpower? Nobody.
Maybe few protestant preachers...

Who promotes democratic minds in Iran? None of us. And they show great deal of resistance on regular basis. Do we comment on that in our media? Rarely.

If you start worrying about Iranians, you start playing global politics (like the mullahs try to do) and show your muscles. Just go further - behind Ajami case.