Monday, September 22, 2008

More Reports from Cologne

From a would-be participant in Pro-Köln from the UK:

Back late last night. The event (both days) was chaotic. Obviously someone in the police department had leaked all our programme as we were blocked at every step. I tried to accompany B. [an Italian] to the Friday private meeting, but we were blocked by loonies, and the police, instead of protecting us, sent us all away. B., as you can imagine, was furious! The same thing happened in the evening when we all tried to meet up again for dinner. The proprietor of one establishment, a bierkeller on the banks of the Rhine, threw us all out when he realized who we were. B. was a star. Asked him if his name was Adolf and then stood up on a wall outside the restaurant and gave an impromptu, rousing speech to all the assembled Germans to great effect.

From a member of Vlaams Belang:

Cologne Broken Window on the Rhine shipI was stuck at the train station of the airport of Bonn-Köln with approximately 400 supporters of Pro Köln (about half of them Flemish). Filip Dewinter was there, Andreas Mölzer (MEP for the Austrian FPÖ) and Henry Nitsche (German member of Parliament, ex CDU). The police made us wait three hours before announcing the banning of the meeting. All in all, I was relieved they didn’t put us on a train to the main station, because it would have been a slaughtering.

There was an improvised press conference in one of the halls of the airport, and Markus Beisicht (Pro Köln), Dewinter, Mölze and Nitsche spoke to their supporters.

Below the fold are two more photos.
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Filip Dewinter (front center; I don't know who else is pictured here) in front of a banner sponsored by the blog Politically Incorrect:

Cologne: Filip Dewinter

Update: a Belgian reader supplies the names of the other people in the above photo:

At the left in the picture with Dewinter is Henry Nitzsche, member of the German Parliament, former Christian Democrat, now independent

Video link

Behind Nitzsche (barely visible) is Philip Claeys, VB MEP. Black-haired woman between Nitzsche and Dewinter is Hilde Delobel, member of the Flemish Parliament (VB). Next to her, behind Dewinter is Andreas Molzer, Austrian MEP.

Folks from Politically Incorrect with another banner:

Cologne banner

Translation: The new fascism does not say: “I am fascism.” It says: “I am anti-fascism.” (Ignazio Silone — Socialist)


thll said...

The authorities must be terrified to have acted in this way. I wonder, is the concern at the rise of Islam in Europe amongst the general public greater than we think? The authorities will know more about this than we do - why else would they conspire to stop the demonstration? Why not let it go ahead and then minimise and ridicule it via the mass media - like they often do with significant statements of opposition? Maybe the establishment knew it would have had a more sympathetic audience than they would have liked - so they stopped it. But if that's the case what about the negative effects (ie from the point of view of the establishment) of the ban?

Any thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

I suspect that everybody knows that the islamist threat is worse than has been acknowledged by the establishment and its friends in the press and the academy.

I don't think there's any secret threat, just an unmentioned one.

Only the resistance is openly acknowledging what most people already know.

I think that what terrifies the politicos is the prospect of losing their jobs if they are seen as inadequately supportive of EU policy -- not islamist violence per se.

They do not want to be seen as allowing the opposition to capture the public's attention and gain a voice in the public debate.

But it's a job security problem, not a public security problem.

Thorum said...

Like it says at the top of the page, "We are in a new phase of a very old war." Let's just keep doing the right thing and we can overcome this latest Muslim invasion.

Afonso Henriques said...

BNP? VB? Pro-Koln?

Lega Nord, maybe, the rest, no thanxs. Some months ago I read that Lega Nord and such had succeeded in Italy because Italy was never fully PCised like the rest of Europe. Italy had always its pride. And when it was not National it was Roman, Sicilian, "Padanian", whatever... the animal was alive... Maybe that's it.

I've never heard news from Switzerland after the SVP had won elections there, I don't know if they're better or not.

I came to a conclusion. Yes, we are winning the information war. Our supporters rose now from 14% to 15%; Our sympatizers are now 20% but what we'll need is a pure revolution. It will happen, my words are prophetical.

I can see clearly now the rain is gone...

Hesperado said...

Reading all these dispatches from the Cologne S.N.A.F.U., I have the feeling I am living through a moment of great historical import, a pivot in time that will be looked back on by historians as a crucial seminal event at the beginning of World War 3.

Meanwhile, Robert Spencer has been keeping his fastidious and morally pure distance, deigning to condescend from on high only once, in a posting yesterday, but even then framing his descent from moral purity in terms of maintaining his white suit unsoiled and confirming his trapeze-artist balance above the fray by having inserted his latex-glove-protected finger into the sphincter of the situation, taken a smell of its "fascist" "connections" to remind him and his readers of the Only Permissible Stance to Take -- then proceeded to ignore Cologne once again.

Within the comments section of that JW article, a reader named "Infidel Pride" engaged in a nice mini-dialogue with Spencer, in which the former handily reproved the latter for his faulty logic, and alluded pertinently to the counter-productive nature of that faulty logic.

Joanne said...

"The new fascism does not say: “I am fascism.” It says: “I am anti-fascism.”"

Reminds me of the 'anti-Islamic' activity in Britain perpetrated by members of Islam....just try and figure that one out.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I think Joeblough is on to something here. Except for a select very few like the Rotschilds who does exactly know what they are doing, most of those puppets are more afraid of losing their positions and become social pariahs than that of the muslim invasion taking place in front of their eyes. Eyes wide shut in Kubrick-terminology.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Afonso, I can tell you from investigation of others and my own experience that Vlaams Belang are just fine. They're big, which is why their socialist opponents try to smear them in every possible way.

But they are, in every nook and corner, a nice, conservative party working for Rule of Law, (relatively) free markets and civil liberties.

They are fully mainstream, taking a large share of the Flemish vote, and their main political purpose is that of Flemish independence from Belgium.

CVF has extensive documentation on the slurs thrown against VB.