Saturday, September 20, 2008

Further First-Hand Reports from Cologne

Aviel left additional comments on the earlier threads about Pro-Köln with these first-hand descriptions of what happened in Cologne today:

I would like to say that I was beaten on Einbahnstrasse for trying to get to Heumarkt. The police would love to report that “only dozens made it”, when in fact they sat and watched as I was dragged about and beaten for trying to get to the conference. They sat and allowed the Antifa to attack another man, well into his sixties, who also tried to cross through their (Antifa’s) illegal street blockades. The police aided the violence, they did not stop it.

Anyway I have video and photo documentation for (GoV) if you are interested in posting it. I would also like to send a timeline and article over covering the events on Friday and those which are continuing as we speak. I have rested up and we are headed back out into the night to get some more footage of the madness. As I said, it is really a dark night for Germany and for Cologne.

Yes, please. Photos, video, more text. Send to

Later reports:
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It has truly gone berserk here. I love the way the report talks about “a few stones” hurled at our boat. It is really interesting around here and it is sure to get more interesting as the night goes on. As I said before, these bastards are not going to be satisfied with just halting our conference. I believe they are looking for a bit more action.

By the way, I forgot to add that the police have removed the air cover which had been present for most of the day and a large number of the police have pulled back to the right side of the Rhine. This in spite of more and more Antifa pouring over the bridge towards the left side. In fact, the only arrests of leftists I have witnessed is when the police themselves were personally attacked.