Thursday, September 18, 2008

Recipients of the Oriana Fallaci Prize

I just received from the Associazione Una Via Per Oriana a list of the prize winners from last weekend’s Counterjihad Europe 2008 conference in Florence.

Allocation of “The Oriana Fallaci Prize 2008”

The “Jury of the Oriana Fallaci Prize” acknowledges and awards:

Alexandre Del Valle, writer, for the qualities of his studies relative to European Society, in the certainly that he contributes also to the culture and the society of his country of origin.
On. Alfredo Mantovano, for his contribution to the founding principles of Society and Democracy, for conducting his political role with great firmness as well as great human sensibility.
Don Baget Bozzo, for the passion of his engagement of faith and the ability to propagate the message and its associated studies to both believers and secularists, the Church, the political world and civil society.
The Hon. Filip Dewinter, for his courage, the quality of his work for his Party and the association which he founded in a Nation in crisis from a multiculturalist Europe, in spite of being the target for deeply unjust political criticism.
The Hon. Geert Wilders, for his political activity, the courage and the artistic quality in producing his important film, Fitna.
On. Gianluca Pini, for the quality of his political engagement and his cultural references. It is difficult to find in a Deputy both political acumen and personal integrity.
Robert Spencer, for his ability to focus and maintain world attention on Jihad and Dhimmitude, for the courage with which he writes, lives and works.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, what will Charles Johnson say about this? Robert Spencer is now officially a fascist too!

X said...

In best media fashion I expect he'll simply ignore it.

Seems to be an interesting mixture of winners.