Monday, September 22, 2008

A Warm Welcome for Mad Jad in NYC

As you may remember, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is in New York City right now for his speech at the UN.

I just received the following press release from the organizers of a rally to be held in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Thursday. Their purpose is to counter the love-feast mounted by the dhimmi appeasers of Ahmadinejad, who will be inside the hotel at the same time, lavishing their attention on the Dear Leader from Tehran.

Anybody who can be there on Thursday should take note of the details: September 25th, 6pm, East 42nd Street, near Lexington Avenue and Grand Central Station, New York City, NY.


Contact: Women United (212) 726-1124

Over 30 organizations to protest September 25 Ahmadinejad dinner-dialogue with U.S. “religious leaders”

New York City, September 22: Over 30 national organizations — including prominent Jewish and Christian leaders and political leaders — will mount a major protest across the street from the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City on Thursday, September 25 at 6 p.m., to counter a meeting by Iranian president Ahmadinejad with U.N. officials and “religious” leaders.

Over the weekend, national religious, human rights and public interest groups opposed to Iran’s stated plans for the destruction of Israel and America, proliferating nuclear weapons program, and brutal human rights violations, stepped up their efforts and began a 72 hour marathon of emails and phone calls to urge members to attend the rally.

“We are calling upon the participation of all human rights activists and religious organizations and leaders of all backgrounds, faiths, and political affiliation who find the threats to innocent peoples to be nothing less than an affront to morality and western civilization,” said rally organizer Beth Gilinsky of Women United, an international human rights organization.

Many of these organizations are frustrated with the “disinviting” of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska and all of the other elected officials for a rally that is taking place at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza today. They are participating in the Thursday 9/25 Rally to oppose Ahmadinejad, and because a wide spectrum of religious and highest level elected leaders of both parties have been invited to speak out in unity.
- - - - - - - - -
WHEN: Thursday September 25, 6pm on
WHERE: Across the street from the Grand Hyatt Hotel East 42nd St, near Lexington Ave and Grand Central Station, New York City, NY.
WHO: Over 30 organizations participating, list to be released shortly.
BACKGROUND: Several Western “religious leaders” are about to betray their brethren across all religions, parties, and countries by “honoring” the tyrannical regime of Ahmadinejad and the Iranian mullahs with dinner and “dialogue.” Their names are The American Friends Service Committee, Mennonite Central Committee, Quaker UN Office, Religions for Peace, and the World Council of Churches-UN Liaison Office. Other organizations, political leaders and media have also been invited to appease the Islamic leaders who have turned Iran into a terrorist state.

For background, see this September 22 article on the Grand Hyatt Hotel meeting with Ahmadinejad from the New York Sun newspaper.

For more information on the rally, go to


Afonso Henriques said...

Oh please, leave them alone! Let the Iranians live...

This is diplomacy! Do not close that door!

And why are you protesting? Because the threats made to Israel? That's reason to protest but I do not think Americans have that moral high ground because Israel has already threaten Syria, Lebanon and as such they are even.

But wait...

"opposed to Iran’s stated plans for the destruction of Israel and America"

So the Iranians have said they will destroy America, or America is Israel?

Man, I've recently seen a South Park episode for the first time in which the Earth was a reality show controled by the inhabitants of a plannet who were called Joosians...
I'm not saying the world is but America should look over her shoulder...

"Many of these organizations are frustrated with the “disinviting” of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska"

Can somebody explain me what this means.
Man, and I support Israel!

Sorry the Anti-Semitism, Baron.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

So Darth Vader of our time aka Anakinejad Skywanker is paying a visit to the civilized world. What's the message he wants to send to America, could it be "Obama/McCain (heavy breathing), come over to the dark side!"?

Anonymous said...

Who disinvited Gov. Palin from what? Did I miss something due to inattentive reading, or is that info not contained here? It seems interesting to know what Palin was invited to and disinvited from, and by whom.

Also, note that the spokesperson is one Beth Galinsky of New York. If I know my New York Jewish women (I'm one), Beth probably uses the f word (feminist) to describe herself and her organization, Women United. So here, indeed, are the missing feminists, speaking out against the Muslim oppression of women. Click on the link, it leads to a graphic of a woman in hijab with a noose around her neck.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I reread the post closely, and it seems leaders of both parties were invited to the protest, Palin was disinvited, and some participants were frustrated.

This is the very thing we need to notice. Someone in this coalition doesn't want Republicans to attend as Republicans. Did a high-level Democrat speak at this rally, or was he/she also disinvited? Who made this decision? The person or committee who made this decision is helping the other side, knowingly or not.

X said...

No what happened is, Clinton and Palin were invited to try and make the event politically neutral, but Clinton waived off claiming that Palin's presence would make it a partisan event, and that she didn't want to take part. Then in the panic they uninvited Palin to try and prevent accusations of partisanship and "right-wing racism" or what have you which, it seems, was Clinton's goal all along. Now Palin can't begin to establish a foreign policy reputation.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Clinton wasn't shy about kissing Arafat's wife, now she doesn't want to attend the same event as Palin. I looked it up, apparently the organizers disinvited all politicians after Clinton's cancellation. They were just being careful, not necessarily anti-Republican. Clinton shows herself to be totally third-rate and unpatriotic.

Czechmade said...

Endless crumbling of Poland was crucial to the end of USSR. They were getting support from the West in many ways.

Likewise crumbling of islam may start with the fall of Persia - Persia is fed up with islam. But the West does very little to at least acknowlege the will of Persians to break free.

In spite of the Western stupidity - one day the battle might be won via Persia.

What islam needs to go through is losing some ground. Lack of expansion was leathal for Soviets.

It would be an irony - losing Afghanistan - end of one world empire, losing the neighbour Iran - end of another one.

Stretch your imagination. We should start speaking of free Iran on regular basis.

Bela said...

The desinvitation of Palin affair - that the Democrats initiated - occupies a very large segment of the American blogosphere so details are abound and stands like this:

Leftist Jews that surround the Clintons, threatened the organizers with unleashing the IRS (Tax authorities)to revoke their tax-exempt status if Palin is invited and takes part in the protest.

Republican Jewish organizations condemned the Leftist Clintonistas and in the end nobody got invited.

It's worthwhile to know that the majority (70%) of the American Jews are rabid Marxist ideologues and many Jewish institutions are anti-Israeli as well.
These Leftist Jews financing the Obama campaign - not exclusively of course - and are behind the almost daily Anti-American protests in various cities. (Code Pink, Medea Benjamin)

A cursory search on Google reveals that these hard core Leftist Jews are the 2nd. 3rd. etc. generation descendants of the Eastern European Bolshevik revolution of 1919. Even the British Miliband family tree has roots over there.

Take a look at the host of Ahmad.:
Penny Pritzker, America's (one of the) wealthiest person, owner of the Hyatt hotel chain is the granddaughter of the Ukrainian Jewish immigrants Annie and Nicholas Pritzker.

Bela said...

The newest information is that Larry King will host Ahmad. and help him to spew his antisemitic propaganda.
Larry King is a TV host, who according to Wiki:

"born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger was raised in a "very culturally Jewish" family"

You can draw your own conclusion on self-loathing Leftist, Islamist Jews.

Bela said...

Very good article in the Jerusalem Post by Caroline Glick on the whole controversy:

"Our World: Your abortions or your lives!
By CAROLINE GLICK [Recent columns]"

I cut the link into two line to make is shorter. It's one long link.

Anonymous said...

Bela writes: The newest information is that Larry King will host Ahmad. and help him to spew his antisemitic propaganda.

You're doing a pretty good job of spewing antisemitic propaganda yourself, Bela. 70% of American Jews are rabid Marxist idealogues? Where do you get this "information" from? In my entire life of having an extended Jewish family and Jewish friends, I've never once run into this type socially, although many of these people are progressives, unfortunately. BTW, my grandfather was a Ukrainian immigrant, not a Bolshevik, though, just a hardworking, devoutly religious family man. As a child, I met many of my grandmother's friends from the old country in their mostly Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx, and these people were not commies.

Anonymous said...

@ Bela: I don't want to be in the ridiculous position of doing this point/counterpoint thing with you. Many of your comments are interesting and valuable. However, you should stick to what you know. In one of your above comments, you mention a cursory search on Google. Exactly! A cursory search on Google, by someone with an agenda, will support that agenda, and be completely useless to anyone who doesn't share it.

I don't really have a problem with virulent anti-semitism per se, as I believe absolutely in freedom of speech and freedom of association. The problem here, though, is you are attempting to use bad research and bad rhetoric to convince others of your point of view. Why not be more temperate when posting here, and enjoy your personal issues elsewhere, like I do. I'm not blog is just as vile as some of your comments, and just as emotionally necessary. I just don't dump that stuff in the wrong forum.

Keep telling us your personal experience of commies, not the imaginary commies on Google.

Bela said...

latté island

I am sorry if you find my post offensive for I try to be as much factual as possible and avoid controversy.

I don't understand why do you find my statement which says that 70% of the Jewish people are leftist, vote for Democrats no matter what. "Leftist, Liberal, Progressive," are the Orwellian PC newspeak for Marxist.
You can object the word "rabid" it was mean spirited but some, like Chomsky or Zinn are just like that.
This ideological tilt is common knowledge, the left leaning, Anti-Israel groups are numerous, please read Caroline Glick writings.

I also implied in my post that the minority, mostly religious, (about 30%)are NOT leftist but you conveniently ignored this fact.
Why is that?

Larry King - by offering a forum to Ahmad. our avowed enemy is a disgusting slime, and even more so for a Jewish person.

Everything I stated is factually correct and if you are willing to spend little time on Jewish blogs like "Israpundit", Atlas Shrugged, Sultan knish, Masada 2000 etc. you will see that I am not alone with my view.
It's a pity that Masada 2000 S.H.I.T List (Self-Hating Israel Threatening) is now removed for it provided valuable info on many scumbags.

I simply cannot comprehend your reluctancy to distance yourself from Anti-Israel, Anti-American Jewish groups like Code Pink's Medea Benjamin, the "J-street", Rabbi Lerner's Tikkun etc.

Anonymous said...

Bela, I do distance myself from the above groups in your last paragraph. But I had to object to your phrase "rabid marxist idealogues" because so many people in Europe have never been to America, and they'll take statements like that literally. I noticed and appreciated your point about 30% of Jews being non-leftist. But when you fail to make the distinction between liberal, progressive and Marxist, that can give people the wrong idea, especially if they aren't American. I myself used to be a liberal, maybe even a bit progressive, but never a Marxist. You know why? When I read that stuff I immediately knew it was b.s. Liberalism isn't obvious b.s., that's why lots of decent people are taken in.

You're right, I haven't spent enough time on the blogs you mention. If I've misunderstood your intentions, I apologize...but you really do paint with a broad brush, so it's not surprising if people like me take it the wrong way.

Bela said...

latté island,

I am glad you understood I am not Anti-semitic, my beef is with the Leftist who disinvited Palin: this was the gist of this thread, please don't forget it. The obvious question arose with this simple query: who are those Jewish people who stood up against Palin and why - our argument started from this point.

The leftist-rightist Jewish acrimony including the Palin's affair are dealt with in dept on other all Jewish blogs - I referenced at earlier - with the participation of more erudite individuals than I am.

I don't post anything special that is not discussed with modicum elsewhere; - the distinction between "liberal, progressive, Marxist"....well it would be a good subject to argue over in a Parisian Coffee shop sometime in the 1920 with Sartre, Aragon, Hemingway etc. present.

For people with Eastern European background, "liberal, progressive" is a polite PC way to say Gulag, political trials, executions, torture, poisoning your enemy etc. We have no senses for niceties in wordings and dictions.

Leftist can see huge differences between Stalinism, Leninism, Maoism, Trocky-ism, old-Marxism, New Leftism.....sorry we consider all of them being the same.

And for the "Progressives" isn't everybody who is not for Obama and the left is Fascist, RACIST!, Nazi! Bushhitler!

Listen to Air America's Jewish crew: Al Franken, Rhodes, or the rabbi's daughter Amy Goodman at Democracy now...N.Y. Times...