Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Upstanding Citizens of Cologne Repudiate Islamophobia

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a report from Elsevier about today’s events in Cologne:

Cologne: Demonstration against Islamization prohibited

Cologne DemoThe police in Cologne at the last minute prohibited a meeting against Islamization. The security in the city is paramount, said the police. The local group Pro-Köln wanted to hold an anti-Islamization Congress Saturday, for which they invited like-minded people from different countries.

Because of this, the police on Saturday also kept an eye on the Dutch and Belgian border west of Cologne, German media reported.


According to the police in Cologne, due to the meeting that is taking place in the center of the city, citizens’ safety is in jeopardy. However, it seems more plausible that opponents of the Congress are causing the insecurity.
- - - - - - - - -
Already on Friday there were riots in which extreme leftist and “autonomous” demonstrators agitated against the congress, and initiated an attack on visitors to the meeting against Islamization.

Encroachment of Islam

Pro Köln states that action needs to be taken against the encroachment of Islam that threatens the Western and Christian culture of Europe. For example, the group is strongly opposed to the planned construction of a large mosque in Cologne. The colossal prayer house will get two minarets, each 55 meters high. There are at least 120,000 Muslims in Cologne [out of a total population of circa 995,000].

Saturday morning though, thousands of demonstrators gathered in the center of the city. They wanted to block the anti-immigration festivities at the Cologne Heumarkt.

Narrow types

The Christian Democrat [CDU] mayor Fritz Schramma apparently wanted the same. In a speech on Saturday morning he told the counter-demonstrators not to have a very high opinion of the visitors to the happening of Pro-Köln.

VH says, “I just a minute ago read what the CDU mayor of Cologne Fritz Schramma really said to his ‘Anti-Fascist’ and Autonomous Warrior friends on Kölnische Rundschau.”

“Diese braunen Biedermänner sind in Wahrheit Brandstifter, Rassisten im bürgerlichen Zwirn, subtile Angstmacher”, warnte er vor mehreren tausend Gegendemonstranten. “Dieser verfaulten Clique des Eurofaschismus, diesen Haiders und Le Pens und wie sie alle heißen, rufe ich zu: Da ist der Ausgang, da geht’s nach Hause!”

“These brown Biedermänner [Bieder-men, a smear word for conservative people from the southern hinterland of Germany] are in reality arsonists, racists in bourgeois outfits, subtle fear mongers,” he warned in front of thousands of [Leftist] demonstrators. “This dirty clique of Euro fascists, these Haiders and Le Pens [who wasn’t even planning to attend the Congress] and whatever their names may be, I call to them: There is the exit, that’s the way back home!”


According to Deutsche Welle, “the mayhem also hit rail links. A signal box on the edge of town was set on fire in the early morning by persons unknown, forcing the closure of a main line for several hours and the diversion of 12 national express trains.”


The Independent reported that “Germany’s council of Muslims called the conference an unparalleled abuse of freedom of opinion.”


Anonymous Infidel said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this how the Fascists dealt with those who opposed them during the 1920's? I'd be almost comical that the European media refers to these thugs as "antifascists" if the situation wasn't so dire.

Piggy Infidel said...

German TV video clip reporting on events from Friday evening through to Saturday evening, in German but here is my translation below with time-points in brackets, start watching from 36 seconds into the clip

(0.36) The first large counter-demonstration began in the evening, more than 1000 mainly young people wanting to show the right-wingers that they are unwelcome in Cologne.

(0.47) "It's something postitve that there are people who, for example, support integration, support open borders ...."

(0.56) "Because I don't think it's OK that they put on something like that here, the nazis"

(1.00) The right-wingers' meeting began the next morning with a surprise, Pro Koeln had invited journalists to a press conference and then unexpectedly switched the location to a ship . However, counter-demonstrators quickly found the new meeting place and then the bottles and stones began to hail down. (1.18) Pro Koeln had chartered the ship under the guise of planning a meeting of international lawyers, the ship's owners said they felt they had been misled.

(1.26) Then the news reached the right-wing politicans on board that the bus tour through Cologne which was planned for that afternoon would not take place because the bus company had cancelled the contract. (1.35) The ship drifted up and down the Rhein for hours, without a solution being found. (1.40) When they came ashore late in the afternoon the Cologne taxi drivers had also decided not to transport the politicians. (1.47) Finally in the evening the police used regular vehicles to drive them back to their hotel, then another surprise, they had to leave the hotel - the management doesn't want to offer accomodation to "right-wing populists"

John Sobieski said...

Wow. I had no idea Cologne has gone this far down into Islam hell. Why don't they tie the 'nazis' to stakes and burn them!

Defiant Lion said...

"Diese braunen Biedermänner sind in Wahrheit Brandstifter, Rassisten im bürgerlichen Zwirn, subtile Angstmacher”, warnte er vor mehreren tausend Gegendemonstranten. “Dieser verfaulten Clique des Eurofaschismus, diesen Haiders und Le Pens und wie sie alle heißen, rufe ich zu: Da ist der Ausgang, da geht’s nach Hause!”

Did Obergruppenfuehrer Schramma finish this incitement to hatred and violence with his right arm raised as his rabid nazi supporters screamed "Sieg heil!" in salute?

You've got to hand it to the Germans. Took a hell of a beating but after a long, torturous 70 years in the wilderness, the nazis are back in force patrolling the streets once more.

Thank God I don't live in Poland.

EraserFS said...

"You've got to hand it to the Germans. Took a hell of a beating but after a long, torturous 70 years in the wilderness, the nazis are back in force patrolling the streets once more."
Right, but now they call themselves anti-fascists.

"The new fascism will not declare itself as fascism, but rather as anti-fascism."
- Ignazio Silone

This is exactly what was demonstrated in cologne this weekend.

btw: I prefer to call these people international-socialist according to their national-socialist counterpart.

Defiant Lion said...


"Right, but now they call themselves anti-fascists."

I know but I think they have cognitive dissonance, just like their kuffar-hating friends from "the religion of peace".

"btw: I prefer to call these people international-socialist according to their national-socialist counterpart."

That I like very much - Internazis! Excellent and these terms will now become part of defiant lion's vocab. Much obliged :-)

Afonso Henriques said...

Internazis is good!

However it is still, in my eyes, a demonisation of Nazism. Not obstanding, people will probabily bite it and it will serve "our" goals. Use at will! great idea...

Antifas => Internazis. Nice propaganda.

Cpt Tiger said...

It is wise to understand Islam. To read the Quran, Haddith and life of Muhammad. Islam is not some religion, cult or whatever, it is a doctrine of hate and absolutely no toleration for anyone or anything non-Muslim.

Immigrants are not supposed to come to your country to change it they come for the freedoms our countries offer and they are to fit our mold, they are to learn our language and fit into our Culture.

When my mother and grandfather immigrated to America after WWII they learned the language, where proud to be Americans and it took them 8 yrs to gain their Citizenship. In those days you had to prove you really loved America and would do nothing to harm her and would be a productive Citizen. Those were the good ole days. Now we are overwelmed with people who take from us at every turn, insist we change our Culture to fit their needs and we are doing it. Factories, Big Companies, schools, everywhere bowing to the demands of Muslims.

Look to Great Britian to see what path allowing Muslims to constantly change you and force you into what they call is Political Correctness. Now Great Britian has allowed Sharia Law to be put into place and the Muslims are ruling themselves. Look to France where more than 2,500 police have been injured by Muslim youth and gangs. Look to all the cities in France now totally occupied by Muslims. Look to Darfur where thousands of people were raped, slaughtered by the Muslim Muhajideen, displaced and now the Muslim Arabs are moving in. Look to India and the problems with Muslims. Look anywhere in the world where there are Muslims and you find chilling things happening.

In Saudi Arabia they have decapitations, mutilations, stonings, hangings daily all over the Muslim countries you see this. There is a great divide between Islam and any other religion. It will not be bridged. It can not be bridged.

As the Muslim problem grows like a cancer within all our midst throughout the world people will wake up and there will be many many more clashes til someone finally takes the spoils. Let us wake-up soon.

Cpt Tiger said...

PSS the immigrants of old in America did not fly planes into our buildings killing thousands of Americans in less than one hr. Those Muslims lived among us for 5 years and then when called into action they did what they came to do.

How many are still awaiting the call in my country and yours? This is not racist or hate talk, this is the truth. Nothing I said above is a lie. It is fact. When we stop being allowed to speak the truth we will live a lie.

devisor said...

Dear right-wing friends:

I don't mean to be contentious here, but how can you call a groundswell uprising against anything, regardless of its target in a particular case, fascist or reminiscent of Nazism.

Regardless of your political beliefs, I think that you are doing a deep disservice to the Germans, who, in my experience, have taken very much to heart the lessons of their fascist era and who have, as a result, an enviable ability to think for themselves when confronted with extreme political situations like the one occurring in Kologne.

Anonymous said...

jmags: There's nothing "extreme" about wanting to save your country from Islamic colonization. Islam is an oppressive political system that is deeply racist against non-Muslims.

Afonso Henriques said...


It is pure and simple demonisation. It's something everybody can recognise as inherently bad. Here in Europe, Satan himself is much closer to God than to Hitler.

It is irrational, people don't even think or care about it and, because the outer audience is so more ignorant, it goes well with them at all...

Defiant Lion said...

@Alfonso& Jmags:

So I take it that you fully endorse rabble rousing, mob rule, physical violence against those who disagree with you, the smashing of property, the wearing of black as a symbol of identity and rioting as acceptable?

Further, you actually believe that those who hear a duck quack, see a duck walk and call it a duck are guilty of demonisation?

The German people, politicians and Police who aided and abetted these scum are fascists. Not only for this but for supporting and enabling a death cult hell-bent on destroying Europe to flourish. These are the very people who are dragging Europe into the abyss and they do so using whatever means they can including all-out violence against those who oppose them.

As of this weekend, the nazis are back on the streets of Germany. If the cap - with death's head insignia perhaps - fits, wear it.

And it fits a treat with these "Antifa" internazi scum.

What many people in Europe just don't get is that everyone has the right to peaceful protest except one group: The indigenous people who wish to preserve their nation and their identity. Such people are not only denied this right, but they are demonised and attacked without mercy. We saw it happen in Brussels and we've seen it in even greater force now in Cologne.

This weekend is a weekend of shame for Germany. Of that there is no doubt.

Afonso Henriques said...

Defiant Lyon,

I just think that "fascism" and "nazism" as well as "communism" is not a synonymous of "bad" and "evil". Not in my language, not in English also.

I also think that that demonisation of the Nazis/Fascists is exactly what opens the door to both the attacks on the German peoples (and other Europeans) and the actions of the internazis.

But, because I've learned that this stream is much, much stronger than I am, I think internazi is a good propaganda word. But just that, good cheap propaganda whose use maybe usefull. And little to due with reality.

A debate over this will lead to questions like, "what is nazism?", "what is fascism?", "why is that inerhentely evil?". You see, this questions are really tricky and, if a significant portion of the people here can't have an unbiased look at Russia, what about the "evil" of the last century. My views on this?

I can answer the question. The problem was imperialism, like Napoleon (and in nazism the slaughter of Jews). I share Buchannan's views on it.

We don't support the antifas, as it is obvious.

Defiant Lion said...


Sorry but I have no interest whatsover in delving into the meaning of the words fascism or nazism.

Occam's razor applies nicely here:

People who use violence to silence their opponents and thus impose by force their ideology are fascists/nazis. As fjordman says, these people are the rightful heirs to the nazis because they use the same tactics.

International Socialists - Internazis - is a damn fine way to refer to these rats and it sits well with me and I won't apologise for using it.

The nazis are back - the internazis - and they have shown their true colours this weekend.

Captain USpace said...

We must never resist or mock the precious and peaceful Islam. Who are we to say that raping 6 year-olds is immoral? Who are we to say that stoning gays and rape victims to death is evil? That is just their culture and it MUST be respected. Morality is all relative, we must remember that.
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