Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Post-Mortem on Cologne, Part 1

I’ve been exchanging emails with Aviel, who was an eyewitness to and participant in yesterday’s events in Cologne. He will be sending us a report later, but his contribution has been delayed by the injuries he sustained yesterday, which were worse than he originally thought:


I will send you a full report by this evening. I got in late last night, and what I thought were sore ribs turn out to be a broken one. I will fly back to Paris this afternoon and then go to have some X-rays taken. Then I will send you a very detailed report in chronological order about the activities over the weekend here in Cologne. It may be too late for you to use but I assure you that it should be kept for future references. Things are getting very very bad now. Please forgive me for I am just not in the best of shape at the moment.


Here’s another video of a news report from German TV about Cologne. Piggy Infidel’s translation is below the fold:

- - - - - - - - -
[0.00] The aim of these demonstrators in Cologne is clear — they want to stop the so-called “Anti-Islamisation Congress” in their town.
[0.09] The congress, a two-day meeting of right-wing populists and radicals, is being put on by the Pro-Köln organisation.
[0.18] The right-wing group will hold a demonstration on Saturday in the Cologne city centre to protest against islamisation and against plans to build a new mosque - their opponents want to prevent them protesting.
[0.29] Tram lines and roads leading to the demonstration area at Cologne’s “Heumarkt” (Haymarket) are blocked by sit-down protests. In the morning it results in some hefty clashes.
[0.44] There had already been clashes between the police and counter-demonstrators the night before.
[0.49] 10,000 people are expected to protest against the congress. The police have brought around 3,000 officers from the region to take care of security matters.
[1.00] The police spokesman says he is expecting an essentially peaceful demonstration.
[1.07] “We have absolutely nothing concrete to go on that it will be non-peaceful, however we are very well prepared in case individuals or individual groups use this as a stage for violence.”
[1.20] The police also criticized the congress-organisers.
[1.23] “We should also make it quite clear that Pro-Köln have been very sketchy with regard to the information they have given us; this was also the case yesterday as they really played a game of cat-and-mouse with us.”
[1.36] “The task of the police is naturally to defend legal, properly registered demonstrations, this is what we want to do but we are reliant on the information provided by the organisers.”
[1.46] The Cologne police banned the right-wingers’ anti-Islamisation demonstration because of violence between the right and left-wing demonstrators.


Joanne said...

I look forward to Aviel's video footage and report on what happened in Cologne. I am glad he is alive and well, even though he won't be doing much laughing in the near future because of his rib, but it is better to stand for something than to stand for nothing at all. Bravo.

These Islam supporters in the video seem to be a bunch of young hooligans with nothing better to do on a Friday or Saturday. Maybe next time they come out for a little thuggery, the girls can wear black burkas with only slits for them to see to give them a better perspective on what life will be like when they are at the mercy of Islam and all men. The men should start practicing praying five times a day towards Mecca. Idiots, the lot of them.

Czechmade said...

Then suit the guys who organized violent antidemonstration.

Set up a contact number for victims, let them speak in media - blogs, file complaints for not getting protection.

Usually police allows antidemonstration in a different place, so that the 2 parties do not mix. Why was that not viable in Cologne?

“The task of the police is naturally to defend legal, properly registered demonstrations, this is what we want to do but we are reliant on the information provided by the organisers.

So they failed in their job. The self-appointed antifanazis decide instead?

Afonso Henriques said...

Just want to say what I believe Aviel knows.

People, stay real. Koln was a shame. But only that. Nothing changed, it was not a jump forward or backward, it just was "normal".
Nothing changed, that's the state in which we are as a Civilisation.

And do not illude yourself, it will became very, very worse in the future in America and in Europe. Did you noticed that the attackers were not "ethnics", did you noticed that WE ARE DOING THIS TO OURSELVES?

Man, such interesting times! If only I got more one or two billion dollars... I'd play the game of our lifes like Ceaser did.

Matt C said...

Arrrgh! Why didn't you guys see this coming! This is Germany, it and Sweden are the most prone to organise violent "counter-protests" against anything that smacks of "right-wing". They also signalled their intentions well in advance.

Also, Europeans associate "right-wing" Germans with the Nazis! This presents the media with the perfect opportunity to blame you for the violence committed by the "counter-protesters" and make you all out as weak Nazis at once!

Your biggest mistake is in making "anti-islamisation" the center of your agenda. By being "anti" anything associated with a distinct non-European group you have instantly set yourselves up to be seen in a racist way in modern Europe.

In order to avoid this crap you need to avoid giving the self-hating racists on the left an opening. You need to be "pro" something.

For example, you should oppose and educate the public on the genocide in Sudan, acting "pro" to the people of Darfur. You should be "pro" Anatolian Greek and educate the public on the truth about the treatment of Greeks in what is now Turkey and what the Turks really did in Cyprus.

You should also be "pro" Native European and turn the language of political correctness back on our opponents:

a) Try to make our rights a legitimate thing to defend.
b) Try celebrating European culture to avoid "burning out" activists with negativity and to find new activists.
c) Try organising a Europe wide network to document abuses against Native Europeans.
d) Try influencing mainstream politicians by volunteering to help pro-European ones in their campaigns (while making sure they remember they owe you). You should also smear anti-European ones (with anything you can find, not just Islam) to hamper their re-elections. This will force them to respect your movement. Use a wide variety of techniques to do this including door-to-door stuff.
e) Try to use your influence to gain "cultural" funding for your Native group and friends of your group. If migrants can have it so can you.
f) Try to expose and educate the public about "affirmative action" laws and loopholes that discriminate racially against them.
g) Try to influence the media through written letters, calls to reporters and personal contact. Organise with others to do this and stick to language that won't be mistaken for hate by liberals.
h) Try to gain funding for Native cultural centers.
i) Try to educate Natives that they have group rights just like anyone else, including special rights enshrined in a recent UN charter.
j) When people engage in hate-speech against Natives protest against it and draw public attention to it.
k) Oppose accusations of "Nazism" and "fascism" strongly and with all means at your disposal. Do not tolerate it and teach people that labelling all proud Native Europeans as Nazi is a racial stereotype itself.
l) Remind people that we are unique and precious as a people.

I respect you guys but Europeans are not ready to defend themselves against Islamic extremism when they do not even recognise their own group rights, the uniqueness of their culture or the struggles of their ancestors. You need to establish a group identity for Europeans before they will oppose the behaviour of any other group.

I hope you forgive my more-or-less telling you what I think you should do but I do worry. I also firmly believe that you are fighting a losing battle. Public opinion doesn't matter when the agenda setters can simply ignore it and demonise the opposition. Putting all our hopes on a handful of political parties is a mistake as they can screw-up and be excluded from the mainstream. We need to influence the mainstream through gradual tactics. The way you are going now you will remain forever on the fringe.

Thank you if you read this far and good luck. I hope to join the good fight soon.

Western Initiatives said...

This WAS pro-something, it was a "Pro-Cologne" meeting!

This wasn't a failure. On the contrary, these kinds of events help wake people up. These battles will help right-thinking Europeans organise and mobilise along racial and cultural lines.

Anonymous said...

The Cologne police banned the right-wingers’ anti-Islamisation demonstration because of violence between the right and left-wing demonstrators.

Isn't this blaming the anti-Islamists for the violence of the left-wing demonstrators?