Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Storm Troopers of Malmö

While we were concentrating so hard on Cologne last weekend, another conference with an accompanying march was going on, this one in southern Sweden. Thousands of people converged on Malmö for the “European Social Forum”, but since they were all anarchists and other assorted leftist anti-Semites, their demonstrations were not prohibited by the police.

Being anarchists, however, riots were de rigueur, and they battled with police. To reprise the news as posted on last Saturday’s news feed:

Clashes between police and demonstrators broke out on Friday as Malmö played host to the European Social Forum. Rocks were thrown at police, windows were broken and a woman was raped as 800 people demonstrated to highlight climate change.

The European Social Forum, an annual event, carries the slogan “another Europe is possible” and some participants displayed their disgust at the current world order by resorting to violence on Friday.

Around 100 protesters threw rocks at police and broke windows on Friday at a demonstration near the Triangeln shopping mall in the centre of the southern Swedish city.

Malmö demoA reader in Sweden sent us some photos and a brief account of the events in Malmö. I don’t know the original source of these photos.

Ilmar Reepalu, Socialist #1, the mayor of Malmö [at right, with blue shirt]. Surrounding him were SÄPO (the security police), and fifty meters back came Antifa (Antifascistisk Aktion), his Storm Troopers:
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Malmö demo

And here are the Storm Troopers with a banner:

Malmö demo


Yes we are dreamers

Yes we believe in socialism

But we are more numerous than you think
and we have weapons

AFA Youth Malmö
(AFA=Antifascistisk Aktion)


Fjordman said...

Rape against climate change. Yeah, sounds like Malmö. Although we're told that rape is caused by global warming, since the 600% increase in rapes in the space of one generation is caused by "the warm weather." And our good friends in Expo co-published a book last year with these people....

We need a name for these creatures. "Blackshirts" is as good as any.

Henrik R Clausen said...

lthough we're told that rape is caused by global warming, since the 600% increase in rapes in the space of one generation is caused by "the warm weather."

That's the classical 'correlation is not causation' fallacy that journalists love to base bad stories upon...

"Blackshirts" is as good as any.

It's better than most, for these people act perfectly like the 'Blackshirts' of Mussolini. The main difference is that their uniform seems to be ragged clothes.

In Denmark, police would crack down on the demonstrations due to the demonstrators being masked.

laller said...

No they wouldn't Henrik. Danish police have allowed many demonstrations to occur, eventhough many demonstrators were masked. The police always goes for the path of least resistance, which is why the police didn't allow demonstrations by SIAD, why nazi demonstrations have been broken up(this is not an expression of support for the nazis. it's just an example), eventhough the violence(in the case of SIAD, it was expected violence) used as an excuse did not stem from either SIAD or the nazis, but from the larger, more violent groups of "counter-demonstrators".
Danish police have stated repeatedly that they allow "minor breaches of the law" in order not to "provoke" protesters. Funnilly(spelling?) enough, it only seems to be that way when it's the left-wing "soldiers" who are protesting...

Afonso Henriques said...

"Yes we are dreamers

Yes we believe in socialism

But we are more numerous than you think
and we have weapons

AFA Youth Malmö (AFA=Antifascistisk Aktion)"

This is only the beggining. Where are our militias? They are thirty steps ahead of us, have the help of minorities and controle the government... man, it will be very interesting but not pretty.

Don't you Americans have nothing of the like?

Proud Infidel said...


Fortunately we Americans still have the right to keep and bear arms. God bless the NRA, of which I'm proud to be a member. As a result, you don't see too many Antifas here, and the ones we have stick to their usual vandalism, er, I mean demosntrations and actions, because they never know when their intended victim might be armed.

The most disgusting thing I see from the Malmo protest is the involvement of government figures with this gang of thugs. Clearly, if you have an opposite point of view, you better keep your mouth shut or else. And Europeans think they are freer than the US? Nonsense.

Joanne said...

"Yes we are dreamers

Yes we believe in socialism

But we are more numerous than you think and we have weapons"

Isn't this just another way of saying I don't want to work, and you can't make me.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

The riots in Cologne and Malmö both have something in common. The police doing little or nothing, involving Antifa and the riots where supported by the mayors of respectively city. Coincidence? I think not. It must be the same persons who are pulling the strings of their puppets, the police, the anarchists and local politicians.

Papa Whiskey said...

"We need a name for these creatures. 'Blackshirts' is as good as any."

"Blackhoods" is better, as it sounds more malign.

And if you want to see why they couldn't get anywhere at the RNC Convention in St. Paul last month, give this a read:


I am glad to be a citizen of a country that doesn't put up with this kind of sturmabteilung crap.

Dan said...

Blackshirts over black hearts, works for me.

I was in Salt Lake City right after 9/11 and there was a big stink over the Secret Service trying to ban arms at the Utah GOP convention, in the end they worked out a compromise.

From the New York Times of all places:
“Delicate arms-control negotiations preceded the vice president's most recent trip. Dick Cheney was speaking at the Utah Republican convention, and the Secret Service insisted that all handguns be checked at the door.

…No word on whether the gun-check crew received any tips.”

Once one gets away from the coasts it’s a whole different world. In Oklahoma City it is rather common to see people walking around the botanical gardens downtown at night pushing strollers, wearing jewelry, etc, thuggery just isn’t well tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Lalla I see what you mean about the Danish police turning a blind eye to minor infringements of the "left" and Autonomers at demonstrations.
However, Anders Gravers has said time and time again, on Danish TV that SIAD is ANTI-Nazi. So any reasonable person would assume that the police would get rid of the real Nazis, namely, the Autonomers.
These Autonomers call themselves International Socialists, rather than National Socialists, as if nationalism is a bad thing. The operative word in National Socialism is not "national" it is "socialism". Socialism is always expansionist and these Autonomers and their ilk, are the new expansionist totalitarians, the real Nazis who support Islam, they are Nazislamists.
SIAD and SIOE oppose Nazis, Nazislamists, communists and fascists.
It is a simple message. Too simple for the media, and seemingly, the Danish police.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Socialism is always expansionist

Actually, I believe there is a counterexample, namely the Mussolini variant in Italy. But then, he did have some funny and somewhat pointless wars. Anyone here knows the details?

Correcting myself on the issue of Danish police cracking down on masked demonstrators, I guess the proper word is 'should', not 'would'. OTOH, they did have some pretty heavy clashes over the last couple of years. Danish police didn't quite get to the 'dialogue' level of policing yet.

Henrik R Clausen said...

A good reason to pick 'Blackshirts', not any other variant, is that this was the name of Mussolinis thugs.