Friday, September 26, 2008

Geert Wilders on Glenn Beck

Geert Wilders was interviewed on the Glenn Beck show on CNN Headline News last night, and excerpts from Fitna were shown:

Hat tip: heroyalwhyness.

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X said...

has the multiculti crowd started shrieking yet?

awake said...

When Beck was trying to process that the ideology of Islam as a whole is inherently violent intolerant and evil, you could almost see the wires snapping in his head.

He started talking about Muslim staffers and didn't seem to actually accept Wilder's truthful claim.

Beck, as many of you know, has claimed to have read the Qur'an from cover to cover.

All in all, Wilders getting this forum is a positive step.

Anonymous said...

Beck almost but not quite gets it. He still believes there's a distinction between "moderate" and "radical" Islam, no matter how much evidence he receives to the contrary.

magnus said...

I think that a notion e.g. Robert Spence has in his books, that some Muslims never has read Quran, and thus don't know how intolerant and violent Islam is, is true.

If you are born in a Muslim family and not much practice religion you may see yourself as culturally a Muslim. But this, of course, doesn't dimminish the problems with Islam.

But no question Islam -- as all its organized representation in the World, according to Quran etc. -- is fascism.

All I say is that not all human beings which feel they have a Muslim backgrund and say they are Muslims as belonging to a Muslim culture doesn't have to realize what Islam is. Warraq Ayaan Hirsi Ali and others has left Islam.

We may be suspicious about- but can not be aggressive towards each and every person who are Muslim/has a Muslim background.

Still the influx of- and the numbers of Muslim is a problem in itself.

A very important problem is also that our society, and our Christian religious leaders, doesn't understand what Islam is.


(I think, anyway, that Beck very well may be right, that we've already lost to Islam. This was the first time I heard of the wall with the text "Thought shall not kill" which was removed. A dhimmitude I think sums it up.)

Anonymous said...

If you are born in a Muslim family and not much practice religion you may see yourself as culturally a Muslim.

True, but that doesn't make such a person "safe". Jihadists have had great success recruiting "cultural muslims" to their cause, partly because cultural muslims have no psychological or philisophical tools with which to resist their lure, and partly because the call to "true Islam" resonates with them.

Shimmy said...

Funny how Glenn Beck NEVER talks anymore about all those dogs he tortured and killed (pit bulls).