Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Post-Mortem on Cologne, Part 2

A commenter named maalmannen attempted to reach the Heumarkt in Cologne for the demonstration yesterday, but was unable to get through. Here’s his account:

Yesterday I tried to join the Anti-Islamization demonstration that was announced to start at 12:00 o’clock. And, naïvely enough, I believed that I could simply show up at the Heumarkt and join the rally.

Since I live in Strasbourg, I took the train from Strasbourg at 06:54 and the train was scheduled to be at Cologne Hauptbahnhof at 10:05. However, due to the sabotage of the train signal system, which blocked the railway from Frankfurt to Cologne that morning, the train was delayed by one and a half hours, so I got to Cologne at 11:30.

I tried to reach the Heumarkt, but all entrances were closed by counter-demonstrators and police. On several occasions, I observed people trying to join the demonstration being attacked and chased away by the leftist counter-demonstration.
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In one case, an old woman carrying a lot of anti-Islamization posters was attacked by a gang of Antifa activists. The rest of the crowd shouted “Nazis raus” when these criminals attacked the old frau and took all her posters away from her, and then ordered her to leave or risk more attacks. Another woman tried to capture the event with her digital camera, but she was stopped by the Antifas.

However, I have quite long hair and was taken by the counter-demonstrators as just another leftist, so I was able to sneak through the outer ring of counter-demonstrators until I met the inner ring of policemen. These policemen did not ask if I was a demonstrator or a counter-demonstrator; they simple did not let anyone pass. So although I passed the outer ring of all the leftists, I was not able to pass the inner ring of the policemen. And now I am probably counted in the mainstream media as just another counter-demonstrator.


heroyalwhyness said...

Quote: "And now I am probably counted in the mainstream media as just another counter-demonstrator."

Makes one wonder, just how many, like you, were trapped with the counter-demonstrators undetected.

Thank God you were safe and able to provide this insight. Thank you.