Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Immigration Biz

In Europe, immigration from the Middle East and Africa is a form of colonization. It was instituted by the ruling elites in order to appease the Arab countries that keep the continent in an oil stranglehold, and the ultimate goal was (and is) the creation of Eurabia, a hybrid of Europe and the Arab countries which will be dominated by Islam.

But here in America the rationale for immigration is different. The end result may be the same — the destruction of a traditional culture and people in order to serve the ends of vast transnational organizations — but the motive is different. In the United States, immigration is a big business.

The immigrants — mostly Mexicans — arrive in the country and go to work for agribusinesses, landscapers, construction companies, and other corporations. Whether legal or illegal, they underbid the wages of American natives and boost the bottom line for their employers.

At the same time they are hustled into citizenship as fast as possible by the urban political machines so that they can become reliable Democrat voters. They suck up a disproportionate amount of social services in the meantime, but that’s a big business, too, employing battalions of bureaucrats and social workers to manage their cases.

The Republicans like cheap labor, and the Democrats like reliable machine voters. That’s what makes immigration such a gloriously bipartisan project, even when two-thirds of Americans think there’s way too much of it.

And there’s another part of the immigration life-cycle that’s big business: when the time comes to throw them out. Massive illegal immigration has left us with millions of people inside our borders who have no right to be here. When politicians decide to get tough on immigration — usually in the months just before a presidential election — a means of collecting, processing, and deporting the illegals has to be constructed. And at each stage of the process there’s money to be made, both in the private and public sectors.

This was brought home to me recently by local events here in Virginia. Farmville is a town of about 7,000 people in Southside Virginia, and from time to time I pick up a copy of the Farmville Herald to see what’s going on. Yesterday I read the following article in the paper, and then scanned it from the print copy, because it doesn’t seem to be available on the Herald’s website:

“Humane Treatment”

Immigration Detention Facility Has a Mission

FARMVILLE — Town Manager Gerald Spates stressed “humane treatment” as the goal of an immigration detention center that he said could eventually house up to 2,500 detainees.

Briefing Town Council Wednesday night, Spates said the facility is expected to begin with approximately 1,000 detainees.

Located near the Town’s water treatment plant, the facility could open in the spring.

Immigration Centers of America-Farmville has begun advertising the first of what will initially be approximately 199 full-time jobs — these to provide the transportation of detainees.

The bulk of the jobs have not yet been advertised.

The facility will be privately operated by ICA-Farmville but Spates explained that the Town is “more or less the contractor with the federal government.”
- - - - - - - - -
The Town received a contract with the federal government last Thursday and signed it Tuesday. The returned contract, inked by the federal government, should be received within the next 10 to 15 days, Spates said.

“Once we get the contract back from the federal government — signed — we’ll have the per diem rate they will pay the Immigration Centers of America to house the detainees. Once that returns back,” Spates said, “we’ll start construction on the building.”

A public presentation to Town Council and local residents will be scheduled once the signed contract is received so “they can see the design of the facility and how this facility is going to be built and managed,” the town manager noted.

Regarding the treatment of detainees, Spates said, “This will be a state of the art facility that will be for the humane treatment of detainees. They’re not charged with any crime other than they’re picked up because they don’t have proper documentation.”

Detainees are currently sometimes housed in jails, Spates said, because there aren’t enough immigration detention facilities.

“There’s no detainee centers around here so they (can) end up in a regular jail,” Spates said, [the immigrants] having committed no crime other than being in the United States without proper documentation.

A state of the art facility for the “humane treatment” of detainees was, Spates repeated, the operational goal of the project in Farmville.

(There are approximately 308 immigration detainees currently being held in a facility operated by Piedmont Regional Jail.)

It is estimated that the detainees will stay at the ICA-Farmville facility for between two weeks and three months, the longer period of time if they seek to remain in the U.S., according to council member and Piedmont Regional Jail Major Donald L. Hunter, and the shorter stay if there is voluntary departure.

In addition to the estimated 199 full-time jobs filled locally, Spates said approximately 100 federal employees “will probably relocate” and work at the facility.

Regarding potential long-term employee and detainee totals, the town manager said, “the plan is to get this facility on line with 1,000 detainees and then eventually work up to a higher number, say 2,500.”

Because ICA-Farmville is going to “employ at a ratio of one to five, one employee for every five detainees, it’s going to bring a lot of jobs, and good-paying jobs too.”

That could potentially create total employment of 500 people, based on the information presented by Spates to Town Council.

So now we can see how the entire system works.

To begin with we have the treasonous behavior of our elected officials, who through gross negligence and dereliction of duty fail to enforce the borders of our country, no matter how many laws the Congress passes that require them to do so.

Next we have businesses which profit from the labor of the immigrants, legal or otherwise, and the vast apparatus of bureaucrats and administrators who build their careers on providing education, health care, legal aid, and other support services for indigent foreigners.

The descendents of the newcomers might — just might — become productive citizens, but the first generation of arrivals, along with all the relatives who get pulled in under the family reunification provisions, will be a greater drain on the public treasury than they make up for by paying taxes.

Finally, when public pressure forces the government to get tough on the illegals, they have to be found, rounded up, fed, clothed, housed, given a court-appointed attorney, and shepherded through due process until they are shipped home.

On their way across the border they can watch they new arrivals crossing the desert and negotiating the barbed wire on their way into the country.

At every step of the process somebody is making money. That’s why the cycle continues unabated, despite the firm opinion of voters about the matter. And the American taxpayer is footing the bill.

The people of Farmville can be proud that they play a part in returning illegal aliens to their countries of origin. But we would all be better off if our leaders did their duty in the first place, even if it meant that 500 people in the Farmville area would have to look elsewhere for jobs.


Vlad Z. said...

Thanks for this article. We need to wake up and fight to save our country while we still have a chance. Or at least some parts of it. It is hard to imagine America reclaiming Los Angeles and many other parts.

Dymphna said...


Even if we were to manage to "wake up", when we come to we'll already be in the asylum, so what's the difference.

Notice the townspeople get to view the thing *after* it's a done deal -- after the contract has been "inked" (what a hideous verb).

But we're talking 500 jobs in a town of 7,000 people. That's a whole lot of employment with no long commute to the larger towns. Who could resist?

Especially since everything will be 'humane'. In the coming decades, I wonder how many people will cycle thru that facility over and over again.

Anonymous said...

I can add something that really twists the knife. Many areas have affirmative action with respect to awarding contracts. For instance, San Francisco gives preference to minority owned businesses.

Of course, anyone can be a minority if they're creative. A few years ago, a friend of mine was awarded a major contract, and he's so well-known, and it was such a big job, I can't go into detail. I'll just say, he's Mexican-American and claims to be non-white, because that's the in thing where I live, especially if you do business with the government. However, he is 100% white and looks it. His Mexican ancestry is European...he's as white as Vicente Fox. But he got an advantage in bidding because he represents himself as non-white and speaks Spanish almost as well as he speaks English.

Guessedworker said...

No serious article on the race-replacement of European Man can exclude Jewish ethnic interests. It is anti-factual and possibly dishonest to try.

I understand that Judeophobia is rife, particularly, in American White Nationalism, and offends many white non-nationalists who are struggling to come to terms with their own slow, ineluctable race-replacement. But the nettle must be grasped regardless if one is to comprehend the totality of the problem.

That takes moral courage, because one quickly realises that many notions one has cleaved to all lifelong are profoundly untrue.

There are sites - I own one - that attempt to contextualise the Jewish contribution to European race-replacement within the greater whole, and not fetishise it a la VNN or Stormfront.

Reasonable and intelligent men are not turned into comic monsters because they possess a proper and full understanding of how we came to our present, dire demographic condition. Neither will you be.

James Higham said...

Hadn't really considered the big biz aspects of it until now.

Bela said...


I make no comment to this article, it stands on its own legs:

According to a recent opinion survey of American Jews by the American Jewish Committee, Obama’s positions on a range of issues are closely aligned with those of most Jews. For example:

67% believe the United States should allow illegal immigrants to remain and become U.S. citizens if they meet certain requirements over a period of time. Obama has consistently stated that comprehensive immigration reform is the only solution; McCain, after championing these reforms, has backtracked to emphasize punitive measures embraced by anti-immigrant activists in the Republican Party. "

This is a direct quote from a pro Obama Jewish website.

Ypp said...

That's the problem. They think that they have that f***g mission. But the real reason, is that we all believe we are so mighty that we can (and hence must) cure the World from its ills. That's a great mistake. That will continue until most of us, and importantly our leaders, realize that we all are nothing but arrogant fools and losers. Then they will start to behave reasonably.

Hal K said...

It can be thought of as an out-of-control fire. The wealth of the West is the fuel being consumed by the fire. Political correctness is the drought that makes it easier for the fire to start and spread.

SouthernFriedBear said...

It isn't just low skill labor

Clayton Cramer is detailing some of the things he's dealing with here.

Anonymous said...

Here is a non-antisemitic discussion of the Jewish vote: Carl in Jerusalem on will-jews-vote-for-mccain-palin

Bela said...

The entire Obama mania is fueled by Leftist Jews, almost like a coup:
Axelrod, Soros, Pritzker, Hollywood, Moveon (E. Pariser)the Media the cream of the Bolshevik Jewish establishment is out in full force:
Now they desinvited Palin in deference to the Arafat hugging Hillary.
They are unable to cut off their ties to Marxism, not even the robber barons like Soros and P.Lewis of "Progressive" Insurance.

Anonymous said...

Bela, I have a problem with leftist Jews too, but I really have to add that they don't represent all Jews. As Carl in J. points out, the Orthodox tend to be right-wing, and they are tending to support McCain. It's a cliche that liberalism is the religion of secular Jews. So all this Jew bashing, while I understand that it's partly justified by the behavior of liberal Jews, which I also deplore, is somewhat worthless if there is a failure to look at the rest of the evidence. Did you read Carl's blog? Does he sound like some subversive liberal Jewcommie? And there are lots of people who agree with him.

Bela said...

latté island:

I am perfectly aware of the fact that about 30% of the Jewish people have nothing to do with the Left.
Start with my fellow Hungarians like E. Teller, Leo Szilard, John Neumann (computer) also there is Netanyahu and Felix Mendelssohn the composer...
There is Caucus For America | About Rabbi Aryeh Spero who is anti-liberal at it best.
I am not that blind.
The problem is that these people are mostly silent and the ubiquitous Bolshevik Leftist Jews are those who run the show: Penny Pritzker of Hilton will host Ahmadinedjad. The Bolsheviks amassed the the power to control the society and this fact is the foundation of Antisemitism.

Armor said...

"At every step of the process somebody is making money. That’s why the cycle continues unabated, despite the firm opinion of voters about the matter. And the American taxpayer is footing the bill."

I think the process is fueled by ideology more than by money interests. No one seriously believes that loony liberals support replacement immigration and demonize anti-immigration conservatives out of financial interest.

Even if each business had a financial interest to hire illegals, it would not change the fact that the collective interest of businesses is to prevent immigration and the hiring of illegals. On the whole, I think a business loses more money due to illegal immigration than it earns from hiring illegals, since it must pay taxes to bear the costs of illegal immigration. Its financial self-interest is to hire illegals, but its financial self-interest is also that immigration be stopped at the national level.

It is the same as for stealing. My self-interest is to steal from every person I can steal from. (I am a decent person and would not do it even if I was not afraid to get caught, but employers of illegals are not decent persons). In fact, it is in everyone's self-interest to steal as much money as they can, so long as they do not get caught. But it is also in everyone's self-interest that laws be enforced to prevent stealing. Even if I am a thief by occupation, my self-interest is that stealing be forbidden by law, so society will remain prosperous and I can keep stealing from them and not fear having my own car stolen.

I can understand why every amoral big corporation hires illegals for short financial profit. What I cannot understand is why amoral big corporations do not band together and put pressure to try and stop immigration to protect their collective interest.