Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Waking Up to a Nightmare

I mentioned this news story last night in the news feed, but our Flemish correspondent VH sends along another version of the incident, and accompanies it with his commentary. From Dutch News:

Moroccan Police officer sacked for spying

A Rotterdam police sergeant has been sacked for spying for the Moroccan secret service, Rotterdam police confirmed in the tv current affairs programme NOVA on Monday evening.

The officer was caught following an anonymous tip to the Dutch secret service AIVD. It is not known what information the man passed on or how long he had been working for the Moroccan secret service.

The public prosecution service is reported as saying there is insufficient evidence for a criminal investigation into the case.

Commentary from VH:

Most Moroccans — who call themselves Mocros — in the Netherlands are Berbers from the Rif Mountains and Eastern Mediterranean villages in Morocco. The Berbers, a people Islamized by Arabs colonizers many centuries ago, are spread over the Maghreb (once called “Barbary” by Europeans) and were notorious for their slave raids in West Africa and Europe. This only calmed down for a relatively short period due to the colonization by France.

The immigrant Berbers in The Netherlands, due their somewhat backward culture and religion (Islam), are unable and unwilling to adapt, and a perfect example of a complete and disastrous misfit in the civilized West. While many of those Berbers publicly show their disgust for the West and terrorize many neighborhoods, they do want the monthly jizyah a lot. This is the prime reason why the contract workers stayed when their jobs ended, and their offspring now just follow their example.
- - - - - - - - -
The EU in the meantime, with “The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership”, is seeking an extensive partnership precisely with those peoples in The Maghreb. The EU — but also the Christian Socialists in the Netherlands — are of the opinion that “migration [Berbers to the Netherlands et al] constitutes a factor that contributes to economic and social development”. All the while ordinary citizens called this the Greatest Disaster in History (and then fell asleep again).

This Moroccan Drama will get worse by the day unless the Government introduces Zero Tolerance, a severe cut in welfare benefits, and expels any immigrant who misbehaves to the country of the most beloved passport — in above cases: Morocco. But they won’t.

Wilders’ remark, “send in the army” may sound extreme, but it is exactly the tone needed to slowly hammer the disastrous state of Dutch society out of the still-in-denial autistic dream world. They need hard talk and a hard response.

The other day a Dutch poll showed an all time low (13%) in support for a government, the Balkenende government. The coalition parties PvdA and CDA are sliding down and losing support of the electorate day by day, but is also indicates that Wilders hardly gets any more support form the electorate than he did a few months ago.

The Dutch move along the leftist appeasement fringe. The majority of them are sleepwalking, and will remain that way until a budget/fiscal big bang shatters their bank accounts — or until someone kicks hard enough at their very own kitchen door, but not to ask for a cup of sugar. Then they will wake up in the midst of a nightmare.


Henrik R Clausen said...

The majority of them are sleepwalking, and will remain that way until a budget/fiscal big bang shatters their bank accounts.

I believe this is exactly what we're in for in the next few years. The big-business crisis we have right now is merely the beginning.

When governments stop paying money to non-productive people, things will start to improve. But that will take a *lot* of suffering. I hope the extortion of the productive classes can be held to a minimum. The faster the cure, the less the pain.