Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Photos From “A Memorial to Oriana Fallaci”

More news is trickling in from the Counterjihad Europe 2008 conference in Florence, which was held over the weekend by Una Via per Oriana to honor the second anniversary of Oriana Fallaci’s death.

Aeneas has sent us a few photos from the event. First, the president of Una Via per Oriana, Armando Manocchia, lays a wreath on Ms. Fallaci’s grave:

Florence: Armando Manocchia at the gravestone

At the left, a view of the gravestone. At the right, Filip Dewinter speaking:

Florence: the gravestoneFlorence: Filip Dewinter

And two photos of Bat Ye’or, the author of Eurabia:

Florence Bat Ye’orFlorence Bat Ye’or

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