Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lynching Frank Vanhecke

Frank Vanhecke

Vlaams Belang, “Flemish Interest”, the Belgian political party which is pushing for the independence of Flanders, is a threat to European Union. An independent Flanders — especially when led by a conservative free-market party like Vlaams Belang — would be an affront to everything the EU stands for. It would resurrect the unfashionable idea of nationhood, a concept which would shake the European enterprise to its very foundations.

The breakup of Belgium would be a dress-rehearsal in miniature for the dissolution of the EU, and so must be prevented at all costs. One method of dealing with the upstarts of Vlaams Belang is to go after them legally, and the European Parliament is now considering revoking the parliamentary immunity of a prominent member of Vlaams Belang so that he can be prosecuted for “racism”.

According to the Vlaams Belang website, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

The immunity of Vanhecke

This afternoon [September 8] the Committee on Legal Affairs of the European Parliament is examining the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of Frank Vanhecke.

A few months ago, CD&V [Christian Democrat] Minister of Justice Vandeurzen asked for the lifting of the immunity after a complaint by Freddy Wilockx (SP.A [Socialist Party]), for the purpose of being able to prosecute the former Vlaams Belang chairman on the basis of the Racism Law.
- - - - - - - - -
Nobody less than Guido Naets, a former journalist of the VRT [Flemish Radio and Television] and former spokesman for the European Parliament, defends Frank Vanhecke. “In the almost 30 years that I have known Frank Vanhecke, since he became the assistant to Karel Dillen [one of the founders of the VB], I have never been able to catch him on any form of racism whatsoever,” Guido Naets said. “Vanhecke will be prosecuted because he is a symbol for a party that wants to abolish Belgium, like Cato in Rome ended every speech to the Senate in Rome with the words ‘ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam’ [‘Furthermore, I think Carthage should be destroyed’].” (…) “For all these reasons I beg the European Parliament, beginning with this Commission [Committee on Legal Affairs], not to become an accessory to a political lynching party and an attempted smear attack of a radical Flemish party, in which racism is to be used as just a cheap justification. Belgium today is facing one of the biggest challenges since it separated from the Netherlands in 1830; it would be very unwise if the European Parliament were to choose sides in the community negotiations [between the Flemish and the Walloons].”

Frank Vanhecke, who incidentally will be nominated by the board as leading candidate for Vlaams Belang in the European elections, risks losing his political rights — and therefore his mandate in the European parliament — as well as the opportunity to participate in the [European] elections of June 2009.


Anonymous said...

Of course: the good old charge of "racism". I'm so sick of this accusation. Oh well, at least we know Vlaams Belang is doing something right: if the EU doesn't like you, that's got to be a good thing...

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. If MPs can be prosecuted for what they say in Parlaiment, political freedom is dead in the EU. Nobody will speak out against the party line.

Anonymous said...

After being convicted for racism by a Belgian court, the Vlaams Blok (now Vlaams Belang) became more popular than ever. Mr. Willockx must be very desperate if he wants to risk doing that again.

Defiant Lion said...

This is great news and I really hope the EU proceed with their nasty little inquisition. An inquisition where "racist" is the new "heretic".

Confess! Confess! Bring the comfy cushion! Absolutely farcical.

But just think what this would do for the Flemish cause. The EU would make a martyr out of Vanhecke and in doping so would unite the Flemish in their cause.

I wonder who would be next? Griffin? (they've already tried twice) Le Pen? Wilders? Bossi?

"No one expects the EU inquisition..."

X said...
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Henrik R Clausen said...

I believe the appropriate counter-charge to 'Racism!' is 'Libel!'

That's something I've tried on blogs at times, quoting the relevant libel laws and demonstrating just how the charge of 'Racism' fits with demeaning, honour-damaging and false.

In that small-scale experiment of blog-commenting, that worked wonders. The rabit left-wing extremists were realizing that they (theoretically) faced punishment under the law, and usually shut up pretty fast.

Henrik R Clausen said...

DL, what the elite is doing here is bad news, as usual. I don't believe in these backward games. The only piece of good news here is that of Guido Naets having the guts to stand up for decency and the Rule of Law.

These people are real heroes of freedom. They are few, but inspire more acts of defiance.

"Noone expects the European Inquisition"?

Na. Using the word 'European' in this context is disgraceful. 'EU' is better, though not as easy to speak. Or perhaps:

"Noone expects the Brussel Inquisition!"

Defiant Lion said...


Oh I know what the comissars are doing all too well. But I want them to proceed at full steam so more and more people will see what they really are. It will do wonders not just for Flemish nationalsim but nationalism throughout Europe. Let them bring it on!

"Noone expects the European Inquisition"?

Huh? Who used the word "European"? I think you'll find we agree on what the better definition is if you re-read my post again ;-)

"Our chief weapon is race, Islam and an almost fanatical devotion to Marx..."

Henrik R Clausen said...

DL, it was *I* who tried that expression - easier to pronounce than 'EU' - and rejected it. Just playing with words. 'European' is such a precious term it should not be associated with the Inquisition.

Some may think that the Spanish Inquisition (which was less brutal than rumour would have it) is another evil out of the Middle Ages. It isn't - it's another expression of the decay of freedoms that took place after the end of the Great Middle Ages :)

Defiant Lion said...


Hmm, your post reads like it is taking me to task for using the word "European". I think you misread my post but don't wory I won't bring in the comfy chair ;-)

With the Inquisition I really haven't got a clue what you are going on about but if you tell me what you've been drinking I'll have a litre or 6!!! :-))

This is the Spanish Inquisition I am going on about:

The Spanish Inquisition

Bet you didn't expect to see that!

Henrik R Clausen said...

DL, I didn't misread your post, I miswrote mine :)

For the Inquisition, I'm merely poking a hole in the meme that it was an evil of the supposedly 'dark' Middle Ages, which were not dark at all - a favorite subject of mine, you know. The Spanish Inquisition was founded quite precisely at the (imprecise) ending of the Middle Ages.

Oh, I better watch that video before the Lightman is shown...

Lucas said...

Well, if VB wnats to go mainstream, it must renounce any ties with white supremacist groups, without any "if's" or "but's".

Oh, and working side by side with Le Pen is not a good ideia either!

Afonso Henriques said...

Not schoking.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Mats, VB did so 15 years ago.´

Your perpetuating the slander is not particular helpful.