Friday, September 12, 2008

“Islamism is the Racism of our Time”

Update: Thanks to Laller for informing us in the comments that Naser Khader is no longer the leader of Democratic Muslims.

Naser Khader Naser Khader is an interesting figure in Danish politics. A totally assimilated “moderate” Muslim, he has campaigned tirelessly against Islamic extremists. He is the leader of the Democratic Muslims (Demokratiske Muslimer), a political organization dedicated to the integration of Denmark’s Muslims with the country’s democratic political institutions.

His political stance is that of a typical left-Socialist European sophisticate, and he helped found the New Alliance (Ny Alliance ), a coalition of “halal hippies” and trendy leftists that was intended to provide a hip parliamentary alternative to the vulgar and jingoistic Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti). Alas, the New Alliance was all but destroyed in the last elections, and is no longer a significant force in Danish politics.

Naser Khader, however, will not be disappearing from public view anytime soon. Our Danish correspondent TB didn’t have time to translate the entire text of Mr. Khader’s latest opinion piece, but he has left us with some choice quotes from it:
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Islamism is the racism of our time


“There is one part of this war we have never declared: the war against political Islam”

“The Islamists of today are stronger than ever.”

“Their influence in international organizations, international business, and through lobbying is growing every day.”

“Now we should simply wake up.”

“A united democratic world should turn against Islamism, not to seek dialog but with direct opposition.”

“In Durban II the Danish government should seek support for condemning political Islam as a racist ideology.”

“It’s nonsense to fight the Taliban on the battlefield if we do not confront this at the same time.”


laller said...

Actually, Khader isn't leader of Democratic Muslims anymore. He stepped down a long time ago.
New Alliance also changed its political profile/platform earlier this year. It is quite libertarian now(atleast by Danish standards) if I'm not mistaken.
I like Khader, though he isn't leader material. His is probably the only voice that doesn't run the risk of being labelled islamophobic, so I'd wish he'd use it more.

xlbrl said...

It simply makes no sense for a leftist of any sort to support the right side of a civilization issue, whether illegal and legal immigration, terror, or subversion; whether that leftist is Leiberman or Khader.
It is the very ideologies of the Left that cause or feed these issues in the first place. If these politicians do not wish to behave in a self-destructive way, let them leave the swamp.
No one should stand out in the desire for self-preservation, and if they do perhaps this is not something we should be congratulating them about.

Henrik R Clausen said...

I have submitted to Baron a complete translation of the Khader piece, which is excellent. He says in straight prose what we need to do, but what our leaders are too timid to dare.

Anonymous said...

Thats just great Henrik. Thanks!

Henrik R Clausen said...

xkbrl, Khader is not leftist, he's libertarian. Probably the only choice for Danish libetarians to vote for.

His second-in-command Anders Samuelsen is the brain behind this political line. He's quite a thinker, unusual in these days of spin and triangulation.