Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Expectations of a Race War

I’m not looking forward to a race war in America, but some people are. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is alleged to be in favor of such a cleansing fire for this country, and he’s not the only one.

In today’s Philadelphia Daily News, Fatima Ali has a message for the cruel, heartless, honkie Republicans and their corporate paymasters who run Amerikkka: Elect Obama, or face a race-based uprising.

She leaves no doubt that we can look forward to Armageddon if we make the wrong choice in November:

We need Obama, not 4 more years of George Bush

America is on the brink of a long, harsh and bitterly cold winter, with a looming recession that the GOP won’t even admit to.

The policies of the current White House have brutalized our economy, yet the wealthiest think that everything is fine.

Rich Republicans just don’t understand that millions are suffering. But many of their working class do, and they’re beginning to abandon their own party.

When lifelong Republican Barney Smith told the Democratic convention that he’d vote for Barack Obama for president, he gave pause to even the most conservative members of his party.

Smith, like many disgruntled working-class Republicans, is ready to turn his back on his party because he’s having such a hard time providing for his family. Like others, Smith fell victim to the loss of 3.2 million American jobs as factories closed or their work was outsourced to cheap labor markets overseas.

Hit the pause button here. Who is Barney Smith?

Every time the Democrats trot out a “lifelong Republican” who has seen the light and been born again into the party of True Religion, he or she turns out to be a fake. Mr. Smith turns out to be no exception :

Barney Smith’s voter registration is clear. It shows that for the last 12 years he has voted in 3 primary elections. In 1996 he voted Democrat, in 2006 he voted Republican, and in 2008 he voted Democrat. [Barney Smith’s voting record (pdf)]

Huh. Some Republican.

But the most telling thing that Ms. Ali has to say is this:
- - - - - - - - -
If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness — and hopelessness!

Plenty of Americans would rather stay in their dream state than to recognize the poverty sweeping across the country, right here, right now.

Obama understands that people are suffering. Every week, prices go up at the supermarket, and people are unable to feed their families. It already is dark and stormy for millions, who can’t even afford pencils, book bags and lunch money for their children.

But when Obama wins the White House, we may just see a revolution that can turn the tide and improve this nation for everyone, not just a select few. [emphasis added]

This is blatant mau-mauing: elect our guy, or expect trouble!

I’ve been dreading this kind of thing ever since Obama was a gleam in the NYT’s eye, and you can bet there will be a lot more of it before we punch our chads in November.

Fatima Ali has made it clear: the USA had better elect Barack Obama in 2008, or else.

Hat tip: Fjordman.


Subvet said...

Wouldn't doubt it in the least.

Tell me again how race relations in this country have improved.

History Snark said...

Phew. Good thing we have the post-racial candidate coming! He'll surely protect us from all this!

As always, let's speculate on the reverse: What would happen if whitey threatened to riot in the event that the Messiah wins?

And Subvet, race relations have improved because nowadays this moron doesn't risk getting strung up.

Engineer-Poet said...

On the 1-10 scale of threats, this is about a 0.5.  Telling people that there's going to be trouble takes nothing more than hindsight; there's already trouble.

The fun part will be if/when Obama gets elected, and proves unable to do very much about it.  Then the riots will include a large measure of discontent with him.

And all of this because the Republicans lacked the patriotism and spine to impeach Bush when it became obvious he could not care less about the USofA.  There are still some GOP members who haven't figured that out yet, but it'll eventually dawn on them.

Protestant said...

A "war" by definition requires two sides to shoot. This scenario would be not a war, but a national version of Los Angeles 1992. [A mob of angry blacks rioting, looting, and killing whites in the street, who just take it and/or say "We're Sorry..."].

White Americans are conditioned from a young age these days to think that fighting back against nonwhite thugs is only a step above child-rape on the moral scale. (This is hyperbole, but you get the idea).

xlbrl said...

Talk is cheap, and remains so because it has never cost these types of rhetorical fools anything before, unless burning down your own neighborhood qualifies.
But if their boy is not adequately admired in November and they cross those old boundries of bad judgement, the math is just terrible for them. People used to intimidating politicians would have a different experience against an armed population out of patience.

Anonymous said...

It's already on, and Obama started it. A few years ago, when Colin Powell was thinking of running, it absolutely never occurred to me to be against his candidacy because he's black. I would've voted for him. Maybe I still would, he's a pretty balanced and non-polarizing person. But Obama is all about empowering non-whites at the expense of whites. That's the only reason I'm voting for McCain, to prevent the hate-whitey crowd from getting more power. If they riot, too bad, that's why we have a National Guard. Better than a Chicago-style kleptocracy appointing black thugs to the Supreme Court and every other government body, and having to watch our language in front of the Obama Youth.

no2liberals said...

First of all, this is just an absurd rant by an unknown, but most likely Nation of Islam adherent, who's opinion only reverberates in the muslim enclave in South Philly.
What is this disastrous economy she speaks of? Most likely she is unhappy that the redistribution of wealth hasn't been enough for her.

President Bush has done a great job in general, he has kept our country safe, and presided over a robust economy.
Here is a link, and here are some snippets.

- Economic growth. U.S. output has expanded faster than in most advanced economies since 2000. The IMF reports that real U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) grew at an average annual rate of 2.2% over the period 2001-2008 (including its forecast for the current year). President Bush will leave to his successor an economy 19% larger than the one he inherited from President Clinton. This U.S. expansion compares with 14% by France, 13% by Japan and just 8% by Italy and Germany over the same period.
The latest ICP findings, published by the World Bank in its World Development Indicators 2008, also show that GDP per capita in the U.S. reached $41,813 (in purchasing power parity dollars) in 2005. This was a third higher than the United Kingdom's, 37% above Germany's and 38% more than Japan's.
- Employment. The U.S. employment rate, measured by the percentage of people of working age (16-65 years) in jobs, has remained high by international standards. The latest OECD figures show a rate of 71.7% in 2006. This was more than five percentage points above the average for the euro area.

The U.S. unemployment rate averaged 4.7% from 2001-2007. This compares with a 5.2% average rate during President Clinton's term of office, and is well below the euro zone average of 8.3% since 2000.

There is much more info in the link.

Fatima's piece is even more silly, if she honestly believes that citizens in this country will sit idly by, when a small percentage of the population decides to have a war in the streets. Between me, and just a few of my friends, we are better armed than many small nations, and wouldn't allow the type of carnage she is intimating to happen in our communities, unchallenged.

Additionally, the "Rich Republican" deceit is so droll, I'm tired of responding to it.

Anonymous said...

A Muslim openly fomenting violent rebellion? Whoda thunk it?

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

Had Labor Day off from work. Took the Kalashnikov out deep into the woods. Had bought a few boxes of Wolf 7.62 x 39 mm, 122 grain ball, zinc plated steel cases with Berdan primers. The weather was beautiful, the woods were peaceful and quiet, and the ammo was cheap and reliable.
Yep, I'm ready for the election.

Cobra said...

I will oil my toys in expectation...

Diamed said...

Nothing will happen. This article is dumb and hysterical. No war will break out, immigration and differential birth rates will simply dispossess the white majority by 2032, and then the newly created liberal majority will vote themselves all the candy and goodies they want, while the cowardly, unorganized, self-hating white race slavishly serves their needs to its dying day. But don't worry, the top 1% will be extremely rich and live behind giant gated palaces with private armies where they can ignore all the pain and celebrate diversity and enrichment till the end of time.

This is how the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.

Bilgeman said...

I agree with "Protestant: above.

This shockingly stupid woman and her irresponsible newspaper seem to think that a race riot equals "war".

Not. Even. Close.

And like LA in 1992, the riot would be confined to their own neighborhoods. During the riots, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, in what was surely the nadir of her already subterranean Congressional career, asked:

"Why aren't they burning Simi Valley?"

If she had to ask that question, it just proved how truly out of touch and stupid she was with her own constituency...and everyone else in SoCal, Black, White, and Hispanic, who had two brain cells to rub together.

A violent racial foray outside of their own areas would give them a taste of "war" very similar to what Napoleon's troops experienced on their retreat from Moscow.

Not to mention that there are elements of the White and Hispanic community who would like nothing more than a state of lawlessness, so that they could load up the car with some fellas and go "hunting" Black people. (Didja think you heard ALL the news out of LA in '92?).

And, alas, for their troubles, they would end up with a conservative backlash the likes of which they've never seen.

In 1992, LA burned. At the very next Congressional election, The GOP, led by Newt Gingrich, assumed control of the Congress.

Not a coincidence.

Afonso Henriques said...

Diamed, just look to Bolivia:

"This is how the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper."

Now seriously, I am shocked.
I am seeing that people (even) here at Gates of Vienna are ready to face a black rebellion. It is possible, but it will not lead to war. It can be massive, but it will be easily controled.
Yesterday I read one thread on one of the most influential blogs of the Portuguese left that made me think. It was about this elections and it ended like this:

"The defeat of Obama woult thus became a clivage line separating States, ethnicities, generations, religions; an invisible secession traveling up and down in the middle of neighbourhoods, between family members, between individuals. A scar that would not stop hurting soon."

I wonder more how Europe will react to it than any other thing.
Please, vote McCain.

By the way, what the hell is GOP?

History Snark said...

@Alfonso: Yes, we are ready to face a "black rebellion". Many conservatives in this country are tired of the Blacks being the preferred minority, holding influence (cultural and political) out of proportion.

Some years ago, I read an article by (I believe it was) David Horowitz. He wrote that, whenever he spoke in Europe, one of his first points was to ask the audience what percentage of the US population was Black. The answer, he said, was never less than 25%- usually more.

The reality, of course, is around 12%.

Not long ago, in my home city of Detroit, the Black mayor was arrested and charged with multiple felonies, relating to perjury in a trial. Not long after that, he "happened" to be present when a friend of his was being looked for in relation to another crime. He pushed a police officer, and asked the Black woman trying to serve the warrant "How can you ride in a car with a man named "White?"

Can you say "hate crime"?

But of course, he's Black. He's now added assault to the list of charges against him. Nothing, to my knowledge about assaulting a police officer. And certainly nothing about racism.

Imagine that being the other way: Imagine a white politician asking a white woman "How can you ride in a car with a man named "Black".

Get the picture now? Nobody wants trouble, but a lot of people are tired of this little game. And many of us feel that electing the black messiah would only make things worse.

Afonso Henriques said...

"Some years ago, I read an article by (I believe it was) David Horowitz. He wrote that, whenever he spoke in Europe, one of his first points was to ask the audience what percentage of the US population was Black. The answer, he said, was never less than 25%- usually more."

Yes I know. I remember I've been discussing with some friends of mine some months ago about who would win the American elections: In a group of ten, I supported Giuliani and one of them supported (I guess) Mitt Rommey. All the others stuck for Mr. Obama. I asked why was that and a silence erupted. Then, there was one smart guy who stated that was aready time for a member of an opressed minority to do it to the white house.
Then I aksed: "Is it fair to put a man of an insignificant minority as the president of a country?"

I was already being accused of racism when I said: Do you know what's the percentage of blacks in America?
The lowest answer was 20%, many were around the 40%. The average answer would be some 30%.

Then I replied: "So, you better be aware that they are less than 15%, there already more Mexicans than blacks in the U.S.A."

Half was shocked, half did not believe.

That's current Europe, man: Socialist inducted ignorance. And the worst thing is that the last time I got a taxi, the fouth sentence the men pronounced was a proud: "You know, I am an anti-American".

I can't blame it, he truly believed in the European Union. Hopes and dreams, hopes and dreams...

But, what the hell is GOP???

Diamed said...

@Afonso: The Grand Old Party. A nickname for the republicans.

Afonso Henriques said...

Thank you very much Diamed. I apreciate that.

Engineer-Poet said...

For what it's worth, I've got a rifle, a 30-round magazine, and a bunch of stripper clips ready in case some kind of nonsense breaks out.  It's far more likely to break out at my former abode a mile or so from here than at my house, but I get the feeling my ex-neighbors can take care of themselves; f'rex, the gal who lived on my west has a CCW.

I just don't expect much.  Current and former mayors of color around here seem to find trouble; the one in the burg where I work was just arrested for drunk driving and driving without a license as his fifth or sixth offense.  If they're not discreet enough to avoid a road patrol, staying alive among an armed and vigilant populace long enough to get away with a lot of crime doesn't seem likely.

laine said...

The American public has been systematically dumbed down by public education and the media to the point that they treat the presidential election as an affirmative action program (We'll vote for an empty suit and self-aggrandizer as long as he can pass for black) or American Idol (we're voting for the cool good looking guy). I don't know which is worse but they're additive.

Yeah, that meme about rich Republicans is firmly entrenched despite all the factual documentation that Democrats are richer. Is it the alliteration of r and R? In that case, why can't we get dumb Democrats to stick?

veteran1950 said...

in the words of infamous Rodney King; CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?

quite seriously, i hope nothing of any significance along these lines happen. as one who shuns large crowds and large cities, i look out for my neighbors and family here in the rural south. i know the difference between right and wrong because of my family upbringing. i believe in the ten commandments and the golden rule, God, and the second ammendment. God pity the fool who brings mayhem to my front door. God forgive me but those who do will die fast and hard. lets all hope it never comes to this.

Engineer-Poet said...

"quite seriously, i hope nothing of any significance along these lines happen."

The likelihood escalates with the fraction of people who think they could get away with it.

"God pity the fool who brings mayhem to my front door. God forgive me but those who do will die fast and hard. lets all hope it never comes to this."

If those who might try believe that people like you feel like that, they are more likely to avoid causing trouble.  The more people who are armed, ready and make it known, the less likely it will come to that.

An armed society is a polite society.