Monday, September 08, 2008

A Culture of Insults

SlotervaartI have written a number of times about Slotervaart, a Moroccan neighborhood in Amsterdam which was plagued by riots and arson last winter — among other occasions. As in similar areas in Sweden and France, emergency personnel from the fire brigade and ambulance services are at risk of physical attack when they enter Slotervaart.

Once again, the interesting thing about the following news story is that an ethnic Moroccan is the one objecting to the lawless behavior of “youths” in Slotervaart, and calling for resolute action against them. According to last Saturday’s Elsevier, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

“Insulting emergency staff is part of Moroccan culture”

City Council Chairman of Slotervaart Ahmed Marcouch [PvdA, Socialist party] believes that the young Moroccan who threatened ambulance staff must be “punished severely”.

On the TV show Knevel & Van den Brink, Marcouch said that threatening and insulting police officers and firefighters is “quite common” in Morocco.


Interviewer Andries Knevel told him these boys were born in the Netherlands, however. “Yes,” replied Marcouch, “but still, that’s their culture.” In Morocco there is “aggressiveness on both sides” according to Marcouch. “People over there for example, do not step aside when an ambulance arrives.”
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The reasons why young Moroccans insult emergency aid staff doesn’t concern him a bit, Marcouch said, “because you just have to keep your hands off people”. In addition to more severe punishments, Marcouch believes society should openly talk about such issues. He acknowledged that this has been happening for years, but still finds it insufficient.

Ambulance staff are sick and tired of all the insults and demand action against increasing violence.

Sidebar caption: My apologies

The boy who threatened ambulance personnel in Amsterdam last Wednesday evening after they picked up his stabbed brother has offered his apologies.

He told the ambulance staff that he “would kill them if his brother died.”

“I was very emotional, I can no longer remember it all, but if I said all that, I am sorry, I offer my apologies,” said Abdullah.


Henrik R Clausen said...

Firing back (usiung live bullets) might be an appropriate 'cultural' response to this Multi-kulti abomination :)

Fjordman said...

Dutch authorities have totally and completely abdicated. They promote Islamic culture and harass or legally prosecute people who criticize Islamic culture. That means that they have formally surrendered to Islamic rule. The authorities are now enforcers of sharia, not protectors of their people. The Dutch nation has been formally abolished by the Multiculturalists, just like the Swedish nation, the German nation, the Italian nation etc.

The only possible solution to this is for the natives to overthrow the ruling paradigm, to halt or ban further mass immigration and expel those who refuse to assimilate. What is at stake here is not only the freedom of the Dutch, which has to a large degree already been lost, but their entire physical existence. Holland as an entity will be gone forever.

El said...

i stand by my earlier suggestions, explicit and implicit, that the netherlands will go first. in so doing, it will help save the rest of us. but can it save itself? it will be fascinating to see how wilders does at the next election. the discontinuity i have written about is approaching at quite a speed. and the dutch government is funding ramadan celebrations!

Bert said...

I agree with Fjordman. The very worst Government ever in Dutch history, the Balkenende Cabinet (supported by the Royalty), is submitting the Netherlands to Islamist colonizers and positioning itself against law abiding citizens.

The electorate in majority seems too brainwashed and/or dependent on Government subsidies and wages to make a difference in time.
The Netherlands lost a crucial momentum in 2002, because of the Multicultural Coup d'Etait (assasination of Fortuyn).

As Hendrik writes here: all that helps is mercyless response to those Moroccans. But I heard the Socialist Amsterdam City Government is now thinking of making an "educative" film to show Moroccans the good work Ambulance staff does...

@El: Indeed, The Netherlands is lost, unless there is a violent revolt and/or a secession soon (cut off from the most severe muticulti Provinces or flee to Flanders and help that country to become independent). But I think that won't happen.

The "right" in the Netherlands, including the very brave and steadfast PVV (Wilders) has the support of ca. 32% of the electorate at the moment. The maximum possible support for right-wing/conservative parties is maybe ca. 40%. Not enough to make a big difference soon.

I put a graph here in a (late:) reply to your remark in a previous post.

Anonymous said...

ditto Bodissey.

ditto Fjordman.

Unfrench Frenchman said...

Aggressiveness towards law enforcement officer and firefighters part of Moroccan culture? I lived in Morocco for two months with the locals some ten years ago and my impression was that Moroccan people feared the authorities way too much to provoke them without good reason. Plus the Moroccans seemed to be a very public order-minded people, and I witnessed much less aggression, be it verbal or physical, there than in Europe, which struck me as odd given the levels of violence that can be observed in Arab-majority neighborhoods in countries such as France, where I come from.
Therefore I do not believe that Ahmed Marcouch is saying the truth. Those youths who fight the firefighters or police in Western Europe do not do so because of an ancestral hatred of those categories of civil servants but as part of a war they are waging against non-Muslim states around the world.