Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vaya Con Dios, Swedes

From Danish Affairs:

Swedes leaving a sinking ship?

A population exchange is currently going on in Sweden. The numbers are now comparable to the massive transatlantic emigration of the late 19th century. Kurt Lundgren has done some statistical research [in Swedish].

During 2007, 45.418 swedish citizens emigrated. In 1881the, number was 45.992.

The original Swedish population is [now being] replaced with under-educated groups with high reproduction rates from developing Islamic countries.

What the swedes are leaving is a formerly prosperous and safe welfare state, but no longer the same comfortable place to live. Sweden has not got the rising crime under control.

The Swedish state authorities seem unable to protect its own citizens. Especially rape, homicide and violent offences are rapidly growing.

The only quibble I have is the term “developing Islamic countries.” If they are developing, why is everyone leaving, including the ones on inner tubes? Islamic countries develop like Cuba “develops” - terminal lack of liberty.

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babs said...

During 2007, 45.418 swedish citizens emigrated. In 1881the, number was 45.992.

I don't understand what that means. Do you mean 125 years ago Swedish emigration was such? If so, how does 125 years ago make any kind of importance on today's immigration? I am pretty sure I have this all wrong...

blogger2 said...

According to (Statistics Sweden) out of those 45.418 emigrants 19.769 are people who were born in Sweden. Also in 2007 12.340 Swedish-born citizens returned.

So that 7.429 Swedes leaving, not 45.418.

Dymphna said...


The numbers leaving in the 19th century were going to the US for economic opportunity founded on hard work and frugality. Many of them returned to the old country when they had accumulated enough to live well in their native land. OTOH, many stayed.

Surely you've heard the Prairie Home Companion jokes about Swedes? Lutherans?

The ones leaving today are fleeing the enforced mass emigration.

inf-- we'll just have to see how the numbers continue on in the future...Argue with Mr. Lundgren, the man who has done the research.

Common sense tells you that the total leaving is much like the totals in the UK and the Netherlands.

IgnorantInfidel said...


My calculator must be based on an incorrect numeric base. Until today it appeared to be a 'normal' base 10 calculator. But something is wrong.

45,418 2007 total emigrants
-12,340 2007 total returnees
33,078 2007 net emigration.

blogger2 said...

ignorantinfidel: The 45.418 number includes foreign citizens living in Sweden who are moving back home. Like I said, out of those 45.418 "emigrants" only 19.769 are Swedish-born citizens.

Conservative Swede said...

First of all, thanks for a good post Dymphna -- inspiring a good discussion -- and thanks for the good number crunching, Inf:

Why would the Swedes be leaving really? The Swedes are so much in denial that they are not even aware of that they ought to be leaving. So why would they leave? And as Inf pointed out, they are not.

Furthermore, Swedish multiculturalism is much more like an apartheid system: i) the Swedes are the most Japanese of all European nations, so it's not an easy society to get into to; ii) unlike Holland, Denmark, Britain etc. we have wast amount of space, so we have much further ability to stuff away the "people of colour" where we do not need to see them.

This is the trick to keep up a good facade of multiculturalism.

The Swedes just want to hear things like "Now we received 100,000 Iraqis last year and gave them all permanent residency." The do not actually want Iraqis as their neighbours. So this is a perfect system, because they do not have to. If we also suppress "accidents" of gang rapes and violent crime in the media, it virtually becomes a multicultural paradise.

Until the day when it's we who live in isolated ghettos - and that day is approaching at record speed. (Compare with the country of origin of the apartheid system!)

Robohobo said...

I think the interesting numbers would be the % emmigrees as a per capita stat. IOW, what percentage of total population do the raw numbers represent.

The bad part for Sweden would seem to be that what may have been a homogeneously safe place to live has now possibly become one which has 'no -go' areas for the general population. That would obviously be a shock for a country that had lived a protected life, as it were, until now. Thought the rest of us understand the concept of 'no-go' areas and neighborhoods clearly.