Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Migration as Jihad

Established Islamic doctrine — based on the Koran, the hadith, and the sunnah — states that any believer who dies in warfare against the unbeliever, or while defending the Ummah, is a shahid, a martyr. A martyr’s reward is a place in paradise and the perpetual service of 72 virgins.

The soldiers who die for Allah in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon are martyrs. Suicide bombers in India, Bali, Iraq, Afghanistan, London, and Israel are martyrs. The innocent Muslims killed by terrorist bombs (or at least the men and boys among them) are martyrs.

And now the “asylum-seekers” who drown in the Mediterranean trying to reach Europe are considered martyrs.

According to AKI:

Algeria: Illegal immigrants who drown are ‘martyrs’, says imam

Algiers, 29 April (AKI) — Algerian immigrants who drown in the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Europe should be considered ‘martyrs’, according to a prominent imam.

According to the local daily, Ennahar, Sheikh Shamsedin Bourubi issued a fatwa, or religious edict, on Monday saying that the Muslim faithful should pray for their souls.

“The immigrants who leave Algeria by sea in a bid to reach Europe and die by drowning in the Mediterranean are ‘martyrs’ and are not committing suicide,” he said.
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“So it is legal to conduct funeral prayers for their souls.”

The Bourubi’s fatwa appears to contradict a preceding fatwa issued by the Algerian ministry of religious affairs.

According to the government body, immigrants who leave the country illegally and die in the ocean are committing suicide and should not be given prayers that are in violation of Islamic doctrine.

The ministry had therefore banned illegal immigration, saying it was against Islam. [Note: the author means “emigrants” and “emigration”. — BB]

But Bourubi disagreed with the government’s stance.

“The illegal immigrants that leave by sea face enormous risks and pay enormous sums of money to improve their living conditions,” he said.

According to the Algerian theologian, it is important to understand the social motivation that pushes young people to immigrate.

The Libyan dictator Muammar Qadafi has spoken of the coming conquest of Europe, which will occur through demographic jihad rather than violent jihad. Through the migration of the faithful and the power of the Islamic womb, Europe will be reclaimed for the Ummah.

European political leaders refuse to recognize the nature of the Islamic tidal wave that sweeps across the Mediterranean and the Bosphorus and inundates their cities.

But the Muslims themselves understand the nature of what’s happening. Their intentions couldn’t be more clearly stated.

Hat tip: insubria.


Zenster said...

Everybody and their grandmother is being declared a martyr by these clerics. I say, let's cut out the middle man and start martyring some clerics.

Findalis said...

Who cares if they are martyrs? They are dead and they don't care.

Diamed said...

Like usual, the Muslims bravely brag about what we are told is a 'conspiracy theory' and 'absurd' when we say it. They're not immigrating to find a better life and assimilate, they're immigrating as jihad, to conquer and subjugate us all to Islam. All we have to do is listen to what they say and take them seriously, why are we so sure we know better than they themselves, why they do something? Because it's more comforting to think the world has nothing bad or dangerous in it?

randian said...

Who cares? Muslims themselves care, which prompts them to do more of it. More to the point, Muslims in Europe will start making this issue one of "human rights" and "discrimination against Muslims", claim that their "martyrdom" was caused by the native Europeans themselves, and that such guilt demands an active effort to prevent the deaths.

Unknown said...

randian: So they can blow themselves up later?


Anonymous said...

The Christian definition of a martyr is someone who is put to death (sometimes by excruciating means) rather than deny their faith. The Muslim definition of a martyr is someone blows himself to bits in a public market, taking fifteen Muslim children, six Muslim mothers and two old Muslim men to paradise with him.

Armor said...

European political leaders have followed the lead of the media and other traitors. They have transformed their states and administrations into immigration pumps. That is the only reason why we have mass immigration. It has nothing to do with an islamic plan. Now, every Moroccan and Algerian has family in some European country, and they do get better pay and welfare if they come over.