Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Goodbye to All That

Here’s an explanation of where England fits into things in the schemes of the EU topography. I have edited it for punctuation, but have changed none of the wording.

When you’ve finished reading this post, will some kind soul explain to me what this map will look like in reality? It sounds utterly ghastly. In fact, it resembles nothing so much as an abortion.

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Uppompeii says:

EU wipes England off the map, as Gordon Brown flies the flag of St George over Downing Street

[That title may be a version of the Lord taketh away, and the Lord giveth. Whatever, His ledger is definitely weighted in disfavor of England, Saint George flag or not]

Have you ever heard of the “manche” region, or the Atlantic region and not forgetting the North sea region, these are the areas the EU want to carve England into, The Manche will be ruled by the French.

Portugal and Denmark will rule the other two regions and the English Channel will be renamed “the Channel Sea”

This is what Brussels has planned for the UK. We will in essence no longer exist. The Government is completely behind these plans and, yes, the names of our country are removed from the map.

This destruction of our homeland, its erasing from the map of the world is -- well I cannot think of words to describe it, I truly cannot.
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Nu Labour are near to their undeclared goal, that goal being the removal of England from the planet, NuLabour’s complete and utter hatred for this country is now crystal clear; they are indeed the biggest and most blatant traitors in history.

Since today is St George’s day, is it a coincidence that the news of the impending demise of our country should come to light on this day? I think not; I believe this to be a totally cynical act aimed at rubbing salt into the wound.

This plan links in very well with the Euromed agreements made a decade ago which effectively began the process of Islamization of the independent countries of Europe.

The programme to achieve the removal of England from the globe is called INTER-REG, and its aim is to improve trade and create “transitional regions.”

Thus, we the population of this country would become stateless, we would be a region of the EU, faceless, without identity, our history and culture expunged along with our country.

Such an act by a Government would in the past have caused a civil war. Do we now have to seriously consider that option?

This is too, too much, if it is not stopped dead in its tracks we as a nation will cease to exist.

Needless to say, there is no mention of this on the BBC.

So, y'all, tell me what this regional map is going to look like. Or is it a superstate secret?

Hat tip: DP111


Indigo Red said...

Not quite a secret. The Germans have been working on the map for a long time. Previously they used armor and army, but having failed in that, they took up the crayon to scribble out The Schlieffen Plan. And it looks like this.

At long last, the Anglo-Saxon Empire falls. Long live the EU!

Proper pronunciation of which is 'eeeeewwwww' accompanied with the appropriate screwing up of facial muscles.

christian soldier said...

Is this the same concept as the open highway between Mexico (Calderon's - Mexico has no borders) through what is now the United States, to Canada (we hate the U.S. - Canada)? For want of another name - I call it the NAFTA Road. It is proposed-not yet built.

It's not too late to stop it - my fellow citizens.


WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER,what belongs to us!

wildwill said...

Why are we going to be divided into regions? AREN'T WE ALREADY REGIONS = COUNTRIES? RESPECT US!

Holger said...

And what is the white region?
Any way, to "Englisman" what are you going to do about it? You don't have any guns? You don't have any majority of people ready to fight for it. There is nothing you can do. Nor can I...

Unknown said...

This has been on the cards for 10 years since Labour seeded the idea of "Regional Assemblies". Most of these were rejected outright when put to a popular vote but as most observers have noted the European State has little need for democracy so these votes were not significant.

The EU is not only undemocratic (wait until we have our first selected President of Europe, with his palace, and his entourage) it is totalitarian. It is also a fantastic gravy train for all the moochers and looters in the political class. One can live very comfortably indeed as a piece of the EU machine - the salaries and allowances are extremely generous and one will never be called to account for ones actions.

The people of Europe won't do a damn thing to stop this either. The entire farce will eventually collapse under its own weight because of all the contradictions in its make-up (the demographic timebomb, the sure failure of multiculturalism, the unsustainable welfare programmes, the discredited statist philosophies etc) but there will be a great deal of unpleasantness leading up to that point.