Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Counterjihad News Briefs

Hospitals in Flanders have set limits on how far they are willing to go to appease the sensibilities of Muslim patients. The limits are pretty squishy, but at least there are limits.

According to ANSAmed:

Rules for Muslim Patients by Flemish Gynaecologists

More rigid regulations in the Flemish hospitals for Muslim patients, who refuse gynaecological care of male doctors: from today their desire will be respected, but not in cases of emergency, circumstances under which the doctor will be allowed to ignore the request of the patient for the sake of their health.

The female gynaecologists have elaborated a real code of good conduct in order to treat the Islamic patients in cases of emergency or during night watch, when a female doctor is not always available.

According to the new regulations, the medical personnel will have to indulge the patient’s request only if it is put in writing or only if the ill patient herself asks for the intervention of a female doctor and not her husband or her family.

The code of good conduct has obtained the approval of the female gynaecologists, of the association of the doctors’ unions of and the centre for gender equality and fight against racism.

Is Hamas willing to recognize the existence of Israel, or isn’t it? It depends on whether you talk to Jimmy Carter or Hamas. According to ANSAmed:

Mideast: Yes to Palestinian State, No to Israel’s Recognition

Hamas accepts the establishment of a Palestinian state in the Territories occupied by Israel in 1967, but will not recognise the state of Israel, Hamas leader in exile Khaled Meshaal said today in Damascus.
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The Islamic fundamentalist movement which controls the Gaza Strip “will respect the national will of the Palestinians, even if this goes against its convictions”, Meshaal said, commenting on the efforts made by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to convince Hamas to back the peace talks between Israel and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen).

“We accept a Palestinian state within the borders of June 4, 1967 with Jerusalem as capital, a sovereign state without the (Israeli) colonies, but without the recognition of Israel”, Meshaal told a media conference in Damascus.

Meshaal, chief of the political office of Hamas, met former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in Damascus on Friday and yesterday. Carter said today in Jerusalem that Hamas was ready to recognise Israel if a peace agreement is reached and approved by a Palestinian referendum, but later on the spokesman of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Sami Abu Zuhri, specified that the Islamic fundamentalist movement is not necessarily willing to accept the results of the referendum.

At least one EU commissioner is impatient, and wants to expedite the accession of Turkey to the EU. According to ANSAmed:

EU: Turkey Could Join in 10-15 Years, Rehn Says, Media

Turkey could join the EU in “ten, fifteen years”, if it continues on the path of reforms, the EU Commissioner for the enlargement Olli Rehn said during an interview with German daily Die Welt.

“I think that Turkey can join the EU in ten, fifteen years if it continues with its programme of reforms”, the Commissioner remarked, pointing out that the country “has still a long way to go”. Rehn recalled that Brussels is asking Ankara, among other things, for a greater freedom of expression and protection of women’s and minorities’ rights.

As regards to Croatia, the Commissioner said that the country might enter the EU by 2011, while for Serbia the signing of an Association and Stabilisation Agreement (ASA) with the EU depends on Belgrade’s commitment to cooperate with the International Criminal Tribunal to help bring war criminals to justice.

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Félicie said...

How many female gynecologists are there in the muslim countries? I suspect not too many. How do women in muslim countries get by when they need gynecological help?