Monday, April 14, 2008

Many Reasons for Islamization

Below is a guest-post from our Russian correspondent Dimitri K.

PugilistsRecently I got involved in an argument in the comments to the Brussels Journal blog. One of the commenters insisted that Jews have too much power in his country, that they support immigration, and therefore they are the main reason for Islamization.

I answered that it is also possible to explain why anti-Semites cause Islamization. Namely, they hate Jews more than they love Europe; so they invite Muslims in to do away with their Jews. He was insulted and answered that he personally did not invite anybody.

That controversy, however, made me think about what might be the true reason. There are many explanations suggested: capitalists, who need workers; socialists, who need votes; leftist intellectuals, who hate the West; America, by inventing Multiculturalism; Christianity, the religion of slaves; atheism, because nothing cannot substitute for something; also Jews, anti-Semites, low birth rates, etc.

That guy thought that he was above suspicion because of his high moral stand, and because he did not invite anybody. However, the results of our actions may not be exactly what we expected. For example, he did not want to invite Arabs, but he voted for a politician who criticized Israel.

Jews feel under siege and start pushing “tolerance”. Also they sympathize with immigrants, because their parents were immigrants and because they feel that they may have to emigrate themselves. That makes them feel morally higher.

Then there’s the politician who criticizes Israel, who wants to benefit from Muslims’ votes. He also feels that Muslims are poor proletarians, like he himself, and he feels that it is his moral obligation to support immigration.
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His opposition, the capitalists, think that the country needs more workers. They are especially devoted to the idea that capital and people should move freely. That is their highly moral position.

Another party on the Right, Christians, know that Christ suffered and so they need to be fair to foreigners.

Most of the population are atheists, and the thought that they are above the immigrants’ religion makes them feel good.

Thus, everybody benefits from Muslim immigration, since it can be blamed on their opponents and simultaneously emphasizes their own high morality. Jews and anti-Semites, socialists and capitalists, atheists and Christians blame each other and find satisfaction in it.

It reminds me of a quarreling family whose house is set on fire: they continue to quarrel about who is to blame for the missing fire extinguisher.

It looks as if the resentment and the feeling of moral superiority is more important for modern Westerners than their common home.

— Dimitri K.


Dan said...

The Jews will get blamed for it because irreligious Jews are disproportionately represented among the subset of intellectuals dragging us into the gutter.

Shrimpville said...

Jews are to blame for it, for all the reasons you mentioned.
Jews created christianity, with its' tolerance for anyone.
Jews created both socialism and capitalism. They also were among the first atheists and multiculturalists.
The truth is- wherever there was a new line of thought, you find many jews were there. Hard to explain why.
Antisemites can always blame the jew for anything they want. It is easy.

Europe is falling ever since it turned its head to support the invented palestinian people.
Before 67 they were arabs and called themselves egyptian or jordanian arabs. Then they were "palestinians". Europeans looked at the jews as "the bad guys who treat palestinians as Nazis treated jews".
The moral punishment for the European alliance with the enemies of liberty and free thought is the destruction of Europe, especially of countries which over-did it.
Sweden and Belgium are going down much faster than Denmark.
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but...religious Jews are also reaching out to Muslims. This irreligious Jew wishes they'd all wake up. My grandparents shlepped to Ellis Island in the late 19th century, but that doesn't mean I have to invite the type of people here that my grandparents left Europe to avoid (anti-semites).

Scott said...

A very intriguing post. Makes it appear the growing problem of Islamisation is even less retractable than I had previously considered. Given recent headlines this is not a pleasant thought.

Shrimpville said...

latte island- what are religious jews anyway?

Ultra orthodox jews are not even real jews in my eyes. They refuse to serve in the Israeli army and are unpatriotic. I have no emotion for them at all, and no-one in my family sees them as part of the jewish people.

reform jews are nice guys, but their "dialogues" with muslims are limited to one of two things:
1- discussing with one of the several liberal muslims who represents himself and no real community.
2- discussing general stuff without talking about the problematic problems, like muslims murdering gay people and oppressing women.

I am an atheist "jew". I admit I am really jewish and that my kids would have no connection to the jewish people probably... I just hope I'd be able to raise them in a normal and free country away from Islam and other religious fanatics, socialists, neo-nazis, and antisemites.

Anonymous said...

Shahar, I was just generalizing based on what I read in the MSM. So many of these silly interfaith public relations stunts with Muslims seem to be supported or even initiated by this or that Jewish religious or political group. I think they and their Christian counterparts are Uncle Toms). I sort of admire the Kahanists, although I'm guessing they wouldn't accept people like me as Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Latte, if you are from a Jewish mother or converted with an Orthodox Beit Din, your as Jewish as Rabbi Kahane zt'l.

Shahar, you should remember most of the soldiers in IDF combat units are religious Jews, and most of the rest are traditional.

viske said...

I approve totally your point of vue except the fact that in belgium Jews are no immigrants. They have lived here for centuries

Anonymous said...

Kahaneloyalist, is that true? I've read so many comments from religious Jews, especially in Israel, that non-religious Jews aren't real Jews. I know I am, but I don't expect everyone to agree. I wish some people could lighten up about this, as if we don't have enough trouble with everyone else in the world.

dienw said...

Christianity is a slave religion? Voting for Obama I see.

How is it that only when Christianity has become inundated by liberalism that Islam is not seen as the enemy it is? Christianity will be a source of opposition to Islam when the false teachers and apostate preachers and priests are driven out.

xlbrl said...

I recently met an Israeli born musician, now based in New York, who had played in European orchestras for 20 years, principally German. He went to pains to tell me, without prompting, that he was not pro-Israeli. I believe this told me more about his character than any profound political opinions. It also spoke of the European survival mechanisms which he came to reflect. Jews don't scare them, Muslims do.

ole said...

Dmitri's post is an important step forward in our (hopefully) collektive efforts to understand how it can be possible that a barbarian , almost pre-historic tribal religion , seems to be capable of eating up Europe from the inside.
Dmitri's contribution is in understanding that there seems to be lots of UNCONNECTED tendencies that somehow all seems to play into the hands of Islaam.
This , EXACTLY , is how a third-rate pokerplayer feels when he is at the mercy of a profesional player,just before he get cleaned out.
We are used to think of ourselves as belonging to a culture that is superior to islaam in ALL important ways,and that is true in most ways ,but in the game of politic-MSM-manipulations we are the third rate player.
Our best option is to pull out a gun and shoot the other guy between the eyes.

xxxx1234 said...

A point that is worth thinking about is that Arab money may be used to influence the political process.

I am aware of no proof this has happened, but it is believable some Arabs might spend money to elect politicans that will carry out policies they want. If those who support immigration always get generous campaign contributions, then that will skew the process a lot.

This does NOT require the politicians in question to know who is contributing to their campaigns.

Since 1970, the Arabs have had both the money and motivation to do this.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Y'all,
What I believe the question really being asked here is
`why are so many of these Jews so left-bent and seemingly suicidal?'

This may shed some light on the subject.

BTW, Shahar, as KahaneLoyalist said, not only as most of the IDF's best troops religious or traditionally identified Jews, but historically is has been Jews divorced entirely from their religion and culture that have been Israel's downfall since the time of the Maccabees, with the current Olmert regime being a good example ( although I think the country will survive them).

It is only a small percentage of haredim ( ultra Orthodox Jews) who don't serve in the IDF, and their number is far outweighed by self-hating leftist Israelis who dodge military service, many be relocating overseas - like Olmert's two sons.

All Best,


Debbie said...

xlbrl - oy! I had a similar encounter with an Israeli artist in Woodstock, NY. He was explaining his installation and how the dripping paint on his centerpiece (the aleph-bet) represented the blood on Israel's hands. Of course, I interrupted his explanation to his potential patron and asked him to explain how Israel has blood on its hands when all Israel has done is make attempt after attempt for peace. He started screaming at me that he didn't disagree with me. I guess I made his head explode with reason.

There are very few "haredim" who don't serve in the IDF. There is even a yeshiva that preps haredim for IDF service. FF is correct.

And Latte - the Chasidic Jews have been very welcoming to me - I barely practice and I'm a shellfish eater for life. What you've heard about isn't the norm - it's the exception.

Finally, to comment on the story, it isn't about Judaism from what I gathered. It's interesting how the conversation went that way based on the one issue of leftist, suicidal Jews who help promote Muslim immigration (though shameful, not at all the entire or main reason for the Islamification of any country as far as I see it). I would be interested to know in which country do the Jews hold so much power according to the Brussels blogger with whom Dimitri was arguing.

I feel the point of Dimitri's post is about how so many factors that are in direct conflict with one another have contributed to the Islamification of countries. There is a solution - and it's a solution that should always be in practice, but never seems to be. Governments seem to be very short-sighted. They never seem to weigh the consequences of their actions, they never seem to think about the worst case scenario - things that are essential when one is planning anything. They don't look at the big picture. They don't run the business of their random countries the way they would if it was their own personal business. This is what I see as the biggest problem and it has contributed detrimentally to far more than just the Islamification of countries.

Anonymous said...

Latte, I dont know which religious Jews told you the non-observant arent Jewish but that is entirely against Halacha and an avera.